69 Days Left in the Year now what?


You know at the beginning of this year you had some goals, you wanted 2012 to be better than 2011?  Where are you on that?  We’ve only got 69 days left in the year.  Maybe you wanted to increase your income, decrease your debt and stress and have more fun in life?  Maybe you wanted to take a risk and actually enjoy life more?  What did you do risky?

The bottom line I was on a conference call with Dani Johnson in one of our regular Team Strategy calls we do every Monday night.  Then Dani mentioned for people to go online and share via social networks what they’ve done so far this year.  Celebrate your success.  As I read what people said on facebook, I became proud of the company I work with and the results people are getting.  Life is got to be bigger than you.  Yes I posted what I’ve done with my family like have another multi 6 Figure year, giving away more than I used to make in my day job and the gifts I’ve been able to honor my incredible wife with. 

But the fact is,  watching other peoples results I’ve been able to work with is so much bigger.  People who struggled, people who like me almost gave up at one point.  People who are not looking for a hand out but sought a hand up.  If you happen to be part of our company and with any of these individuals you are very VERY BLESSED.

Follow their example!

Heather Lefoll – Stay at home mom and incredible wife

1. Paid off $29k in debt
2. Began a new business and invested in skill development training
3. Helped others to find their path to becoming successful & assisted people in need

Peter Harpster – Military Dad

1. Purchased our first house for $40,000 under tax value!
2. Paid off $15,000 worth of debt
3. Invested into a lucrative home business which I’m getting out of the Air Force to work full time from home!

Londa from Washington State  – Mom, wife and business owner

(1) I cut our family expenses by 40%
(2) I made my whole 2011 income in the first quarter of 2012
(3) I went back to school at DJU for the most valuable education ever

Jane Mach – Mom and farmers wife

1. Increased our investments by purchasing silver and a new commodity
2. Started 1 in 1 coaching
3. Increased initial contacts and follow ups
4. Planned and paid for our trip to Belize
5. Started 2 networking groups to cultivate relationships.
6. Started tithing and feeding orphans.
7. Tripled our income
8. Improved our time management skills

Tara Hayes – Another incredible mom!

1) I have brought in more income than I ever would have working 2 jobs in corporate
2) I have been able to find balance to spend more time with my family, work, and still have me time without feeling I would have to sacrifice my family or spend outrageous daycare costs if I would have worked in corporate.
3) I have paid off a couple of our credit cards using her War on Debt program and our family is working towards being entirely financially debt free.


I just copied a few from facebook, directly here.  I didn’t even edit it.  So what have you done and more importantly what are you going to do the next 69 days!  This is your chance!


Don’t wait take ACTION,
Stacy O’Quinn

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