ABC’s Secret Millionaire Will Premier June 3rd


Who will be on ABC’s Secret Millionaire this year?  ABC’s Secret Millionaire is a must see for anyone looking to build a lucrative income working from home.  Last year Dani Johnson was the premier episode and her training in and of itself has helped many make a 6 figure income up to 7 figures.  It does not appear that there has been a line up released of who is going to be on the show this year.  Based off of last year you can assume it is going to be mostly  entrepreneurs many of which started out of their own homes or worse.

Like Dani Johnson on last year’s first episode she started out of the trunk of her car and a telephone booth.  The show highlights successful millionaires and shows them giving back but the people they help initially have no idea how successful they are.  As an a viewer of the show we can not only be inspired by wealthy people giving back but learning a little about each of their stories we can learn more about what is possible for us.

Dani is just one example but her training  has allowed me to make a multiple 6 figure income.  Every single person I’ve been able to help in business that were able to make a 6 figure income also plugged into her training.  But by surrounding yourself with successful people you also gain the belief on what is possible for you.  That’s more important than the training.  Once you KNOW IF you have the proper training you can succeed, then you will be able to achieve success.

Stay tuned and lets learn!

If you know who will be in the line up this year on ABC’s Secret Millionaire please leave a comment and let us know?


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Stacy O”Quinn

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