2010 is looking Good for Two Very Special People Looking to Build a Lucrative Home Business!


Many of my loyal readers already know that I’m looking to find 10 people who will become 6 Figure Income Earners this year.  I’ve written an article recently on what it takes to develop ten 6 Figure Income Earners so you can go there and read that.

We are barely into the new year and one thing is really starting to stand out too me.  Of all the people that I’ve talked to who want to succeed working from home and build a lucrative income, and it’s in the thousands.  Very few truly have the desire! No simple approach, technique or system can build that desire we each have to have it deep in us.  Lots of us have a lottery mentality on desire we think we want to do it.  Shoot a chance at a 6 Figure Income we will at least try it!  That’s crap!!!

Let me repeat that is CRAP!  You have never successfully tried anything in your life we either commit and do or we don’t.

I’ve been encouraging people who are deadly serious to join our team for some very specific training that we have not done in person together in over a year an a half.  Now that would require you to travel and that would require you to pay for your ticket to get into the training.  It’s about 200 dollars I believe.  But that training has equiped people like Stephen in LA to make $13,000 and Michelle in MO to make 14,000 in her next 40 hours of work.  It’s strategic, it’s dynamic and it’s extremely specific and it’s worth it.

Now talking about training I’ve literally had people say some of the craziest things to me.  Stacy, you want me to succeed and work with you; will you pay for my training?  HECK NO!  Did your boss pay for you to go to college?  Did we forget to mention I’m not your boss you are in business for your self.  Heck the reality is this is not MLM or some network marketing thing were I make money off of you indefinately IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!  You are self employed, you control your own life and you make your own 6 Figure Income and if you have that desire I’m sure just like you would pay for your own college degree you can pay 200 dollars to get training that has worked for so many others.

After the first few days in January there are 2 people that I’m extremely excited about both have been to DFI training or committed to going January 15th. The first is an incredible stay at home mom who is a Platinum Director and wanted to position her self there before the New Year!  Michelle Tascoe is absolutely incredible.  She is very specific and diligent in working her business.  She has one of the biggest hearts for other people and one of the reasons she will succeed is she truly cares about other people.  It’s not just a nice phrase she really means it.  Anyone working with her is truly blessed.

Joseph Abraham is another gentleman and the second person in less than a week I’m very excited for in the new year.  He is a dentist and driven.  Looking to create multipule streams of income he not only started his business but by the second day realized the value of training and will be joining us in Denver for the Dani Johnson/DFI training event.  Joseph is very methodical in how he approaches his business and one thing is for sure anyone working with him will know specifically what it takes to succeed.

Congrats to both Michelle and Joseph on starting the New Year off right!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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