All Coastal Travel Directors Just Got a Raise and…


While other companies are struggling and laying people off we were blessed to not only get a PAY RAISE with Coastal Travel but we all so can qualify for a bonus of a FREE IPAD2.  While most people are nervous about there jobs and most companies are shakey Coastal Travel appears to have continued to grow dispite the economic collapse.  Last month alone Dawn and I were able to do over 50,000 dollars total and over 23,000 was residual and passive income.  Dawn and I are definately blessed to work with such and incredible company.  Coastal Travel has allowed us to pay off 292,000 in debt and go from struggling paycheck to paycheck only making 25,000 dollars a year to an annual 6 Figure Income and beyond.

And now it just got better!!!  If you did not year about the pay raise and you are a member of Coastal Travel the announcement call is below.  Get a pin and paper handy there was tons of info, this call was jam packed with about 3 major announcements and of course the Bonus IPAD2’s being given away potientially to anyone in DFI.

This link is for Coastal Travel Directors ONLY.  CLICK HERE to Listen.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. That call is only for Coastal Directors if you are not a Marketing the Coastal Travel Package please do not listen it is TOP SECRET!

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