#1 Key To Working From Home


Most people put a ton of emphasis on finding the best product.  Almost as if some kind of product “sales itself”.  But the fact is no product sales itself, think of some of the most amazing products to reshape our modern times and which one sold itself? The answer is NONE, people sold the product.  But I believe if you want to succeed at marketing some type of product or service then you really need to focus on the industry not the product.  Because your product is really people and serving people, so you have to find out what industry are the people spending their money in.  You shouldn’t have to guess what they might want or may want!  You just look for what they are already spending money on and serve that need.  The reason you find out where the people are spending their money is so you really are providing and serving them and not “selling” anything.  People hate salesmen but they love to buy what they want!  You must be able to give them what they want.

I’ll show you an example of this.  This isn’t the only example but it’s one I know extremely well.  The travel industry…

Travel Industry facts source link below

-$2.1 trillion: Economic
output generated by domestic
and international visitors to the US alone
(includes $887.9 billion in direct
travel expenditures that spurred
an additional $1.2 trillion in
other industries)

-More than 3 out of 4 domestic trips taken
are for leisure purposes (78%).

-U.S. residents logged 1.6 billion person‑trips*
for leisure purposes in 2013.

-$209.5 billion: Wages shared
by American workers directly
employed by travel.

-The U.S. received 69.8 million international
arrivals in 2013. Of those, approximately
32.0 million were from overseas markets and
37.7 million were from Canada and Mexico.

-Each overseas traveler spends approximately
$4,500 when they visit the U.S. and stay on
average 17 nights.

For more Travel Industry facts and to better understand what I’m talking about read the link below

Think about this for a moment, people buy what they want versus what they need.  We all need health insurance but almost 50% of the population that can afford it
chooses not to buy it.  Also consider this most travel is purchased with a credit card, which means it’s an industry where people are spending money they don’t have
Therefore if you can help them save the money on the travel they are going to take anyway.  You could be in a lucrative niche.  This of course is one of the reasons,
I’ve been in this industry for so long.


Success begins with how you position yourself!
Stacy O’Quinn

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