100% Debt Free Now this is the LIFE!


It’s been two weeks now that we have become completely debt free.  In the last 4 years we have paid off 292,000 dollars in debt and just recently bought our current home and paid CASH for it.  What a great feeling! 

I can honestly say we have been able to accomplish so much at couple in our late twenties and early thirties because of two things.  We found a systematic method to pay off debt with Dani Johnson’s war on debt program and we also found a way to increase our income at the same time.  Dawn and I have been fortunate to make a lot of money with my current career but when we first started it we spent the extra income almost without knowing it.  So just because our income increased our wealth did not. 

Then I went to a business seminar to learn to increase what I was doing with our company and at the same time learned some very simple strategies to pay off debt.  Last weekend at a similar event I met 34 people who following the same techniques Dawn and I used paid off a combined total of 2.2 million dollars’ worth of debt.  

The last several years since I left the military I’ve been blessed to have a unique position with a company that is based in a different state completely.  They have allowed to work independently and tele-commute fulltime. Financially it has been extremely rewarding and they have taught me everything I’ve needed to know step by step.  I remember when I first saw one of the company job postings.

We Have Been Blessed,
Stacy O’Quinn

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