The Most Amazing People?

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After coming back from Creating a Dynasty, Dani Johnson’s advanced training event.  I was inspired by a group of every day average people who made decisions that were bigger than they were.  You see there was a group of clients, 17 total that have used Dani Johnson and what she teaches to improve their lives and incomes.  They decided they would give away half of their income over the last 7 weeks for some orphans in India and homeless families in Haiti which came out to be over $62,000, if the room over around 800 people would also donate $62,000.  Those 17 clients who had done this in secret did something incredible and they had no idea what they started.

A fire storm of passion, love and selflessness swept that room.  If you are a Christian I’d dare say you could absolutely feel the presents of God. I wish I could tell you that the room made the $62,000 dollar donation but I can’t.  Because it was over 3 times that!  In about 30 minutes that room of over 800 people from children up to elderly made a decision to help people who are truly helpless.  That room inspired by the 17 anonymous angels/clients, donated and gave over $265,000 dollars and finished the financial need for the orphanage in India and the rebuilding of a village in Haiti.

There is a good book that says, “You have not because you ask not”. When things are so bad you don’t have the physical ability to ask that’s poverty.  How is that orphan in India going to ask for help, how is that child that doesn’t even have a place to live or even can’t find a sip of clean water going to ask for help.  In those cases I believe God places people to ask on their behalf.  Thankfully his words never return void.  Now you may not be a Christian and I get that, no biggie but surely you can understand the need of extreme poverty regardless of a religious belief.

True success is when you stop living for survival and you start living for a purpose.  What is your purpose?  You may want to start a small business or a home business what for? Getting out of debt and being financially independent is truly awesome.  You can do that and so much more, but you have to make a choice for the so much more!  Thankfully there are those in a small community of people from all different walks of life that truly care. 

To you that I work with through our shared desire to work from home, own a small business or through Dani Johnson and what she teaches.  You are completely different, unique and you’ve had amazing results for a reason!  Let’s end this year with a bang, and it’s awesome to get to know you and grow together! 2015 will be our best year yet and our impact will be bigger than ever because how we end this year. We have places to go, people to help, money to make and memories to create, let’s roll!

To Your Success
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. You can still give even if you weren’t at the event.

P.P.S. Even if you may feel like you can’t give a single dime, that’s totally OK.  Just liking, sharing and commenting on this article will help spread the word and is still a way to help the helpless.



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If you want to succeed in your marriage, job, finances or business; it helps if you know what the first symptom of success is so you can determine if you are on the right track.  People who succeed in marriage they tend to hang out with people that are married and they have conversations on the challenges of being married and how they over come them.  People who are divorced or unhappily married make jokes about how silly being married is and how all the good people are taken. This is one reason the results that we have in our life are very similar to the results of those we socialize with and hang out with.  People who are successful small business owners, talk about how to find and hire talented people.  They discuss strategies to increase their clients and overall business.  People who hate their job and show up late to the one they have flipping burgers are not going to have those kinds of conversations.

Chances are when you left high school your environment may have changed based off of your desires.  You may have went to college, the military or just left home to seek a job some where else.  Chances are if you left home your career, income and friends reflect that environment you went into.  If you stayed at home it’s very likely your income, career and friends reflect the average of your home town what ever that maybe.  You may have left your home town for a season and then came back and you may know some of the same people.  You may not hang out as much as you once did, but your income, career and friends you’ve created while you were away have shifted your lifestyle, good or bad.

We’ve all heard birds of a feather flock together.  How many millionaires do you know? How come millionaires know dozens of other millionaires? It’s fair to say, that a group of millionaires that hang out probably talk about building wealth, business and a successful life.  Among themselves they create opportunity and learn from one another.  The truth is God brings blessings into our life through people.  We need people who have knowledge and skill that we want.  They don’t have to be a millionaire, or they may be?  But if you want to be financially independent, make a 6 figure income and/or become a savvy investor then you need to hang out with people who it’s second nature to talk to about those things.

If you have a strong desire to succeed.  The first symptom of success is you seek out people who have the success you want.  They are normal every day people, yes even the millionaires trust me.  They just have different conversations with their friends, they think differently, talk different and do things different.  They’ve learned skills from the people they’ve hung out with. Are you hanging out with people you can learn from?

To your success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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According to website ask a really good question on their small business administration website. “What do Apple Computer, Hershey’s, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and the Ford Motor Company have in commone? These well-known corporations all started out as home-based businesses. In fact, more than half of all U.S. business are based out of an owner’s home.”

Here are the facts home businesses are small businesses but not all small business are home businesses.  In reality when most people think of a small business it’s usually a mom and pop operation in their home town.  Like a small restaurant or someone with a trade working by themselves maybe an electrician, plumber, lawyer or accountant.  For most of us a small business has a physical location in town with a brick and mortar building.  It has enormous amounts of over head with that physical location and cost 100′s of 1,000′s of dollars or more.

A home business has the exact same upside as a small business with a location in town without all the risk.  It does vary a little from industry to industry but if you are in the planning stage of creating more income and wealth you might consider all the risk versus the reward.  A home business can create just as much income if not more than any other small business because the overhead, managing of an outside location takes more time and the overall cost of insurance, banking and day to day operations takes more money without the guarantee of more income.

Regardless what you do or which type of business you want to own.  Remember one of the biggest mistakes people make starting out!  They do not have a small business mentor.  You need someone with experience to help you bypass the most basic mistakes.  You need someone you can call when you need help and you need someone that will answer the phone when you call.  Look at your small business mentor’s results, the people he or she has worked with and their over all track record.  A great small business mentor will have helped others have success and those others will naturally recommend and other wise speak highly of who ever helped them.  One danger of a home business in this day and age is people can create any reality on the internet.  Always ask for references if you need to, like any successful business owner would.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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6 Figure Income Isn’t Hard

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What would a 6 Figure Income do for you?  How much stress would be relieved? How would it help you? Who could you help with it? What could you buy? What have you always wanted? How would you spoil yourself? What would it feel like to not have to struggle paycheck to paycheck?  The good news is making a 6 Figure Income isn’t hard at all, 20% of households make a 6 figure income in America. The truth is to really increase your quality of life you want to earn multiple 6 figures.  And you can do it, it isn’t that hard.

The biggest challenge to making a 6 figure income or even multiple 6 figures is just finding out who has and will help you.  20% of households are making at least 6 figures so millions of people are doing it.  So the question really comes down to who is willing to show you.  All you have to do is find someone who is doing it and do what they’ve done.  So some questions you want to ask your self once you find that person is simple.  How long did it take them to get to that income?  Can you afford to wait that long? How simple is it to replicate their success? How many hours do you have to work? Will they give you the full model they used meaning will they make it easy for you to follow them? Are they living the lifestyle you want to live?

Making 6 figures or more isn’t hard, but finding the person to show you maybe.  Because even though 1 out of 5 households make a 6 figure income is it something that took decades to achieve?  Do you want to wait years and years and years?  The person you find will they be completely transparent and help you or are they going to keep the key ingredient secret because of their own ego? You can’t afford to pick the wrong person to work with or mentor you.  Make sure the lifestyle they live is one you see yourself living.  Because if you find the right person to help you making a 6 figure income isn’t hard.

To Your 6 Figures,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Dani Johnson teaches how she went from homeless to Millionaire in two years.  She’s had many clients from all walks of life double and triple their income following her training, people have paid of enormous amounts of debts and got promoted at their jobs.  Those that are in a home business many made no money and after her training learned how to make a multiple 6 figure income.  I’m one of those people, but I’m only one of 1.000′s that have been through her trainings.

So how do you get prepared and get the most out of what Dani Johnson will teach at First Steps to Success?  There are 3 basic things you want to do, one is to understand exactly how you got into the room in the first place.  The second is be ready to learn taking copious notes and finally understand where the content is coming from.

Let’s start with the first one, understanding how you got into the room.  Most likely the person who directed you to Dani Johnson did it completely out of the kindness of their heart.  What I mean by that is they aren’t compensated by Dani or her company in any way, unless they are an employee.  She teaches a concept in her training that if you help someone create enough results they will tell others about you.  99% of the room is filled simply by word of mouth because of the results someone else got coming out of an earlier training.  I’m one of those people, I’m a client just like you and that’s part of the reason I’m writing this blog post.  Just to do my part and give back.

Second, when you understand how you got there.  It wasn’t a paid endorsement or anything like that then you can be sure the person that recommended you found something that created crazy results either in their income, career or family and they wanted you to get the same experience.  So be prepared to get all you can out of the weekend.  Dani Johnson covers so much info so dang fast make sure you have two pens and a full clean notebook going in. You don’t want to miss one thing that you are suppose to learn.

Finally, understand the origin of what you will learn. Dani Johnson is not politically correct, she was homeless and started a home business out of a pay phone booth.  She has used those lessons to help people from all walks of life but she does it by being extremely specific and strategic.  Her training isn’t hype or fluff, it’s the nuts and bolts of exactly how to increase your income, pay off you debt, get a pay raise at work, get more out of your employees, have a productive marriage and happy kids.  Dani, is very specific her agenda and business model is based off of you getting results and sharing her message with someone else. She’s not going to tell you what your home business company will want you to hear, or your boss at work or your spouse.  She’s going to tell you what you need to hear to act, reduce stress and increase your income.

So if you understand how you got in the room, why you should take notes and the origin of the content you will learn.  Then the biggest thing you should do before you go or right after you get back is THANK THE PERSON THAT TOLD YOU TO GO.  There are 1,000′s and 1,000′s that hear a message and unfortunately in this world most people only care about themselves.  They hold things close to their chest and won’t share their “secrets”.  That’s not who that person is and is definitely not who Dani Johnson is. Thank the good Lord you needed a road map or a way to improve things and God put an awesome person in your life to guide you when you needed it.  That person who guided you to Dani’s training is one of a kind, make sure you value them.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Have You Lost Your Dream?

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Bill Gates, wanted a computer in every home in America in the 90’s.

Steve Jobs, believed every person would walk around with a computer on them back in the 2000’s.

Benjamin Franklin, believed there could be a light bulb in every home one day.

Martin Luther King, believed the idea of separate but equal which was a common practice in his time would be obsolete one day.

These are just a few people that a vision was placed in them, they had a dream.  Even though the masses would not agree with them or even support them at the time.  They surrounded themselves around people who could help their dreams come true.  What did you dream once?  Back when you were 18 and 20 what did you think about accomplishing one day?  Maybe buying a house, being debt free, traveling and vacationing all over the world and having a life of freedom to enjoy your family that you expected back then?  Where are your dreams you once dreamed?  Are you pursuing even the little ones like maybe taking your kids or grand kids to Disney?  There have no doubt been people who wanted to change our world during their lifetimes and no doubt many have.

For some reason after we get a job and an income after high school as Dani Johnson says we shrink our dreams to meet our income.  We say things like it’s ok I don’t really need a big house.  You know I don’t have to take a fancy vacation and I don’t need a new car, it’s all a waste of money any way?  Maybe you once thought about all the people you could help and inspire to do more and be more, then you doubt how you can help because you are struggling yourself?  Your dreams were placed in you for a bigger purpose in the long run, it could be to simply live an amazing life and to prove to others so can they? Your kids and grandkids learn what to expect based off of what you accept in life.

You never have to lose your dreams.  God stated in his word, “A man without a vision will parish.” 

Surround yourself with the remnant that are going after their own dreams.  Surround yourself with the remnant that believe what you want is possible.  Be okay, living for a purpose versus just living for a Friday.  Surround yourself with a remnant, because our world is always impacted by the remnant.


Your Desires, Visions and Dreams are real for as long as you believe in them.
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. AS long as you believe you will walk in the direction of that belief, versus delay, justify and procrastinate until it’s to late.

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#1 Key To Working From Home

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Most people put a ton of emphasis on finding the best product.  Almost as if some kind of product “sales itself”.  But the fact is no product sales itself, think of some of the most amazing products to reshape our modern times and which one sold itself? The answer is NONE, people sold the product.  But I believe if you want to succeed at marketing some type of product or service then you really need to focus on the industry not the product.  Because your product is really people and serving people, so you have to find out what industry are the people spending their money in.  You shouldn’t have to guess what they might want or may want!  You just look for what they are already spending money on and serve that need.  The reason you find out where the people are spending their money is so you really are providing and serving them and not “selling” anything.  People hate salesmen but they love to buy what they want!  You must be able to give them what they want.

I’ll show you an example of this.  This isn’t the only example but it’s one I know extremely well.  The travel industry…

Travel Industry facts source link below

-$2.1 trillion: Economic
output generated by domestic
and international visitors to the US alone
(includes $887.9 billion in direct
travel expenditures that spurred
an additional $1.2 trillion in
other industries)

-More than 3 out of 4 domestic trips taken
are for leisure purposes (78%).

-U.S. residents logged 1.6 billion person‑trips*
for leisure purposes in 2013.

-$209.5 billion: Wages shared
by American workers directly
employed by travel.

-The U.S. received 69.8 million international
arrivals in 2013. Of those, approximately
32.0 million were from overseas markets and
37.7 million were from Canada and Mexico.

-Each overseas traveler spends approximately
$4,500 when they visit the U.S. and stay on
average 17 nights.

For more Travel Industry facts and to better understand what I’m talking about read the link below

Think about this for a moment, people buy what they want versus what they need.  We all need health insurance but almost 50% of the population that can afford it
chooses not to buy it.  Also consider this most travel is purchased with a credit card, which means it’s an industry where people are spending money they don’t have
Therefore if you can help them save the money on the travel they are going to take anyway.  You could be in a lucrative niche.  This of course is one of the reasons,
I’ve been in this industry for so long.


Success begins with how you position yourself!
Stacy O’Quinn

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Caring, Is Mission Possible

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There are so many needs in the world.  People are down on their luck, there are those born into horrible situations, there are people who are victims of horrible crimes and circumstances, there are those are hurt from mean people, there are people that are starving, abused, neglected, thirsty and disabled.  The list of hurt and pain in this world can be overwhelming.  No matter how successful you become, you can give and give and give some more and it will never be enough.  It can feel hopeless when you really want to help people.

The truth is having a way to not only help people but empower them to give back and help others is the only way you really can make a difference.  If it was only up to you, there would never be enough and what would happen when you were no longer around?  You have to duplicate your ability and success which allows you to help in the first place.  This is why I love the idea of home based business and work form home opportunities.  Think about it!  When you do it and do it well you can not only give back but you can help other people learn so they have the freedom to give back!  Years ago when I started working from home I never imagined I’d make a six figure income.  Today I think about giving away a six figure income.  Imagine, it only takes 10 of us to do that and it’s a million dollars! 

Who would have thought? Ordinary people like you and me we can do extraordinary things!
Caring, Is Mission Possible,
Stacy O’Quinn

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If you’ve been following along you know that helping people improve their lives and making decisions and choices to live to their fullest potential is something that drives me every day I wake up!  Every year I’m focused on how many people I can help make a 6 Figure Income that year.  Now we are taking it one step farther with a select group of individuals that have a similar desire in them as well.

Some folks get passionate about giving people a fish (and there is a time and place for that) I’ve always been excited about teaching people to fish, so they have fish for the rest of their lives and for others.  Recently I’ve announced this Boot Camp training I’m doing regardless if I can directly benefit form you or not, I’m not charging for this training but after a strict application process, that required people to really reflect on who they were and what they wanted and their own desires to lead, impact and help others with Coastal Travel a small group has come together.  The cream has risen to the top if you will.

These are some pretty amazing people!  If you happen to know them or get a chance to learn from them in any way shape or form consider yourself blessed!  Since hundreds and hundreds heard the message but only a few qualified showing the desire and commitment it’s fair to say this is an extremely rare group!

Congratulations on committing to this intense Boot Camp because you care about others! You are an example not just in our industry but truly all of mankind.  Most people don’t care about others, unfortunately!

Andrea DeRego
Angela Banks
Angela Lasher
Annie Koonapareddy
Antony Ngere
Beth Doetsch
Beverly North
Candice Thompson
Kristin Osberg
Dennis Kwasnycia
Dianne McGuigan
Gary Mach
Heather LeFoll
Jackie O’Quinn
Jason Baucom
Joyce Graines
Kathy Brown
Landon Stratton
Linda Steen
Louise Cahill
Luke Giovannetti
Margaret Morency
Maria McClurg
Marion Dix
Mary Smith
Michael Titus
Michelle Mast
Mintra Lewis
Nicole Ostropolec
Pamela Withage
Steve Elenich
Steve Shepherd
Tom Blackstone
Trish Roberts


Each of these people have really grabbed a hold of that others count on them being the best that they can be.  I said it was a rare to find a group so focused and dedicated to others, but what’s most exciting is next year I will not be the only one looking to build 6 Figure Income earners.  For once I get to help others master helping others.  That’s more valuable than the most precious diamonds on earth.

I’m so stinking excited as I write this, talk about a new level for so many people.  But it just starts with a select few and this is who they are!

To Your Ability,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Share your support by congratulation them.  Post this message on their facebook or link it to them via twitter and #hashtag.  Let them know you believe in them!

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They Lied to You?

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It’s not lonely at the top! While I’m not at the top yet, I’m high enough to have a different perspective.   I’m not sure who ever started that rumor but as I’m hiking on a vacation here in the Blue Ridge Mountains I’m just reflecting on the things we hear.  And that is one phrase that just isn’t true.  While few people make the decisions to give it their all every day and to live life with a purpose.  Those that do are a close knit group that make it to the top.  They work together they succeed together and they seem to encourage others to join them “at the top”.  As a matter of fact, I see more people who have succeeded reaching out to help others do the same.  It’s a relatively, crowded close knit group but it’s definitely not exclusive.

Now that is the crux right there, see if someone tells you “It’s lonely at the top”?  Why would you want to be there,  maybe it seems like there’s undesirable people there? Possibly rude, mean, greedy and arrogant people right? Wrong!  So now we don’t want to be one of those people so we don’t have to try?  A revelation hit me, the person that said it’s “lonely at the top”.  That’s someone who hasn’t made it to the top.

It’s different for sure at the top.  Imagine how different life would be to be financially independent.  Imagine how crazy life would be to not have to work a standard 40 hour work week, but instead to work, travel and do on the schedule that you want? Question for you, who could you travel with regularly those stuck in their 40 hour a week jobs or those that have the same freedom you do?  Just because it’s different at the top, it definitely doesn’t make it lonely.

As a matter of fact your friendships will be stronger and your relationships will be more enjoyable.  You actually have time for them.

See Ya at the Top,
Stacy O’Quinn

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