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As I promised in the last post, I’m sharing with you specific training that I guide someone just a couple of weeks in their business to. The very first thing you need to have them do is go register for a free membership at www.danijohnson.com

Then take them to the call that I recommended last week. After that your new person who has been following a systematized process it’s important that we keep teaching them they why of the how. The how is what we do and then once they are doing it and guiding people through your marketing process teach them the why.

For this I use a call that explains presentations and it’s also a call that DFI modeled with one on one coaching with Dani Johnson. It talks about what a successful presentation is and Dani explains something that a new person would not quite understand. How do they know they are using a successful presentation and what is the psychology behind it.

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5 Steps To A Successful Business – Step 2 – Successful Presentation
– Monday, January 31, 2005

Part 2 of the 5 week series covering the critical 5 steps of building a successful home based networking business. Tonight’s call was on step #2 – Successful Presentations! Here are some details:

Topics include:

-What the purpose of the presentation is, what it is not.

-7 different types of business presentations.

-Tips for web presentation success.

-Tips regarding using info packs to tell the story.

-Tips for conference call presentations.

-1 on 1 live presentation tips.

-Using a 5 minute intro call to web presentation successfully.

-Doing a 1 on 1 presentation over the phone, what to avoid.

-Tips for successful group presentations.

-How to create urgency in your guest.

-How to maximize the business presentation results by prepping your guest correctly.

-Keys to edifying the presenter or presentation itself.

-How to frame the prospects mind to determine the presentation outcome, how to direct their mindset before the presentation ever starts.

-Why you do not want to use the word presentation with your prospect.

-Edifying other team mates and associates for increased results.

-The #1 thing that causes people to signup in a presentation.

-How to answer someone who asks ‘can you just send me the information?’

-Understanding the psychological mindset of a prospect going through a presentation.

-Why you’ll get more results letting your prospect see you read a script or flip chart.

-Questions of the week answered: How to make Dani’s techniques work with a party plan and advise to an employee who must keep a low profile at work.

Utilizing Dani Johnson’s training has been the backbone of the training on our team with DFI and is the primary reason we’ve had the success as a team that we’ve had.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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