Benji is 4, he needs your HELP!


Do you want to make money? What for? IF you don’t bless others what is it all for really? Take a moment and look at this!

Benji is 4, he was born with an extremely rare brain disorder. He is mentally just fine but it’s a physical problem with his brain. His parents don’t have any insurance and due to his care and treatment mom and his Dad can not work.

There is a potiential surgury he can have to exend his life and quality of life to live somewhat normal doctors say for up to 5 years. Without this special procedure he may not be with us next year and he will never leave the hospital. The surgery cost 1.2 million dollars and thankful the family has gotten some government help for that.

BUT… They have to go to Washington DC for the procedure. The Dad an amazing man and overall one of the nicest people you ever met, he could not keep his job do to Benji’s condition and now treatment. His mom Hannah who just has a beautiful 2 month old baby and has the heart the size of TX also can not work due to Benji’s condition.

They could use your encouragement! Visit this website and encourage them.

With out a doubt Benji, Noah, Hannah and baby need your prayers. For strength, for peace and for a miracle. Visit this website and let them know you are praying.

People are amazing! Many times it is not until we see something like this that we realize how blessed we are. God accomplishes his work in one of two ways, miraculously and through man. Benjiman needs a miracle no doubt! But that miracle could come from you. You see they don’t have an income. IF they did work, as Benji goes through this his parents would not be there.

Let me ask you, if you knew your time was limited with your child and every single day was a complete blessing. Would you want to leave your child in that hospital bed several states away? You see they are from Lousiana, they’ve left everything behind. They must pay those expenses.

Will you let God use you? As a person we naturally know right from wrong and we know what to do ACT NOW!

Will you let God use you? As a Christian we know we must pray for direction on what to do. Do you listen when he attempts to use you as a blessing? ACT NOW!

Thank from their Family,
Stacy O’Quinn

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