$32,739 to Get Cable at My House


Well I got the semi-official word today.  I recently bought a new home and am proud to say working with our company we were able to pay cash for it.  However since I’m blessed to telecommute to work every day having high speed internet is a must!  Before we purchased the home the phone company told us we had DSL available.  After we moved in, we actually can’t get access to DSL.  That’s unfortunate since I had already bought the home.

In the process of the last several months I’ve searched high and low for an alternative.  Satellite is not effective for me and a wireless card from the cell companies is not effective either.  Oops did I mention I live in the country?  And we LOVE IT!  Except for this Internet Dilemma, so for the time being I’m renting an apartment that is about 7 miles from my home that does have internet access.

Riding home I got to thinking and saw where the Time Warner Cable ended on my road which is 1.7 miles from my home.  We are ABSOLUTELY BLESSED to work with an amazing company and create a lucrative income from home.  It hit me!!!  I CAN BUY THE TELEPHONE POLES AND CABLE AND HAVE IT RAN TO MY HOUSE.  Long story short I promptly called Time Warner Cable and asked what it would take to pay to have cable ran to my home which they call “cost-sharing”. 

The OFFICAL word is… it takes 30 homes per mile for them to foot the bill in its entirety.  The total cost is just over $75,000.  There are 17 homes per mile on my road so my portion is only going to cost $32,739.  I guess that’s only 3 and a half Platinum sales, I’d write a check today if it was about half of that but for the moment Uncle Sam is going to want a pile of cash from me…. I love taxes.  It will take me a couple of months but that has got to be the highest cable bill I’ve ever heard of.

If you’ve ever had an experience with a build out with the cable company please share.  If you have any connections in the Goldsboro or Mt Olive area with the cable company that could provide any more insight please let me know.

If you can help let me know 🙂
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S.  If you know of a better solution do share.  I’m not completely sure if 32K is my least expensive broadband option.

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