5 Reasons Moms Should Generate Legitimate Income from Home


5th    No employer will ever pay a mom what she is worth.  A mom is a CEO, Director of Operations, Financial Planner and event coordinator of the home and everything that makes a successful home function well.  Most employers will not pay a Mom what she is really worth in a salary.  She only makes the sacrifices she makes at home because it’s her family.

4th   As a Mom you should be comfortable.  If you want to work in your slippers and comfortable clothes that’s exactly what you should get to do.  A Mom rushes around for everyone else and is coordinating everything that happens in the house hold she should at least get to be comfortable, versus “playing” the professional game for someone else, uncomfortable and underpaid.

3rd  So you can be there for you kids.  Who else is going to raise your kids the way you want to raise them?  Why compromise on that?  You sacrifice so much for so many others why should you have to give away the opportunity to groom your kids up the way you feel?  You have every right to raise your kids and not someone else.

2nd   You deserve time off?  You should be able to travel and rest and take time out for yourself occasionally or for you and your spouse.  But if you work for someone else and live paycheck to paycheck how will you ever be able to afford to do anything fun or romantic if you are struggling financially?

1st Final and Last Reason,  No boss should ever get to tell you when you are allowed to be with the family you sacrifice so much for.  No boss or their schedule and agenda should control your life you have a mini-corporation to run at home yourself.  You should be in control of your life.  Ask any single dad and they will tell you they wish they had a Mom in the mix.  You give so much to your family already and you deserve to be able to spend as much quality time as you want. 

This World is a better place because of you MOM!  Let’s help every Mom be able to generate a legitimate income from home!

Thank You,

Stacy O’Quinn


  1. I absolutely loved this post. I wish every mom could be comfortable and be with her family.

  2. JF says:

    Hi Stacy ! just wanted to add that you could have those same words with DAD instead of MOM…

    You are an inspiration to all of us !

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