Dani Johnson Training: 94 of us Will Make a Difference!



One thing about DFI, we are a group of Dani Johnson Entrepreneurs that are really making a difference. Most of our Directors often give back of their time and money in their local communities. However many of us are meeting in Orlando January 27 to help out at a local food bank >> http://www.foodbankcentralflorida.org/site/PageServer

Those who are not going to be able to help at the food bank, the rest of us will be attending the training weekend with Mrs. Dani Johnson where we will be learning skills to increase our business. Our goal is help increase our ability to individually help more people faster. Many people talk the talk but DFI is a group of us that is walking the walk.                       

Take a look at all 94 members of our DFI family that are doing their part to make sure they have the skills and abilities to help as many people as possible. Together as a team we are going to make our world a better place to live.                       

***If you have already registered for Dani Johnson Training but have not seen your name on this list then please immediately send an email to DFIFeedback@gmail.com  with your first and last name and the names of anyone going with you.                       

1. Kathie Babka                         
2. Craig Babka                         
3. Megan Pratt                         
4. Capri Mulder                         
5. Jackie O’Quinn                         
6. Carmen O’Quinn                         
7. Stacy O’Quinn                         
8. Dianne McGuigan                         
9. Angela Lasher                         
10. Jennifer Baker                         
11. Lisa Crutcher                         
12. Heidi Jones                         
13. Anissa Bustos                         
14. Ashley Kashinkski                         
15. Allen Dickieson                         
16. Micha Ensor                         
17. John Barber                         
18. Kim Barber                         
19. Pessa Bradford                         
20. Lisa Crutcher                         
21. Gary Mach                         
22. Carrie Walters                         
23. Paul Nash                         
24. Nancy Nash                         
25. Natalie White                         
26. Christin Heard                         
27. Harley Robinson                         
28. Maxine Robinson                         
29. Sue Caylor                         
30. Tepora Beckman                         
31. Timari Cox                         
32. Missy Jacobs                         
33. Steven Becker                         
34. Derrick Rauwerda                         
35. Peggy Rauwerda                         
36. Brett Lucas                         
37. Lea Lucas                         
38. Lilly K-O’Brien                         
39. Robyn De Brouwer                         
40. John Lynch                         
41. Toni Cloud                         
42. Dalton Cloud                         
43. Ramunas Micuta                         
44. Sherry Griner                         
45. Sonya Davis                         
46. Neil Gerrish                         
47. Christain Cox                         
48. Shane Houston                         
49. Danielle Houston                         
50. Nicole Houston                         
51. Tara Hayes Johnson                         
52. Lynn Kessler-Fallon                         
53. Myrna Jenken                         
54. Nike Roach                         
55. Fraser Hardy                         
56. Trish Roberts                         
57. Cristina Scott                         
58. Anna Diaz                         
59. Linda Ryckman                         
60. Lovie Hannon                         
61. Henry Wall                         
62. Nancy Wall                         
63. Mary Beltrano                         
64. Mark Lepore                         
65. Mary Adamson                         
66. Julie McGlynn                         
67. Elaine Rolling                         
68. Tessa Bradford                         
69. Monica Amekuedi                         
70. Nick Beckman                         
71. Courtney Sprouse                         
72. Andrea Derago                         
73. Kim Oxford                         
74. Mindy Sartin                         
75. Londa Harpster                         
76. Marlyss Springer                         
77.Trish Hunter                         
78. Kaye Brentley                         
79. Christa Goodick                         
80. Carlos Nieves Sr.                         
81. Samra Knapp                         
82. Elaine Dach                         
83. Solai Tallaferro                         
84. Gabriel Bustos                         
85. Bruce Dunn                         
86. Michelle Tascoe                         
87. Kathy Wolfe-Reynolds                         
88. Kaye Brantley                         
89. Tim Nichols                         
90. Jolie Nichols                         
91. Lisa Sierocki                         
92. Ruby Langdon                         
93. Crystal Allemand                         
94. Benjamin Allemand                       


***If you have already registered for Dani Johnson Training but have not seen your name on this list then please immediately send an email to DFIFeedback@gmail.com  with your first and last name and the names of anyone going with you.***                       


Have a great day,                       

Stacy O’Quinn

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