6 Figure Training Call


If you missed in DFI hosted a special 6 Figure Training call Thursday night for everyone in DFI.  Below it what was posted on the team website.

Normally Thursday evenings are reserved for this core training call for Coastal Travel.  Coastal Travel has over 16 core training calls for all of its members.  Which is probably a key reason for their continued growth of the last couple of years?  If you’ve never heard one of DFI Coastal Travel’s core training calls this call is extremely unique because it is hosted by none other than Mrs Renae Heikkila.  Renae made 120,000 dollars her first year with our company and over 350,000 dollars the next year.  We are honored that she volunteered time away from her family and business to share this unique training with all of DFI and Coastal Travel.

This call has been one of our most talked about training recently done.  It was not to be missed.  Pages and pages of notes came from the info that Renae shared with Coastal Travel that night.  If you missed it you have one last chance.  THIS CALL IS TIME SENSITIVE!

Listen NOW!

Thanks Renae for giving us your all!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. We are still taking Donations for the Orphans in Belize that Renae spoke about as well!  Follow the specific instructions she gives toward the end of the call to Donate!  Several of us will be in Belize with these less fortunate over Christmas let’s make a difference together!

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