Be the Leader Others Want to Follow


Becoming successful with a legitimate home based business is dependent on two things.  First you have to be sure to follow a simple system that is in place.  Because systems can be duplicated but people can not.  Second you have to work with someone who has leadership qualities and understands they are truly leading and helping other people.  So the question ultimately comes down to if you have a system already how do you become that leader that others want to follow and work with?

First, we must look at the system.  A leader that is helping people must know that a new persons success has to be able to be created with and with out the leader.  So a system that is used by you should also be good enough for your brand new person.  Can you show a brand new person how to get a client other than just their friends and family?  Do you have a consistent flow of new clients always available for you and your new team members?  Do you have website systems, scripts, phone systems, calendar systems, reliable lead delivery systems,  follow up systems and all applicable tools you use for each and every person.  This should be tools you use not just random affiliate programs you promote because you make money off of them?

If you have the system in place with all the tools a new person would need, are you working it like a new person should?  If you are ultimately helping other people, do you follow your own advice?  To often “leaders” say one thing and do something different.  What type of leader are you?  A real one or a poser?  Can you be transparent and share with your newest clients and team members from client acquisition to training members what it takes to succeed in a lucrative home business?  To often people “fake it till they make it” which is completely bogus and dishonest.  Not to mention it creates stress on you and your new people because if you are faking it they create a goal to do what you’ve done, but if it’s not truly you then they’ve created stress and will eventually quit.  Then of course you should feel like crap for being a liar.

So if you want to become the leaders that others want to follow.  Simple be real, show them exactly what you do and how they should as well.  Don’t give them hype or theory give them exactly what you do.  Everyone needs a system that is full proof and every one deserves a leader that leads by example, that’s real integrity. PERIOD.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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