#1 Need For Your Small Business


What is the number 1 need for your small business that you may not have realized you need?  This is something that is so overlooked that it’s often never blamed for being the reason a business fails but is almost always the culprit.  Think about it, what can you do right now to boost your income 40-50%?  How can you increase your productivity and efficiency instantaneously?  How do you get more out of your employees and find better managers to help your bottom line?  How do you build a stronger presence to help your small business grow as a pillar of influence in your community?

The answer is the same for every single question starting with the smallest small business or even a home business up to the largest corporations in the world.  The solution is 100% controlled by you and if you knew that you knew it, it would decrease your stress while increasing your income and overall joy in your life.  I know you maybe thinking what am I selling.  What am I pitching?  What I’m about to  share with you isn’t anything I can directly benefit from.  It’s how my small business has grown to be a full time income part time, while at the same time allowing our family to give and help others in ways we never thought was possible.  Nothing like being blessed financially to be a blessing to others.

So what is the number 1 need that solves almost all of your problems.  It’s training, and it’s what Dunn and Bradstreet has stated as the biggest reason for business failure.  Because most business fail due to lack of knowledge and skill from the business owner.  Of course the owner, blames the economy or a supplier or some outside factor.  So what type of training would benefit you?  If you are a business owner that markets anything, interacts with clients and/or rely on staff and employees to help you get more done.  I’d highly recommend for your small business, home business or even getting your family on the same page about business  FIRST STEPS TO SUCCESS with Dani Johnson.

Dani Johnson and her training helped our business go from the red  to a 6 figure net in 12 months.  Then we doubled and tripled that in the following years.  I can honestly say it was that training that propelled us there.  I’ve seen it work for doctor’s offices, engineering firms, accountants, door to door salesmen and working stay at home moms. 

Happy New Year!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. 2015 is just the beginning.

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