I’m blessed every day to think about how lucky I am to work with such incredible people.  Stay at home moms to corporate executives and all different types of backgrounds.  Today I’ve been talking to several people who have so much going on in their business and it made me stop and think and I decided to create a list of everyone who I know has made money in the past week.

This is not conclusive this is just who I know about.  Also this is not who I was exactly talking too this morning because this is a list of people who actually collected money this week.  I know several people who will be collecting money next week.  This is simply exciting and already profits in hand.

Congrats to…

Jolynn Skarin– $9,705
Stacy O’Quinn– $8,000
Angela Lasher– $4,200
Hilary Snyder– $3,200
Jackie O’Quinn– $3,200
Jennifer Baker– $3,200
Cadie Kalmes– $1,000
Lynne Fallon– $1,000
Meggan Larson– $1,000
Jessica Wendelboe– $1,000

Every single one of these men and women has very different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common.  They are all incredible leaders in DFI Coastal Travel and they have all graduated from First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson.  Dani Johnson’s Home Business training is proven to create results.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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