33 Today and Glad I had a WHY!


Today is my birthday and it causes me to think about how my journey started.  Originally just being unhappy and looking to improve our life so we did not have to worry all the time started a series of events.  My brother shared with me a lucrative opportunity to work from home and then I heard about Dani Johnson, and a process started.  At first I had doubt and after sitting on the fence and doing nothing and going deeper in debt for 7 months.  I saw my brother at the age of 25 resign from the hospital as an RN and my own life wasn’t improving.  I lowered my skepticism and started getting real about what I was going to do to improve our family’s life.

Today is an absolutely blessing and being my I’ve just been reflecting on how things have changed the last few years. As a military family we went from stressed out no time to be together, no vacations and not even enough money to go out to eat on the weekends if we did have the time.

Today we live a non traditional life.  I work from home full time, my wife home schools our kids and everyone in the neighborhood is still wandering what we do because we don’t leave home except for the bank, grocery store, church and vacation.  We paid of 292,000 dollars in debt, we make multiple six figures a year now, travel all over the place and give back to those that are in need and poor.  This year our family will be going to an orphanage in Belize to help some kids we’ve been giving to and to share our love and time with them for Christmas.

But today as I celebrate my birthday, I’m reminded how we got here and my biggest WHY was and still is my family.  I had no idea that when I stepped out in faith, got started and went to Dani Johnson or her training what life would be like in just a few short years. 

My WHY was big enough for me take action.

My Son Edgar. Daughter Alexis and my beautiful Wife Dawn gave me a card today as we sat down to eat as a family for breakfast.  The messages made me a proud daddy and a happy husband.  They are my why and I’m reminded how our relationships could be different if we were the typical 9 to 5 stressed out family working and never having quality time together.


Alexis my 7 and a half year old  wrote,

Happy Birthday I love you! I will always look up to you my leader and my father.  I wish you a Happy B-day I love you.  Love Alexis


Edgar my 6 year old wrote,

Happy Birthday! I love you! I will always love you at all times and I never want to lose you.  Love Edgar

My Beautiful and Love of my Life Dawn wrote,

Hey there Sexy,

I just wanted to say how much I love you!  This day is a very important day.  Because without you I don’t know where I would be.  We wouldn’t have this wonderful life or our beautiful kids.  I think God for you.  You are such a man of wisdom, respect, love humility, excitement, honor, and integrity.  your wisdom is beyond your years and I love that.  You are leading us on an incredible journey and I am glad to be on it with you.  You are the man of my dreams I will love you forever. 

Happy Birthday, Love Your Wife, Dawn

Dani Johnson and what s he’s taught me with our company has not just increased our income dramatically but it’s also allowed us to GROW AS A FAMILY TOGETHER.


You Can’t Put a Price on that!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S.  Is your WHY worth it?  What actions are you taking?


  1. Dianne Mc Guigan says:

    Love your Story Stacy!!! You are an amazing EXAMPLE that I have the Blessing to follow! Yes, my WHY, is my family too! Ministry too! There are a lot of people we have been set up to help! God is Awesome!

  2. Luseane Fakatou says:

    You are my inspiration and my hope not to give up. I know i am not stepping up
    now but very soon i will call you. Thanks for showing me the way. it is up to me now. Have a blessed happy birthday you have an awesome family !!!

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