A Common Need for Success


Once you’ve had a certain level of success a person who is worth their salt is always looking to find someone else to help have the same kind of success. This is the journey on how I’ve learned to help people and it continues to evolve.  After my first year working from home I made a 6 figure income and immediately switched my focus to I wanted to help develop more success stories than anyone else around me.  So with the power of hind-sight and my own experience I started recommending and showing other people exactly what I do.  This is something still true today.

I got inspired by Dani Johnson at one of her events when she said that she prayed for God to give her the words to teach, train and help.  She could not fill everyone’s needs only God could.  Right away instead of praying God help me find those I need to help. I shifted my morning prayer to God help me help those I’ve found, because my knowledge, skill and background isn’t a one size fits all.  It worked, and over time I’ve been recognized within our company as helping more new people generate their first $19,410.  That is a level of recognition in our company, called a released Platinum Director.

I pray for the people I work with every single day, always asking for revelation on who I can help next. This morning while having my personal time with God, a message as clear as day came to me.  I show everyone the “how” but some succeed more than others.  Those that need help in an area I’m looking for that specific way to help, I call out their name and ask God to use me in a particular situation to help who ever it may be.  Sometimes it’s quite a list I’m praying about but God is more than a big boy he can handle it!

This morning in my quiet time God showed me my own need and one common need everyone has. This is one thing I could help every person in my life with  I’ve known it intellectually but haven’t put it purposely into practice until now.  Regardless of skill set, everyone needs encouragement.  It feels good to have someone believe in you!  Us men we should apply this in our marriage. Men when is the last time you told your wife how awesome she was and what you appreciated about her? If your wife did that for you men how would you respond?  You’d feel good about being “her” man and you’d  intentionally want to do all you could to provide, take care of and cherish her.

Now take that thought into a new venture or job you may have.  If your boss intentionally encourages you even in your mistake by telling you, “Don’t worry you are doing fine and you will be one of the best at that task before you know it.”  Versus attempting to actively critique/help you, which could make you feel bad for “trying”.  The encouragement makes you feel good for attempting.  Getting this revelation today, my prayer ended with God “Show me those that I need to encourage today.”

In the early days when I had bad days and even bad weeks in my business.  I would always doubt myself.  Could it work for me would I ever get it.  There were a few people that I always heard like Dani Johnson saying things like you will get it, you can do it, people with less ability have done it so will you and I believe in you.  That encouragement wasn’t a tip or a strategy on a specific “how to” it was a recharge that my mind and heart need to keep me going.  IF I DID NOT keep going I would never learn the “how to” to succeed.


I believe in YOU!,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. One final thought,  If someone else has succeeded before you YOU CAN DO IT.  It’s not about recreating the wheel, follow the same system that has worked.  If you don’t feel like you’ve mastered it yet, that’s ok because it is only a matter of time and you will!

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