$400 Earned Quickly By Helping Orphans


This is the week I’ve been talking about and times couldn’t get any more urgent than they are.  We all have something we can do regardless of our struggles or successes we should be helping others.  It might be 100,000 dollars or maybe it’s just our time and we can give 1-2 hours to help those who are worse off than us.  Simply by promoting this article (on facebook, twitter, youtube any where on the Internet) between now and next Monday you could win your share of $400.  I’ll explain more on how you can earn a couple hundred dollars in a moment but let me explain why I’m doing this. But first…

Years ago I grew up extremely poor, my dad died when I was young and I remember the struggles my mom had.  When I was in my early twenties and decided to start working from home, there was just a desire to break out of the struggles I had seen for years in my own life from child to adult.  Not having money to go out to eat, to date my wife, always budgeting and never seeming to have enough at the end of the month.  In my mind I always thought if I had more not only would life be easier I could help other “sad” situations.  If I can be trusted with the little things I could be given much more.  For me personally I never had break through financially till I started being faithful, making wise financial decisions and giving a portion of what little resources I did have.  Even if it was just my time.

Today and all week this week, you and I can help those who are in really difficult situations.  Inspired by Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner, a good friend of mine Stuart Lynn an elite group of business associates and I are looking to help some children that saw their parents tortured and murdered simply because they were Christian and a different belief of the main stream where they live in India.  The government is fighting to send these kids off into the streets while a group of us are working to build an orphanage that will educate these children, showing them real love.

Here is how we are doing it, Watch this video!


Just like I talked about last week.  To help get out the word I’m going to give away $400 next Monday.  To be qualified you have to help promote this page, the youtube video by liking, sharing, creating your own original content videos, articles, post and email blast.  Who ever does the most promoting and getting the most people engaged via social media will get 200 dollars.  The runner up will get 100 dollars and I’m going to give an extra 100 dollars to someone who does a good job promoting the cause of the orphans.  To qualify for the final 100 dollars it’s just based off of effort and you and I must not know each other yet.  Just be passionate about helping the less fortunate. 

So what are you waiting for get going, be creative, engage others and share the word.  Together we can do much more.  Tag me in all your post on facebook, also you can send me an email daily at stacydfi@gmail.com. Explaining what you’ve done and pointing me to links as proof to ensure I am judging you fairly.  This is meant to be a fun contest the long run it’s not about the money I’m using for this, but it’s about spreading the word about Stuart Lynn and the Orphans. 


Together we can make a bigger difference!  Will you help?
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. As far as winners of the contest it is all completely subjective to me.  So make sure you tag me in post and send me an email to stacydfi@gmail.com showing me content you created and how you’ve spread the word.

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