Art Williams Helped to Create More Millionaires


Art Williams helped to create more millionaires than anyone in history through his company AL Williams.  What Art did is he made people with a spark but otherwise ordinary and average, extraordinary.  Art to Dads who maybe were in a dead end job, Moms who maybe had been stay at home Moms, college students who graduated and had no job to grand parents who had been failed by the corporate world, he showed them how average people could make a 6 figure income and beyond.

Art had a simple theory he shared.  He did a famous speech he gave to a religious group but his concepts were all business.  He covers 10 points in his famous speech that is amazing how timeless this is and still applies today.  He shared a nugget in this speech that made it one of the popular speeches given event today.  Have you heard it?  It could be the most productive 15 minutes of your life.

It’s been an honor to help the small group of people I’ve worked with to go from zero to hero.  But the 100’s that I’ve trained and taught that have made 5 figures a month is a long ways from what this man has done.  There is always room for more it’s simply just doing it and believing it.  I know you may have helped people on your own to increase income, pay off debt and travel all over the place.  But let’s do more together!  Pass this on, share this post and like it on facebook.  Let’s impact even more by spreading the message.


Give God the Glory,
Stacy O’Quinn

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