7 Important Factors to becoming Part of the Elite 7


The Elite 7 will be a group of entrepreneurs that have yet to be selected.  It will be a group of people that in the end will be Leaders that are respected as a source of knowledge and wisdom that will encourage and inspire generations of entrepreneurs to come.  Today they are ordinary and soon they will become extraordinary.  They will have an enormous amount of integrity and success.  Practicing only what they preach and preaching only what they’ve proven to create results in business and in life.

The Elite 7, when they are chosen will enter into a results oriented environment with full understanding that through our own example others can be impacted and influenced to achieve success.  The things we’ve overcome give us authority to help others overcome.  Our mission is financial freedom for all, starting with our own first.  The Elite 7, will become known by the impact they have in helping others.  They will be on stages and platforms around the world sharing their success.  Many of the Elite 7, will become famous authors, speakers, financiers and celebrities in their own right.

7 Concepts the Elite 7 will Live by:

1.      IRON SHARPENS IRON – NIV Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron,

so one man sharpens another. Copper can’t sharpen Iron so the Elite 7 must be a group with the same vision, purpose and determination if they are to make themselves better as well as others.

2.      Dedicated to our Success and others understanding that we must practice what we preach.  Our Integrity must never be questioned due to our actions and our words not being in line.

3.       Others depend on us, regardless if it is another member of the Elite 7, DFI, or anyone else that may rely on us for support.  We will always be a positive and encouraging force.  We seed encouragement into our lives through what we read, see and hear so that we may be able to continually encourage others.

4.       We live a balanced life; we work hard so that we are enabled to play hard.  We have a vacation membership as part of the Elite 7 and we will take at least 2 vacations a year minimum.

5.       Solid commitment to training and Leadership Development.  We have seen the results of the DFI training system and First Steps to Success Training Events with Dani Johnson.  We will share this secret which has allowed so many others to create success.  Every new person we get to inspire will be invited to meet us at the next TRAINING EVENT.

6.       Our weekly purpose will be to impact a minimum of 25 new people each and every week.  We will give it our best shot every single day.

7.      Through creating success for others and only through helping others create success will we be able to gain influence and make the world a better place for generations to come.

Becoming part of the Elite 7, is an honor and a privilege and I’m proud to have been selected for this journey.  If you have a desire to be prayerfully considered for the Elite 7 send an email to stacydfi@gmail.com so you can be included in the application process and on the next live training with more detailed specifics on what to expect. 

If you feel you know someone who may qualify and they have a strong desire for success and to help others succeed you may simply guide them to this page.

See You at the Top,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Karen Benson says:

    Hey Stacy Its Karen I just wanted to take a look at your website. Its great!! Im looking forward to when I can start up my coastal biz again. Wondered if you could contact me regarding the Han’s Johnson seminar you were at. Have a better than great day!!

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