Dani Johnson Creates Results For Any Legitimate Home Business?



Some of the top leaders in DFI have been developed through Dani Johnson and her training for a legitimate home business.  I’ve been blessed to have the honor and privilege to have worked with the best in the last 7 years.  In the last year or so some them include people like Dianne McGuigian, Londa Harpster, Capri Mulder, John Lynch and many more.

Regardless of what your business is if you earn income from a home business or work at home position you should follow the lead of people like Dianne McGuigian who has earned over 130,000 dollars in less than 10 months or Capri Mulder who made 119,000 dollars in 12 months.  Or maybe Londa Harpster and John Lynch both generated over 20,000 dollars in one single month from Dani Johnson and her training.

Do you want to be a part of this elite group of stay at home moms and dads that will be creating some of the biggest success stories by helping the most clients and by creating massive incomes. Then you need to get registered immediately for this very special training. Regardless if you are in Coastal Travel or not.


I look forward to meeting you all and it’s an honor to be in business with you!                  

1. Dana Winand                         
2. Jason Winand                         
3. Ashley Koshinski                         
4. Jenny Perales                         
5. Jackie O’Quinn                         
6. Carmen O’Quinn                         
7. Stacy O’Quinn                         
8. Missy Jacobs                         
9. Jonathan Huey                         
10. Elaine Middlebrooks                         
11. Crystal Thorn                         
12. Michelle Peaster                         
13. Lynn Eagle                         
14. Peter Harpster                         
15. Chanel Harpster                         
16. Nike Roach                         
17. Vern Mast                         
18. Michelle Mast                         
19. Pat Bergheim                         
20. Georgiann Tenczar                         
21. Mindy Sartin                         
22. Will Triesler                         
23. Sam Crowson                         
24. Chasen Crowson                         
25. Kathie Babka                         
26. Craig Babka                         
27. Doyle Kromer                         
28. Laloni Kromer                         
29. Tina Sims                         
30. Joanie Snaith                         
31. Anthony Snaith                         
32. Shawn Scheppele                         
33. Renee Triesler                         
34. Ruby Langdon                         
35. Dave Langdon                         
36. Fraser Hardy                         
37. Sarah Dunn                         
38. Bruce Dunn                         
39. Jackie Read                         
40. Roy Stephens                         
41. Ed Shanley                         
42. Kathryn Shanley                         
43. Tara Hayes-Johnson                         
44. Armand Hayes                         
45. Al Gillespie                         
46. Londa Harpster                         
47. Angela Lasher                         
48. Gisele Mutz                         
49. Chad Phillips                         
50. Marlyss Springer                         
51. Michelle Tascoe                         
52. Dianne Mc Guigan                         
53. Nicole Houston                         
54. Danielle Houston                         
55. Shane Houston                         
56. Vanessa Wilts                         
57. Kala Zink                         
58. Tammy Zink                         
59. Mike Ostropolec                         
60. David Brown                         
61. Dale Britton                         
62. Christine Kneyseh                         
63. Jacintha Collins                         
64. Jim Collins                         
65. Amy Collins                         
66. Kelly Sheppard                         
67. Alan Sheppard                         
68. Cheryle Johnston                         
69. Robert Girdner                         
70. Lyle Sloat                         
71. Beverly North                         
72. Janet O’Mara                         
73. Nancy Wall                         
74. Gary Mach                         
75. Jane Mach                         
76. Lawrence Scott                         
77. Christina Scott                         
78. David DeRego                         
79. Andrea DeRego                         
80. John Berken                       

To Your Success,

Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. It’s an honor to get to know so many incredible people.  If you want to work from home with people like this than go to www.advance2freedom.com

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