And the Winner Is…


If you are a regular reader you already know of the contest I ran last week to help spread the word about the orphanage in India that many of you are helping us support.  Well I have the results on who the top promoter was. 

This gentleman obviously is a leader and passionate about inspiring and having an impact on others.  He was one of many that helped spread the word but he was part of a small elite group that took decisive action to proactively help children who desperately need it.

#1 Promoter Mr. Peter Harpster… he lead the pack on this one.

Second Best Promoter Mrs Christina Moyer

Best Promoter who I did not know Mr. Gaurav Supekar

Honorable Mentions because of their heart and their efforts go to
Merry Lynn Shepard
Trish Roberts
Kimberly Bixby
Diane McGuigan
Londa Harpster
Sandra French
Joanie Snaith
Dorothy Graham
Stuart Lynn, the inspiration for it all…. 

And each and every person that just “liked” even one post or “shared” even one thing and did their small part to help those children.  This is what it takes to change the world we live in for the better, each of us just doing our small part. I’m looking forward to the impact we will make as a team moving forward.

Thank You to Everyone,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. There were thousands who saw the message and did nothing to pass it on and and it’s not their fault.  We are sometimes put into a box and it’s hard to learn to break out of it.  Here is the beginning of that series showing you what I mean and I’ll be updating the second part this week.

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