Anyone Can Have Financial Freedom


If you can choose to have or do anything with n the next 12 months what would it be?  Would you like to have more time and do more with those you love the most?  Would you like to travel the world and experience another culture, while tasting the food and seeing all the sights?  Would you like to have less stress?  Would you like to be stable and secure financially?

For most of us an increase in our finances would definitely help.  So often it can feel like financial freedom is only available for a few.  But the truth is you can have financial freedom, the memories of being with loved ones and the possibility of having the time to travel and give back to others as God guides you.  You have to first be willing to do something yourself and believe deep down that it’s at east possible to improve where you are right now.

So ask the question, what do you want life to be like in 12 months from now?  Next year this time what would you like to be able to do with your family? Next year this time what adventure do you want to go on? Next year this time how much debt would you like to have paid off? Most just never think to ask the question.  Once you ask the question then you need one last key.

You must know what to do next!  Take action immediately!  Can you get a pay raise at work right away? Can you win the lottery quickly? Can you start a small business from home? The trick is if you can think about how you want life to be different, how far down the path of financial freedom do you want to be and what will that actually be like or allow you to do.  Most people are living their life and never moving forward day to day.  Unknowingly they become trapped in their misery accepting their current struggle like a prison.


Break out of the prison,
Stacy O’Quinn

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