A HUGE Congratulations Is in Order


If you want to impact people and work with amazing people you have to let them know that they are amazing.  That you are excited to work with them.  That you love seeing the growth and results they have.

The fact is I work with some very special and incredible people.  I never knew just a few years ago when I started working from home and only focused on my own finances how many friends I would make.  How many awesome people I’d get to work with. That fact is we work with some very special people, people that have accomplished some really cool things.

I want to say in the last few days I want to Congratulate a few that are just seeing the first steps of change in their life.

1. Lily Secada from FL – Congrats on making $1,000 dollars in one day.  You are a great mom, teacher and business woman.


2.  Michael Titus from United Kingdom – Congrats on generating $3,200 this week.  You are a professional.  I’m grateful you got laid off from your higher education job only because we have been able to meet.  Your success is inspirational.


3.  Perla Vasquez from New Your – How many college students make $3,200 profit in one day?  GREAT JOB!


This all happened in about 4 days for you all.  You don’t all know each other yet, but you will soon.  We need to all take a vacation together.  I can’t wait to see the next chapter for you and your life.

Thank You to everyone that I’ve been able to work with.  You’ve given me a front seat to inspiration daily and I honestly probably don’t say thank you enough.  If you happen to work with Lily, Michael or Perla you are working with THE BEST.  Heck if you happen to work with anyone I’ve had the chance to work with, these people literally blow your mind!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. It’s my hope that you also work with some the most amazing people on the planet!

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