Alexis and Edgar at the Beach!


Last weekend we took this picture of Alexis and Edgar at the beach. They had a ball. What is it about kids and watching them discover life that we enjoy so much? Saltwater, sand and wind all elements they have not experienced yet in this age range! Watching them run around on the beach and through the edge of the water just feels like total freedom.

This weekend we took the kids to the Zoo in New Orleans for Mother’s Day! Mom had a blast and so did the kids. One of the funniest things ever is trying to hear your kids pronounce hippopotamus. I smiled so hard listening to them my cheeks hurt! I’m sure you know this but watching our kids grow up and experience the world around them is completely amazing.

Going through the reptile section of the zoo we where trying to teach Alexis the dangers of Snakes because we live on the water. I’d say Alexis what do you do when you see a snake? She would respond, “You shoot it!” Then I’d say no little girls don’t shoot anything and she would say I run to you daddy and you protect me. While I don’t want her to be afraid of wildlife I do want her to respect it. Last thing I need is to see her and Edgar in the back yard trying to corner a Cottonmouth!

The joys of being a parent and to have the freedom to watch our kids grow is AWESOME!

Proud Daddy!

Stacy O’Quinn

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