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Why are you so excited about holidays and weekends off of work?  Because it’s the only time you feel free.  That’s the entire reason why there are sayings like “hump” day for Wednesday and “TGIF” for Friday.  You are celebrating the freedom you expect to have and the time to be with your family.  Sometimes what traditionally happens is your job still requires you on the weekend and some holidays.  You don’t get the time off that you want and it’s never enough.

Break free!  It’s time to live a non-traditional life!  What’s a non-traditional life?  It can be a lot of things but one thing it definitely is…is FREEDOM.  Weekends aren’t important because you only work 20 hours a week.  Or you make your weekend what ever you want it to be.  Maybe you want Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to be your weekend?  OK it is!  Minor holidays are no biggie and time off isn’t the stress or focus.  In a non-traditional life you get as much time to be with your family as you choose.  No such thing as 2 weeks of vacation.  You vacation like our family has 10 weeks so far this year with another cruise coming up for 8 days next week.

You can live a life like this and it’s simple to figure it out!  First know that real families already live like this and have for years.  Next week I’ll be on a vacation with 11 families that are all living a non-traditional life like this from the youngest in their twenties to the oldest in their 60’s.  Once you realize that being stuck in the traditional grind called life isn’t how it has to be.  Then you can say “The HELL with this, enough is enough!”

Making the decision to stop wishing and start doing is the hardest part.  Once you make that decision it’s simple.  Find people who are doing what you want to do and start doing what they do!

Stacy O’Quinn

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Is it possible to really work from home and make a lucrative income?  Of course it is!  So how do you find a great legitimate company to work with?  All great companies should have 3 things in place.  First they should have a track record of happy clients and happy folks having success supporting their families and living the “American” dream.  Second, there has to be an unlimited model of success and expectations and finally there has to be a solid record of training and support for any company that is actively growing.

How do you know a company’s track record?  You could look at the BBB or something like that which may be helpful but the truth is Dell Computers has 1,000’s of complaints against them.  You may be using or have used a Dell product reading this webpage, clearly they are a good company.  One of the biggest factors to both company track record and legitimacy would absolutely be how long the company has been successfully doing business.  Personally if you want a stable income you need a stable company.  The longer the company has been around the more likely that company will continue to succeed.  Plus, while most companies will get a complaint here are there, not everyone will be happy.  If that company has been around 10-20 years obviously they have way more WAY MORE happy clients than they do upset clients.

Second, there has to be an unlimited model. If you are going to legitimately have success chances are that would require both time and income freedom.  So there should be the potential to make money very quickly.  But how much you make and how much or little you want to make or even work should be totally up to you.  There should be people making multiple 6 figures if you want to make 6 figures.  But there shouldn’t be any quota or volume requirement to get income you’ve earned.  You should have the freedom to not work or work as you please.  This is the biggest factor in success and a legitimate business.  If you wanted a requirement on when or how you must work you can find any job.  Why even work from home?

Third, any legitimate company that is actively growing should have solid step by step training available for you.  If there isn’t true step by step training you have to ask yourself is the company really growing or dying?  Any company that doesn’t have to train new people in a successful way proves they don’t really need new people to service those who want their product and service.  Think about it every new person that starts is a new distribution channel for the company.  Why would a company need less distribution?  OBVIOUSLY THERE IS A PROBLEM.


God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn 


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A better question might be what are you doing with what a Veteran has done for you?  Only about .02% of the population serves in our nation’s military.  These men and woman are often changed forever, due to the sacrifices they’ve made mentally, physically, financially and emotionally.  At best they spend months and years away from their family and small children at worse they never come home.

Military Dad going on deployment
(Military dad prepares for deployment.  A typical deployment can be 4 months to 2 years)

These men and women answered the call to serve their nation because they believed in the ideal that America is the greatest country on earth.  They believe in your freedom that allows you to be whoever you want in life.  The freedom that just because you weren’t born with a special pedigree, perfect family and silver spoon in your mouth.  In this country you can still become who ever you want to become.  Our Veteran’s families suffer so yours doesn’t have to.

But what are you doing with the freedom?  It’s always easier to do nothing and be lazy in life.  It’s always easier to procrastinate and continue to deal with our comfortable misery.  But there are also a remnant, some of them previously Veterans themselves that believe that living in the greatest country on earth with the biggest opportunities shouldn’t be wasted.

Don’t complain about the life you have, thank a Veteran today for what they’ve done and then take advantage of the freedom to choose and decide the life you want.  There is no reason your kids can’t have the exact same opportunity as others.  Sometimes they need someone to inspire them and prove what’s possible.  That person could be you, thanks to our Veterans!


Help me thank the great men and women who have sacrificed for us all!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Comment below right now and thank those who have done so much for you!

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Dani Johnson has helped more people get promoted on the job, pay off debt, increase sales to millions of dollars a year and even start 6 and 7 figure businesses working completely from home.  How does her training do this?  First of all it’s based off of her own experience and she specifically lays out how she went from being homeless living in Hawaii to earning millions starting a business out of the trunk of her car.  Second she lays things out in a step by step approach that can be used in any business, family or organization.  From paying off debt faster, getting clients with little or no money, to leveraging current and future clients to explode your results and finally what she’s created is a system that constantly allows you to adjust to make sure you are  following the model to a T allowing no room for error.

Let’s talk initially about the foundation of her training.  Dani Johnson, trains off of her own experience and starting a business out of the trunk of her car to shattering records world wide in past companies she worked with.  When we was building a business she was known for how she built a sales force that was able to have amazing success as well.  Brian of was one of those people.  He has shared his story on how working with Dani he made over 50,000 dollars his first year in her organization and then 6 figures and went on to earn millions since then.  Dani Johnson, had a step by step process she laid out back then for her organizations.  Today she has taught this same process to 10’s of 1,000’s and many of them also earn 6 and 7 figures.  I’m simply one of those clients myself.

Now we are going to talk about the steps she puts into place.  Dani Johnson has the stinking words even in her two script books she sales through smarternetworker.  I’ve made millions of dollars myself using these scripts word for word for over ten years in the travel industry working from home.  But that’s just the basics.  Dani starts with how to get a new client, then how to build that relationship insuring that client is a successful relationship, then she talks about leveraging what you have and know and what the client has and knows and leveraging both of your resources to create explosive growth while maintaining what you’ve already gotten for years to come.  So from A to Z Dani Johnson can help you not only make more money in less time but she can help you grow that money also.  The facts are in the results, personally I’ve used her scripts and skills in real estate as an investor, to being in the top 10% as a financial advisor to, working form home in the travel industry earning multiple 6 figures annually and becoming totally debt-free while working very part time from all from home

Most people who are learning something new, they make mistakes and don’t get things right.  Applying Dani’s training is not different. When we are new we make mistakes, even years later we can still make mistakes.  Dani’s model allows you to have a system that allows you to continue to educate yourself and make sure you are staying on track allowing no room for error.  This week is a perfect example of this.  Dani is doing a free training through smarternetworker just for that.  To help people not only get on track but stay on track.

Join me this week as we get to be part of the first free live training Dani’s done all year.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,
See You There<
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. I’m not sure how many slots are left reserve yours RIGHT NOW!


P.P.S. FULL DISCLOSURE:  I don’t get anything from promoting this training.  I’m a client just like you could be.  I just started applying what Dani will be teaching in this free training years ago and today I’m still learning to ensure I don’t get off track.  So join me if you are serious about your success.

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Palm trees bora bora

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation without worrying how many vacation days you have left?  Have you ever wanted to take an adventure with your family or go to a warmer climate in the winter time and not be stressed about money?  Are you tired of worrying about a job that you can’t control?

Then you should be living a non-traditional lifestyle.  This is something that was really talked about in the “four-hour work week” by Timothy Farris.  There are two ways you can do this, A. Take your current business and set it to auto-pilot with systems and employees or B. Set up a business that you can earn a lucrative income with and do it from any location world wide.

Thanks to Coastal, my wife and I sat in a hammock just like the one pictured above in Bora Bora.  We stayed at the Bora Bora Nui which is over the water bungalows like those featured in the above graphic.  We were gone on vacation on that trip for 10 days, because some times a week isn’t long enough.  We took our kids to Disney for an entire month, why? Because how do you see everything in 5-7 days?  We take off and go to the beach in the middle of the week sometimes.  Why? Because there aren’t any crowds.  We’ve taken over 10 weeks of vacation this year alone.  I’ve visited some of the poorest parts of the world on mission trips with just a moments notice. Why?  Why not!

The fact of the matter is we travel, sight-see, take trips and adventures based on what we want to do and what God has put on our heart.  Not what someone else tells us we can do or based off of what we are paid or our vacation days dictate.  Because I can work anywhere with a telephone and an internet connection.  We have the choice to travel and work or travel and not work!

The world is full of people living a non-traditional lifestyle.  You can to.  Think about it, every day there is a cruise ship leaving going on a 30+ day cruise, even up to a year long cruise.  Who are the people taking trips like that? And there are so many of them that companies exist just to cater to that population.  It’s a large population! Why not you?

Live your best life now!
Stacy O’Quinn



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Get out of your rut, NOW!

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Do you feel stuck, like you are pushing and pushing forward but your tires of life are just spinning?  You were designed by an awesome God!  You don’t have to stay stuck in a rut!  It takes 3 things to get out of what’s bogging you down.  First you have to take advantage of opportunity staring at you in the face, second you have to join a community that is moving forward and achieving and finally you have to have some proverbial BALLS!

Let’s talk about the opportunity that you are dealing with or facing right now.  If you are reading this we may work together, you may have stumbled across this article on the internet because you are looking to work from home like I do or you may have a traditional opportunity in your job for a promotion or significant pay raise.  YOU MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE of the opportunity staring at you in your face what ever it is.  You may say, “Stacy you aren’t going to talk me into joining you in business?” Absolutely not, unless we already have a connection.  What ever opportunity that is in front of you this very moment if it can help you have the life you want seize it and grab a hold of it now.  Most people miss out on the best chance of their lives just sitting on the sidelines.

Second, you have to find a group of people living life the way you want to live it.  One of the best things about the group of people I work with is how we are all, all over the world traveling and living life.  But we come together or have the option to come together via conference calls 15 times a week.  We travel with our families together and build orphanages and work at food banks together.  We do all this with our own families and our new friends building memories that will last a lifetime.  A community of people that are never in a rut or stuck and always helping each other is a rare thing.  You must find people living the life you want and then live that life with them!

Finally, yes you have to have big balls.  Why would I say that?  Because most people live in a rut, they make a shelter there and call it their life.  It takes more energy to push out of a rut you’ve been in a long time then it does to continue momentum you’ve already started.  So often times the hardest part about living a successful life is just starting the journey. Normally no one around you, no one in your family is desiring or learning to live what I call the non traditional life style. Not doing what you were told to do in life but, doing what you were called to do.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Do you want to save money on your airfare to First Steps to Success in California? The event is actually held in Burbank CA. However flying into Burbank airport is very expensive. One cost saving alternative is to fly into Los Angeles and catch a taxi to Burbank for $100 or you can take Super Shuttle for $30.

In some cases flying into Los Angeles is one third the price of flying directly into Burbank. Get your flight booked and become your teams next success story!

Dianne in Ontario, used the training from First Steps to earn over $19,000 in her first 30 days marketing the Coastal Travel packages!

Shawn in California earned $50,000 within one hundred days of his 1st First Steps event. At the time Shawn was out of work. If he did not attend and have his breakthrough after that training he may not have ever had a successful Coastal Income. Can you imagine?? This is how he supports his family today!

Merry Lynn Shepherd, after attending First Steps ended up earning $90,000 her first year marketing the Coastal packages. She was able to retire her husband after he got laid off from his job and now they work together from home!

Dianne, Shawn, and Merry Lynn, all had the same thing in common. Their success depended on the skills they learned very early when they started marketing the Coastal Packages from home.

This will likely be the last First Steps of 2015 >>

Congratulations to the following people who have committed to attending First Steps to Success!

1. Joanie Snaith
2. Jeffrey Ramsey
3. Jennifer Ramsey
4. Heather LeFoll
5. Paula Kimbark
6. Darianna Lao
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9. Patty Stuart
10. Jackie O’Quinn
11. Stacy O’Quinn
12. Belinda Pierce
13. Shane Houston
14. Mandana Dowlatshahi
15. Barbara McKenna
16. Selene Belle-Oudry
17. Bella Leone
18. Gigi Leone
19. Elizabeth Glenn
20. Margery Sheppard
21. Michael Lewandowski

If you are already registered for First Steps to Success and your name is missing from this list. Please send an email right away to

Stacy O’Quinn

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Success isn’t limited to a geographical region, contrary to popular belief it’s not limited to social class.  It’s not limited to educational background either.  There are tons of people that had everything and still can’t “seem” to succeed. 3 basic cornerstones are needed to build a foundation to have independence, freedom and wealth.  First you need a NEED, what drives you what are you willing to spend money and time to reach? Second, your belief system will determine if you achieve, heck it’s simple do you even believe you can? Third your excuses must be dealt with and it’s often the single biggest reason someone’s good idea always stays a good idea and never reality.

Let’s start with a need.  Is there any amount of money or time you wouldn’t invest into becoming debt-free or having a way to pay for your kids college.  Is there any amount of money or time that you wouldn’t invest today to have total control of your time and freedom? Is there any limit to what you would invest to be able to substantially increase your ability to help those that are less fortunate?  When you have a burning desire or need to accomplish something that’s’ the first cornerstone that proves you have a destiny

Now let’s look at what is your belief system?  Do you believe you can’t succeed because of a past failure?  Are you concerned about what “other” people who already talk about you behind your back would say about you?  Do you think of a new venture as in what if I fail versus what if I succeed?  IF your belief in failure is bigger than your belief in God who created you in his image and who doesn’t make junk.  Then it will be impossible to create the destiny He gave you.  Our belief will determine if we will even deal with the next cornerstone.  So without belief it’s impossible to have a foundation for success.

Finally the sneakiest and for some the most difficult cornerstone to have in place.  Is the ability to recognize our “excuses” are nothing but “well planned lies”.  This is something I learned from Dani Johnson years ago.  Our excuses may look like,

I don’t have the time!

I don’t have the money!

I don’t know how!

No one will help me!

It didn’t work last time so it may not work this time!

What if I fail!

So and so tried it and it didn’t’ work out for them!

I’ll just expect the worse and hope for the best!

It’s just bad timing….on and on and on

We could have a strong need, desire and idea and we could have a huge belief in what we want.  It all comes to a screeching halt as soon as we say.  I want to be debt-free BUT… I’d start a business BUT… I want to work out and be healthy BUT… I want to spend more time with my kids BUT…. I’d love to go on a vacation BUT….

Whatever is the lie we tell ourselves and choose to believe is like putting on the air brakes to what otherwise was our destiny.  Are your excuses bigger than your destiny?


Action turns an idea into a destiny, some people live their entire life excited about just an idea, but they never reach their destiny. Take action live your destiny NOW!

Take Action NOW,
Stacy O’Quinn

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You can be powerful!  Even when you feel powerless.  You were born with a spark, an ember of greatness.  But your potential is completely limitless!  It has to be, you were made in HIS image.  God didn’t design you to be wimpy weak and powerless.  You were never meant to be broke or broken, in finances, emotions, relationships or health.  You were suppose to living a victorious, debt free and abundant life in all areas.

But you and I will face challenges.  To often people let their ember of desire, the key to their power get smothered, hidden and covered up by the challenges of life.  That thing inside of you that makes you want to be financially independent, that makes you want to be able to live a stress free fun filled life and that thing that says you are suppose to be a light on a hill helping people and leading and guiding them making a difference.  That thing in you is your ember.  As long as God gives you breath it NEVER goes out.  It’s always there!

Just like any spark or ember with just a little wind it can create a blazing hot powerful fire.  fire that is the source of light, comfort and warmth and fire that can burn through or around any of it’s obstacles.  You just need some wind!  You need to be in an environment in life, family or business where people want to help you succeed.  For me that environment was First Steps to Success and a business venture with on fire friends I now call family.

With just a little bit of wind, you can become powerful immediately.  He gave you everything you needed in side of you.  Don’t let life snuff out your ember!  You are already great you just need to know it so you can begin to walk it out!


Be Powerful!
Stacy O’Quinn

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If you can choose to have or do anything with n the next 12 months what would it be?  Would you like to have more time and do more with those you love the most?  Would you like to travel the world and experience another culture, while tasting the food and seeing all the sights?  Would you like to have less stress?  Would you like to be stable and secure financially?

For most of us an increase in our finances would definitely help.  So often it can feel like financial freedom is only available for a few.  But the truth is you can have financial freedom, the memories of being with loved ones and the possibility of having the time to travel and give back to others as God guides you.  You have to first be willing to do something yourself and believe deep down that it’s at east possible to improve where you are right now.

So ask the question, what do you want life to be like in 12 months from now?  Next year this time what would you like to be able to do with your family? Next year this time what adventure do you want to go on? Next year this time how much debt would you like to have paid off? Most just never think to ask the question.  Once you ask the question then you need one last key.

You must know what to do next!  Take action immediately!  Can you get a pay raise at work right away? Can you win the lottery quickly? Can you start a small business from home? The trick is if you can think about how you want life to be different, how far down the path of financial freedom do you want to be and what will that actually be like or allow you to do.  Most people are living their life and never moving forward day to day.  Unknowingly they become trapped in their misery accepting their current struggle like a prison.


Break out of the prison,
Stacy O’Quinn

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