3 Cornerstones Needed for Your Destiny


Success isn’t limited to a geographical region, contrary to popular belief it’s not limited to social class.  It’s not limited to educational background either.  There are tons of people that had everything and still can’t “seem” to succeed. 3 basic cornerstones are needed to build a foundation to have independence, freedom and wealth.  First you need a NEED, what drives you what are you willing to spend money and time to reach? Second, your belief system will determine if you achieve, heck it’s simple do you even believe you can? Third your excuses must be dealt with and it’s often the single biggest reason someone’s good idea always stays a good idea and never reality.

Let’s start with a need.  Is there any amount of money or time you wouldn’t invest into becoming debt-free or having a way to pay for your kids college.  Is there any amount of money or time that you wouldn’t invest today to have total control of your time and freedom? Is there any limit to what you would invest to be able to substantially increase your ability to help those that are less fortunate?  When you have a burning desire or need to accomplish something that’s’ the first cornerstone that proves you have a destiny

Now let’s look at what is your belief system?  Do you believe you can’t succeed because of a past failure?  Are you concerned about what “other” people who already talk about you behind your back would say about you?  Do you think of a new venture as in what if I fail versus what if I succeed?  IF your belief in failure is bigger than your belief in God who created you in his image and who doesn’t make junk.  Then it will be impossible to create the destiny He gave you.  Our belief will determine if we will even deal with the next cornerstone.  So without belief it’s impossible to have a foundation for success.

Finally the sneakiest and for some the most difficult cornerstone to have in place.  Is the ability to recognize our “excuses” are nothing but “well planned lies”.  This is something I learned from Dani Johnson years ago.  Our excuses may look like,

I don’t have the time!

I don’t have the money!

I don’t know how!

No one will help me!

It didn’t work last time so it may not work this time!

What if I fail!

So and so tried it and it didn’t’ work out for them!

I’ll just expect the worse and hope for the best!

It’s just bad timing….on and on and on

We could have a strong need, desire and idea and we could have a huge belief in what we want.  It all comes to a screeching halt as soon as we say.  I want to be debt-free BUT… I’d start a business BUT… I want to work out and be healthy BUT… I want to spend more time with my kids BUT…. I’d love to go on a vacation BUT….

Whatever is the lie we tell ourselves and choose to believe is like putting on the air brakes to what otherwise was our destiny.  Are your excuses bigger than your destiny?


Action turns an idea into a destiny, some people live their entire life excited about just an idea, but they never reach their destiny. Take action live your destiny NOW!

Take Action NOW,
Stacy O’Quinn

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