If you’ve been following along you know that helping people improve their lives and making decisions and choices to live to their fullest potential is something that drives me every day I wake up!  Every year I’m focused on how many people I can help make a 6 Figure Income that year.  Now we are taking it one step farther with a select group of individuals that have a similar desire in them as well.

Some folks get passionate about giving people a fish (and there is a time and place for that) I’ve always been excited about teaching people to fish, so they have fish for the rest of their lives and for others.  Recently I’ve announced this Boot Camp training I’m doing regardless if I can directly benefit form you or not, I’m not charging for this training but after a strict application process, that required people to really reflect on who they were and what they wanted and their own desires to lead, impact and help others with Coastal Travel a small group has come together.  The cream has risen to the top if you will.

These are some pretty amazing people!  If you happen to know them or get a chance to learn from them in any way shape or form consider yourself blessed!  Since hundreds and hundreds heard the message but only a few qualified showing the desire and commitment it’s fair to say this is an extremely rare group!

Congratulations on committing to this intense Boot Camp because you care about others! You are an example not just in our industry but truly all of mankind.  Most people don’t care about others, unfortunately!

Andrea DeRego
Angela Banks
Angela Lasher
Annie Koonapareddy
Antony Ngere
Beth Doetsch
Beverly North
Candice Thompson
Kristin Osberg
Dennis Kwasnycia
Dianne McGuigan
Gary Mach
Heather LeFoll
Jackie O’Quinn
Jason Baucom
Joyce Graines
Kathy Brown
Landon Stratton
Linda Steen
Louise Cahill
Luke Giovannetti
Margaret Morency
Maria McClurg
Marion Dix
Mary Smith
Michael Titus
Michelle Mast
Mintra Lewis
Nicole Ostropolec
Pamela Withage
Steve Elenich
Steve Shepherd
Tom Blackstone
Trish Roberts


Each of these people have really grabbed a hold of that others count on them being the best that they can be.  I said it was a rare to find a group so focused and dedicated to others, but what’s most exciting is next year I will not be the only one looking to build 6 Figure Income earners.  For once I get to help others master helping others.  That’s more valuable than the most precious diamonds on earth.

I’m so stinking excited as I write this, talk about a new level for so many people.  But it just starts with a select few and this is who they are!

To Your Ability,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Share your support by congratulation them.  Post this message on their facebook or link it to them via twitter and #hashtag.  Let them know you believe in them!

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They Lied to You?

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It’s not lonely at the top! While I’m not at the top yet, I’m high enough to have a different perspective.   I’m not sure who ever started that rumor but as I’m hiking on a vacation here in the Blue Ridge Mountains I’m just reflecting on the things we hear.  And that is one phrase that just isn’t true.  While few people make the decisions to give it their all every day and to live life with a purpose.  Those that do are a close knit group that make it to the top.  They work together they succeed together and they seem to encourage others to join them “at the top”.  As a matter of fact, I see more people who have succeeded reaching out to help others do the same.  It’s a relatively, crowded close knit group but it’s definitely not exclusive.

Now that is the crux right there, see if someone tells you “It’s lonely at the top”?  Why would you want to be there,  maybe it seems like there’s undesirable people there? Possibly rude, mean, greedy and arrogant people right? Wrong!  So now we don’t want to be one of those people so we don’t have to try?  A revelation hit me, the person that said it’s “lonely at the top”.  That’s someone who hasn’t made it to the top.

It’s different for sure at the top.  Imagine how different life would be to be financially independent.  Imagine how crazy life would be to not have to work a standard 40 hour work week, but instead to work, travel and do on the schedule that you want? Question for you, who could you travel with regularly those stuck in their 40 hour a week jobs or those that have the same freedom you do?  Just because it’s different at the top, it definitely doesn’t make it lonely.

As a matter of fact your friendships will be stronger and your relationships will be more enjoyable.  You actually have time for them.

See Ya at the Top,
Stacy O’Quinn

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More Details Released

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I’m blown away at the talented people I get to work with.  Amazing people, we may be ordinary moms, dads or grandparents but we aren’t staying that way.  We will become simply extraordinary.

Recently we announced the details of a special training for a small select group of people.  This small group will work together, to pay off our debt, increase our income, we will travel and create the most amazing memories all while working together to help others and make this world a better place.  As I’ve been working out this intimate small group training, one of the areas I know people struggle with is closing.  So I’ve made a decision that this training will be different than any other on how we teach closing.  First we will start coving the basics of closing, then we will go to building relationships and prospecting your clients and finally before we get in to the deep strategies on building a million dollar business we will first revisit closing on a more advanced level.

This content will be taught like it NEVER HAS BEEN BEFORE!  Every All Star has mastered the basics and we will be no different!  At least for the select few that are accepted that is!

There are a few people who have wasted NO TIME, applying for the Executive Boot Camp Training.

I want to say a huge congrats to people aren’t playing around.  These individuals heard the call and their desire prompted them to take action and to do it immediately.  If you happen to know any of these folks, then you know someone that has a rare quality.  You know someone who wants to lead from the front, not the back.  You know someone who is decisive and focused.  It would be a total honor to work with any of them one on one, they are special people who have crazy obstacles to over come, but made the commitment anyway.

1. Margaret Morency

2.  Kathy Brown – Told she couldn’t do it and is wasting her time (good thing she doesn’t listen to naysayers well)

3.  Dennis Kwasnycia – If you heard the launch call he is having shoulder surgury and could have used it as an excuse but he’s applied and determined to succeed regardless of the pain.

4.  Jason Baucom

5.  Landon Straton

6.  Heather Lefoll

7.  Dianne McGuigan – Already made over a half a million dollars in two years, but still was the very first one to send in her application when she heard the details of the Executive Boot Camp. Still teachable, rare trait and she’s not peaking yet, she’s just beginning.

Once again congrats to each of you for applying, you each will be hearing from me soon. 

REMEMBER, This Friday Sept 5th is the final day you can apply.  All application must be submitted by then to be considered!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. The video at the top of this page was the video you had to watch prior to submitting your application.


P.P.S. You’ve probably prayed for something like this. For someone to show you teach you that next step and now it’s happening.  Every application will be prayerfully considered as well. 

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Executive Boot Camp

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This fall a group of people will begin a journey.  A journey where they will learn how to not only build wealth but be an example for others as well.  It doesn’t matter why you want to make a 6 Figure Income.  Probably you just would like the freedom of working form home and spending more time with your family and kids.  Maybe you want to be comfortable, have fun and actually take a vacation for once?  The fact is history will be made with a small group of people and your application must be in by September 5th

The Board of Directors tell us that Coastal has been around well over 25 years.  As a product it offers the highest payout of any thing else in the home business world with no end in sight. With that kind of background how can you rattle a company to the core?  You take a small group banded together having success and surpass anything anyone else has done before. There is no one else not just creating income like this and growing together but living life to the fullest, having an adventure traveling the world and building memories for our kids and grandkids.

This small group will be meeting for workshops weekly.  We will all be following the same model that Dani Johnson has laid out for our team.  We will all have access to the exact same advertising I’ve been using for over 6+ years.  As a team we will be iron sharpening iron! As a team we will be the remnant that inspires others not just in our industry but the world at large we live in.  As a team we will do our part to make a difference in the lives around us, starting with our on family.

We will Vacation, no question, we will travel to a resort where we can let our hair down and relax.  But it will be this small group and we will strategize how we go from 6 figures to multiple 6 or even 7 figures.  This will be a team like no other.

To Apply to the Executive Mentor Group you must join Coastal Travel.

And you must be willing to learn from a Millionaire as well as multiple 6 figure income earners who have already done it and continue to do it.

Do you qualify?

Are you ready for the next step?

How else would you ever make a 6 Figure Income from home?

What are you waiting for Apply Now!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. If we are already working together and you missed it, here is the Boot Camp Prep Call.  http://www.mydfilive.com/replay/AA-ABC-AJEJCIHDB-ACEAEB

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Would You Be Chosen?

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The Executive Boot Camp screening process will be openly shared tomorrow.  In this article I’m going to share what it is and what it will take to be chosen.  First off if you’ve been working with me long or following what I do you know that the last time I did a mentorship training people made more money than they ever had and decreased their stress while paying off debt. I DIDN’T CHARGE A DIME FOR IT AND I WON’T THIS TIME EITHER.

Here are more of those results READ NOW

getting to the top

Now this new group will do more, be more and eventually take the next step that we didn’t do last time.  This new group will not only increase their income but also help others do the same.  This new group will not only get out of debt but help others do the same.  This new group will not only learn investment strategies to grow long term wealth for generations to come but the will help others to do the same.  Someone has to be the tip of the spear and lead the way to impact and help others and this new group will do just that!

How do you get chosen for this group?  First you apply but you have to show three things, first a choice, second commitment and finally a resolve and grit that you know what you want and you are committed to your success to get there!


1.  The Choice: – An amazing business man and NFL football player Shawn Harper said, “We are not born winners or losers we are born choosers.”  It all starts with the choice that you don’t want to be on the slow path to success.  You don’t want to allow another decade to go by and you not be where you know you should be.  That choice puts you in a place to not only be mentored but also follow through.  Nothing happens with out first making the choice I’m doing this no matter what, come hell or high water!

2. The Commitment: – The commitment is the glue that puts it all together.  To learn and apply you understand that while I may mentor you for free, it will take a commitment of time and money.  You have to commit to learn and to work.  Our goal is to increase your results while you learn and work, but with out commitment our mentorship can’t last long because it would go from learning to entertaining.  I’m not an entertainer and I’m after your success first and foremost.  If you are not committed I can’t be committed for you.

3. Grit and Resolve: – This will piggy back commitment but you have to understand as you build your skill and you create some success there will always be another skill needed.  Raising a infant doesn’t mean you know how to raise a toddler or a teenager.  We are going from “Glory to Glory” as God intended it so being prepared to conquer the unknown but know that it’s worth it no matter what is grit and resolve.

First making the choice, then having commitment to invest time and money in your success and maintaining a healthy dose of grit and resolve will get you chosen.  You can be the first one in your friends and family to be debt-free, to travel the world having a blast, helping others and follow a proven step by step approach.  Together we can do more!

Join us this Thursday on the All Star Call at 5pm as HISTORY is MADE!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. While I’m completely volunteering my time and most of the people I’m working with will not be able to directly impact me or my income.  This is not charity we will have strategy coupled with accountability… success is simple and we will get there together!  Because being at the top doesn’t have to be lonely.

P.P.S. I believe in you.

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Have you ever been in a situation and you just needed a little guidance or direction on what to do next?  Have you ever needed a hand up vs a hand out but couldn’t find either?  How much would it have meant if someone showed you how to quickly pay off your debt in a moment of struggle.  How much would you have paid if someone showed you how to double or triple your income?  The fact is we value guidance in our time of need.  But so often in business people are more focused on the bottom line (which is important) but they don’t realize if you help others and focus on your clients, customers, partners and team members with a little guidance your own bottom line will take care of itself!

helping hand

In business so often it is about ME ME ME ME ME!  But you don’t have to be that way or be part of something like that.  We are about to launch something called the Executive Boot Camp with a small group of people I work with.  One of the key components of this training is learning the ability to help others.  Not just focusing on your own bottom line.  But in the Executive Boot Camp we will show how to duplicate your efforts and your income by helping someone else.  We’ve all heard the saying, “Help enough other people get what they want you will get what you want.”  But why don’t more people put that into action?

Personally I believe that God has created some incredible people out there.  I believe there are others that want to help and be that person to make a difference in another humans life.  Honestly in the beginning we are so focused on our own stresses and struggles of living life we just may not know how to focus on someone else.  But if we master this it can change not just our life but someone else’s life, family and their community.  You can be the difference!


Together we do more!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. You want to be part of the Exec. Boot Camp Training? LIke and comment below.

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Do you know what effect Dani Johnson’s training will have on your home business? Are you thinking about working from home but don’t know where to start? Have you started working from home but not found a lucrative income yet? First off I would highly recommend that if you haven’t started a home business that you look for someone that has graduated from First Steps to Success.  Dani Johnson’s training event where she teaches how she went from homeless to millions and she did it with a home business out of the trunk of her car without a home.


If you are in a business don’t jump ship to something different just go to Dani’s First Steps to Success yourself.  Anyone who is applying Dani’s training would recommend it any way!  No one has the credibility or results like she does, she can take the average stay at home mom or dad with no previous business experience and show them how to work and earn like a business executive part time from home. 

- If you want to get out of the rat race, you must go to First Steps to Success

- If you want to work from home but still support your family, you must go to First Steps to Success

- If you want to pay off your debt and increase your income, you must go to First Steps to Success

- If having extra money would allow you to help others more, you must go to First Steps to Success

- If you want to spend more time creating memories with your family, you must go to First Steps to Success

- If you want to have more fun in life, have the freedom to travel the world and experience all it has to offer, you must go to First Steps to Success

- If you want to learn to work part time but earn a full time income, you must go to First Steps to Success

- If you want to give back to those that have given back to you in the past, you must go to First Steps to Success

-If you want a strategic way to retire early, you must go to First Steps to Success

-If you must improve your life and improve it right now!  You must go to First Steps to Success NOW.



To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. If you want others to know about Dani’s training and the impact it had on you share this article, like and comment below!  Share your testimony!

P.P.S. If you are going to the next event comment below so we know!

P.P.P.S. THIS IS GOING TO BE CRAZY for so many people! Are you going to be part of it?

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The Executive Boot Camp, is about to start.  What is it? How will it work? How do you become a part of it? First of all to be part of the Executive Boot Camp, you must understand that this is breaking through to the next level.  A certain group of people that has a like mindset can accomplish more together than individually.  History will be created!

Business Partners Helping Each Other

Almost 2 years ago I did an intense mentoring for a small group of people that were part of Coastal Travel.  Everyone of them marketed the Coastal Travel Package, the Coastal product as been around for over 25 years.  It facilitates some of the highest profits in the home business industry and continues even today with no end in sight.  The fact is regardless if you drive a Pinto or a Ferrari someone has to give you that drivers education.  That last training was incredible and you can read about some of the results in my last blog post here.  READ IT NOW!

While that was an incredible training… it was incomplete.  It missed one important ingredient and that was each one of those people should have been taught how to take those results one step forward and duplicate them on their own with their personal sphere of influence.  The Executive Boot Camp is kicking off a small group training, that will include weekly mentor meetings and some one on one mentorship as well.  The Exec. Boot Camp, will be the start of a cycle it will initially only last a short season of about 8 weeks and then we will go into phase two where we will each start duplicating our sphere with someone else that hasn’t had the same opportunity we did previously.

Initially the Executive Boot Camp will be open to only a small group of directors that have proven themselves.  There will be a rigorous application process because the fact is the first group that is going to set the example must be ready to make that impact.  There will be a unique training call with all the details next week. Stay tuned for details on how to find out more.

Those that complete the Executive Boot Camp, be the ones paying off their debt, becoming debt free as we travel together with our families and build memories.  Those that complete all the phases Executive Boot Camp will have access to an advanced training that will include investment strategies, tax strategies and wealth creation strategies.  But only those that have developed the resources will have access to this free but advanced training. 


Are you going to be one of them?
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. We will build memories together not just in business but with our families.  We will help people every step of the way.  Life should be both lucrative and F-U-N. Now we’ve found a strategic way to make that happen!  God Bless!

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So often there is a guru out there somewhere claiming how great they are at this or that.  How much money THEY made or what ever.  But the bottom line is this, it’s not about the money you made personally or anything else.  What I want to tell all those guru’s is it’s not about how much money you make it’s about how many people you help STUPID!

This weekend as I was looking at another potential rental property, it hit me that everyone should have this shot!  I’ve helped a ton of people make money marketing the Coastal Travel Packages, but I need to take that a step forward and help people, make so much money they become debt free and they and start investing their own money, and that invested money covers their bills. That is real financial freedom!  I need to show others the things God’s put me in a place to learn.  I need to help other to learn as well like how I made 40% in the stock market in a year that the market didn’t actually go up.  Or how we have built a substantial real estate portfolio, that essentially pays our bills so everything else we earn is gravy.

It’s not about how much we make if we don’t help others to succeed and build real wealth as well.  I’m about to do something incredible for a small group I’m working with.  History will be made!  People are going to have results like they’ve never had before.

Here is what I did last year with a small group.




But it wasn’t enough.  YOU SEE, making money alone isn’t building wealth.  But to learn wealth principles you need to increase your income. We are taking it to a whole new level now.  Stay tuned for more details….


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Can you take a hold of real opportunity when it comes.  Most let it walk by.

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So you want to work from home? You want to be your own boss and have total freedom of your money and your life?  If you make working from home a career there will be 4 phases of that career.  Understanding what to expect will help you get to your ultimate goal of independence and financial freedom.  The four phases will be the learning phase, working phase, investing phase and luxury phase.


The learning phase is where if you have a legitimate way to work from home you will be learning the product, how to acquire and speak to clients on a regular basis.  During this phase you should have someone that you shadow and or a mentor on a regular basis.  You should be able to reach out to this person on a regular basis.  The learning phase is a foundation to everything else.  It’s the quickest phase to get through and it should take you 2 weeks to 2 months.  After that you should be moving into the working phase.

The working phase is where you are simply in the trenches head down building a lucrative income and working.  This should be when you are heavily plugging into Dani Johnson and what she teaches daily and essentially mastering the basics you learned in the learning phase.  In the first phase you learned how to work, but in this phase you are working to learn.  This is when you will gain the most skill in your new business and you eventually are seen as an expert.  This is also the phase where you are applying Dani Johnson’s “War on Debt” and starting the journey of independence paying down your debt.  During the working phase you become very efficient at working and proficient.  You will be in this phase for 3 to 5 years.  In the end you will have become debt-free built a sizeable influence over clients and business associates.

The investing phase comes next.  In the investing phase you still work but it’s second nature and on autopilot.  You don’t second guess the basics.  But you also begin to invest in yourself, your people and your income.  This is where your business has become so successful you need new skill set to manage the money.  Most likely when you started working from home you were from poor to middle class society.  No one taught you the business and tax strategies needed to properly handle your taxes when we are making 200K plus (good problem to have).  You have to lean how to acquire and manage professionals in your life you didn’t know you needed before.  You probably don’t know what a “good” CPA, lawyer or financial advisor looks like. In your “non” working hours you will be learning new skills preparing you for the future.  You will be learning how to take all of your extra money and invest it in creating multiple streams of income, making it last for generations. At this point you will have become a master in your work from home profession and there will be people behind you that need the info you have. You will be investing much of your free time investing in other people and helping them to succeed and reach newer heights.

Finally it’s the luxury stage.  This is where you will have put the 3 bucket theory of wealth into practice. You have multiple streams of income due to your investments and you have ultimate financial security and stability.  You are never worried about money and you are not concerned about “working for dollars”.  You may go to work because you want to be productive or have some short term goal.  But in the luxury stage you don’t have any stress from lack of time or money.  You can vacation every month if you want to.  People will envy your life style but the fact is you worked for it.  You can spend 100% of your time with family, friends and just giving back.  You could travel the world as a missionary and never need to be “paid” anything.  You have total freedom!  This is the luxury phase and you made it, congrats!


It’s your freedom do what you want with it!
Stacy O’Quinn 

P.S. I don’t know any where else except in the work from home industry where anything like this is truly possible.  Can you do this in the traditional go to college get a job traditional sense?  If so why would you be reading this or I be writing it?

P.P.S. If you already work from home, stay focused and don’t get SOS (shiny object syndrome) I believe in you and you can do it!

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