3 Myths About Working From Home


Do you know what some of the common misconceptions about work from home are?  There are some common myths about working from home and today we want to expose some of those myths to you.  First of all there is the belief that anything working from home must be a “pyramid”.  This often comes from the network marketing world, and while I’m not here to support or deny that avenue of working from home. The truth is even in that industry there are good apples and bad apples (we all have tupperware in our kitchen).  Another common misconception is that it’s easy to find a company to hire you for a home position.  Finally with the nature of working from home many people say it’s all just a “scam”. In the next few minutes we hope to solve many of these misconceptions.

First, of all let’s talk about the question of everything on the internet or working from home is a “pyramid”.  Like I mentioned this typically comes out of the network marketing or MLM industry.  Like any industry over the years there have been some really good companies and some bad companies.  It could be a viable way to work form home.  My biggest complaint with the MLM industry is that so many companies promote that you are your own business and you are self employed.  When in fact if the company is paying you a paycheck you are never self employed.  Often times companies on a whim will change the product, change the profit margin or pay plan of the product and you have zero control of these decisions.  That means your are completely subject to the changes of company management.  The solution, make sure your pay check only comes from the client.

Second, there are many people that promote you can easily get a work form home position for a company.  This is a challenging one because most companies really don’t have that many “satellite” positions from home.  They do exist just not many of them.  Typically you have to have experience with that company already and move to a work form home position (often with less pay) or you have to have an incredible reputation in an industry and work in a consulting or advising role.  There are a few companies like certain telephone rep’s for companies but the hours are stringent and it’s almost always minimum wage pay, but once again you have to have work experience in that field to get it usually.

Finally, you have the myth that every thing from home is a “scam”.  This isn’t true of course the Small Business Administration of the United States has stated, “Most small business started out of the home”.  What that means is most people who work from home are truly self employed.  Working from home as a “job” gets a bad rap because it’s not completely feasible for the average person.  But there are really great opportunities to work from home and be self employed.  There are ways to work completely over the Internet and never leave your home except to go to the bank or maybe post office.  The key is you don’t have to come up with a “new” idea.  There are several companies out there that will let you market their product directly to the consumer.  Find a company or product will a long track record. They will teach you how to find clients (you have to have a steady supply), how to present their product and finally how to profit from your own home business or small business.

I’ve worked from home self employed for almost 10 years.  I’ve seen a lot of what the work from home industry is all about.  Yes there have been true pyramids out there (government shuts them down quick) and there are a few work from home jobs, just extremely rare without experience and finally on the Internet you will always find some kind of scam.  Just do your due diligence, ask  questions and look for a long term track record and references. The fact is it can be lucrative.  To succeed at it remember you are self employed so you may not have to make a highway commute but you must make a hallway commute.  If you do your research it can be extremely rewarding.


Best of luck in your search,
Stacy O’Quinn

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