These are the Greatest People on the Planet


Working from home and making a ton of money is great, but if you aren’t making a difference what is it all for?  Make a 6 figure income, getting out of debt being able to have financial freedom and security while still being a stay at home mom or dad is great but if you are having a real impact on your kids and grandkids.  If you are actually touching lives what’s the purpose? 

If you follow anything I do, you know we aren’t about having a little success.  Many of you know it’s my goal to create 10 BRAND NEW 6 Figure Income earners in 2013.  And I will be launching details of my Executive Mentor Group for those that I’m going to be working with,  more details will be coming from that very soon.  Here is the real reason, an army of one only goes so far.  The impact of many working together changes lives and influences others.

I’m the greatest husband only because I married the most amazing woman on the planet.  I’m the greatest dad only because I have some extremely incredible kids and I’m the greatest man in business only because I get to associate with some of the greatest people anyone could ever be in business with, they are my friends.  I thank God  my wife, my kids and for you… it’s an honor to make memories and do great things together!



2013 will be better than last,…. the army for success, change and hope only gets bigger and our impact around the world only multiples.


Let’s Get it Done,
Stacy O’Quinn 



P.S. We get to work from home and do this for fun, how cool is that!


  1. Luseane Fakatou says:

    Awesome work truly the greatest and most fulfilling !!!.
    Thanks for the great video and post.

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