Struggling Mom to inspires a 12 Year Old to Give $2,600 to Orphans


I remember the first time I met Christina Moyer she was a mom, struggling to help support the family.  In a day an age when good jobs are hard to come by and were job security is non existent.  She made a difficult decision and she stepped up and decided to find a way to create an income on her own with a Lucrative Home Business.  Through her example she not only has inspired others but look at what her daughter just did at a company recommended training event with Dani Johnson.

Below is an article that recaps the events of this weekend.

Decide Freedom International, is literally working to change the world that we live in. As you may know many of our members are working together to help complete construction of an orphanage in Belize. This past weekend at a business training conference there were two cheesecakes raffled and auctioned off by the slice.

During the auction, a 12 year old young lady who has been saving some money turned to her mom and said, "I want to give all of my money that I have saved to help those kids".

Ali, stood up in a moment that was sure to make her mother Christina Moyer (DFI Member) proud, and immediately announced her bid of $2600.00. Thank you Ali, inspiring others who are much older than yourself. Your donation has been matched dollar for dollar by other leadership members in DFI. You have helped us to date raise a total of $53,552.68. Ali, is pictured above tasting and sharing the cheesecake slice she won.

Thanks Again Ali,

Stacy O’Quinn 

P.S. Ali, actually was outbid but another bidder nearby, joined her and they won and Orphans were taken care of.

P.S.S.Christina Moyer has not only paid off her mortgage and now helping her family finances but she clearly had a positive impact on her daughter as well.  When you are struggling financially it’s really hard to be a parent like you want at times.  Christina found a better way and it’s a Blessing to work with her.

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