2 by 2 — Will Someone Help You Help Others?


We are looking to help rescue kids that have been kidnapped or other wise coerced into the sex trade through human trafficking.  Today is the final day for a dollar for dollar match.  We are in the LAST 24 HOURS.  Your help is needed!  Two this entire campaign got kicked off by two business men who put up $8,000 dollars to match other’s giving in 72 hours on Thursday.

Today’s theme is going to build on the effect we have working together. Let’s make a choice to not give alone.  Find someone to partner up with 2 by 2.  Just like Jesus told the disciples to go out two by two before he was to show up later.  Let’s do the same for these kids.  Two people give together just like Danielle and Nicole Houston did on their Birthday yesterday when they each gave 50 dollars together.  Find a friend and someone who cares and make a donation together.

Here is where you give http://www.grouprev.com/racetofreedom 

To get the full dollar for dollar match from the generous business men who are working 2 by 2 as well we need to reach 12,900 by the end of the day.  Find your partner and let’s help these kids who can’t help themselves. 

2 by 2 goes the same for spreading the word.  Call someone to not just give but share this message on facebook, twitter, youtube, your database what ever resource you have to help.  Let’s do everything 2 by 2 today.  Remember if you link to this message and tag myself Stacy O’Quinn and Stuart Lynn in the post the top promoter will get a 100 dollar Visa gift card.


Let’s Help Some Kids,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. You can subscribe to the 6 Figure Income Club on the right side get the 7 days of FREE Training but you can also learn how to help others!

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