3 Reasons You Will Fail Working From Home


Why does working from home so often feel elusive.  How come there aren’t more people working independently from home.  It’s so enjoyable working on your own schedule, having the freedom to do what you want when you want and earn all you want.  But so few people really do it and get to live that lifestyle.  The truth is you may start with an idea of working from home and for 3 basic reasons usually fail. 

First, reason you would fail is you can’t find a product or service to market that allows the freedom you are wanting.  If you market any type of service and you are the one providing the service it’s very difficult to have free time because your clients schedule begins to affect yours.  Or if you market a product of some sort from home it usually is something you like the idea of.  But the fact is the best product on the planet you will only successfully market to 2-5 people a month in the beginning. (That may be really high for someone just starting).  But no matter what in the beginning you must be presenting a product to a client that is lucrative enough when the client buys it.  You need to make sure your product is lucrative enough that you can actually enjoy the freedom you want.  People don’t work very long with out the ability to acquire a quick reward.

Second, you must be certain what ever product or service you market that you are able to have a constant supply of clients.  No product or service ever sales it self.  Every product needs someone to move it from the shelf to the consumer.  In many cases a product or service will solve a problem but the client doesn’t even know it exist.  If you want to succeed and have a flexible lifestyle then your ability to get clients must be dependable, consistent and easily understood.  If you have to only rely on your own friends and that’s the main way to market your income will be limited to how many friends want what you have.  If you are told by a company that they will teach you how to market so you don’t have to worry about it.  You need to worry anyway because unless you have a background in advertising or marketing it’s going to real tough.  The idea that if you build some website they will come is old news and doesn’t work.  With out consistently getting clients you can’t consistently make money or have the freedom you desire.

Finally, if you are starting out doing something brand new for the first time you must have solid support and training to be successful.  It’s amazing how many people get involved with any company in any industry and in no way have verified if training really exist.  You can’t just ask, “do you provide training”.  Everyone is going to say YES.  You have to be more covert ask about it different ways.  Ask to see the training.  Ask to be included in upcoming trainings. Ask yourself is it just an added “sales pitch” or am I really learning the process on how to get clients and market my product and service to them?  You need someone available to you that can help you.  Someone that will be there when you call them and email them.  Systems are great but you always need training by a real person on how to use the best system.

Being able to work from home having freedom, living a non traditional lifestyle, going to the grocery store in the middle of the day when no one else is there because you can.  Having the luxury to vacation when you want versus having to coordinate it around your normal job and everyone else’s vacation is freedom.  The small luxuries of freedom most people that work from home take for granted can be available to anyone if…  You market a product that is lucrative and not service related, you have a constant supply of clients coming to you and finally real solid training with a real person there when you need them.  If you have those 3 things you are leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else who has a fantasy of working from home.  Because you’ve actually found a reality.


“He who chases fantasy has poverty waiting for him.”
Stacy O’Quinn

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