Belize Here We Come!


My family and I have the honor and privilege to be able to visit some orphans in Belize a country that has two types of people.  Middle class and those that are poor.  This year we as a family will be visiting some orphans at the Kings Children’s Home in Belize.  There are currently 42 kids there that have been abused, neglected and with out love.  We will love on and provide support and labor to do repairs around the orphanage.

As I was reading over the names this morning and praying for wisdom as we communicate with these kids one thing stood out to me.  Sometimes the title orphans is so impersonal.  These are real and helpless little kids.  These are brothers and sisters that are not fortunate enough to grow up in a loving home and be provided for.  These are little people with incredible potential locked inside of them, potential that could eventually reshape the world we live in.  These are kids that range from 3-18 and they need, basic necessities for sure.  But they also need love and encouragement something they’ve been lacking.

Financially many of you have blessed these kids.  As a company we have raised over 12,100 dollars in just under a month.  100% of which will be going to these kids.  Congrats to David and Andrea Derego from New York for also sacrificing their traditional Christmas for one with us with these kids.  Thank you all for your support and thank you David and Andrea for you sacrifice.  Together as a team we are making a difference around the world.

Please keep these kids in your prayers.
Stacy O’Quinn

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