2015 Year of Improvement and Prosperity!


Christmas is over and while the reason for the season is certainly worth it.  The debt, stress and frustration of the traditions isn’t usually worth it.  That being said chances are no one gave you a gift big enough this holiday season to actually make you financially independent.   A gift that could and would end all your financial stress, struggle or worry.  A gift that would give you endless amounts of time with your family and loved ones.  A gift that allows you to really make an impact on others. 

You see Christ was born and the wise men gave him gifts.  But the truth was that his birth gave something that was much bigger to the wise men and all of humanity.  Now I’m not just talking about salvation through his actions on the cross, while that is the biggest gift of all.  He also proved something else as a gift or a curse depending on how humanity uses it.  The other gift that came with Christ was choice and free will.  You see his gift of eternal life is free to all that will take it.  But Christ has been giving it out for well over 2,000 years and the market place isn’t saturated with his product.  Which just happens to be the only product that should really sale its self.

While you should and could absolutely accept Jesus into your life if you haven’t already. (that would be a powerful way to start 2015) The fact is Jesus still gives you that free will to make the choice for what you want.  What your actions do will determine what you really choose.  Now we can use the same principle of making a choice and choosing an action to create prosperity and real financial independence in 2015.  You see Christ paved the way for salvation, but when it comes to success in your income all you have to do is find someone who’s paved the way already and choose to follow them.  Look at their life and their results and make a decision by judging the fruit.  Do they have what you want?  Make a choice to learn new skills and do something you’ve never done before so you can improve your life for you and your kids.

Today while we are financially independent.  It’s really only because the same God that gave his son for us also creates opportunity for us every day.  No the opportunity isn’t jumping into your lap. You must choose that the way you lived 2014 isn’t how you really want to live the rest of your life.  There were people before me that had succeeded and I had to choose to learn from them, and I continually surround myself with people who are succeeding far beyond me.  Those are the only ones that can teach me new skills to create financial prosperity.  The excitement I have going into this year, is like nothing in the last few years.  The people that will meet and help, the people I will learn from.  We will all become lifelong friends.

We will help the poor, we will adventure around this great earth and we will show love and mercy to as many as we can.  But we will have a bigger impact together than we ever could alone.  2015 can be your biggest year yet.  If you make the choice that you want it to be!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Will 2015 be your best year yet?


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