Buy My Watch and Let’s Help take care of the kids


Years ago a great Pastor friend of mine inspired me.  In a season where we were only making about 25,000 dollars a year and over 6 figures in debt.  He explained to me if you wanted to increase to your income that first you had to learn to give.

Since Dani Johnson and her training, we’ve not only created a lucrative income we also are a family again.  My beautiful wife and I are able to actually raise our kids versus schools or daycares.  Our income has exploded and right now we are looking at buying another house and paying cash for it.  The best key that Dani Johnson taught (I’ll admit it’s not the most strategic or specific nugget just the best) was that to much is given much is expected.  It’s also in the best success book ever written.

We’ve given away over 30,000 dollars this year and sure, it might be a little more than that 10% tithe we hear about.  The bottom line is this, we come from one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  Let’s work together and give a little more.

I’m going to auction off my personal watch for the kids.  It is a relatively new Bulova and it was actually my Anniversary gift from my wife.  More than having this watch and I LOVE my wife for giving it to me but, we have enough stuff we want to give even more.  Let’s do it together.  Highest Bid gets the watch just leave a comment in the comments section or you can connect with me on facebook and bid there as well.

Watch the video below to see the watch.  Place Bid NOW in the comments section!


We can’t be blessed unless we follow the laws of finance that exist no matter what.  Let’s give back to others, let’s help the kids.  100% of what this watch goes for I will make a dollar for dollar donation to the Kings Ransom Foundation to give to the Orphans we are helping in Belize.

On behalf of those that can’t speak for themselves,

Thank YOU,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Remember to Bid in by the close of Business on Tuesday December 11th 2012, leave your bid in the comments section or on my personal FACEBOOK page.


  1. stacydfi says:

    Christina Moyer from PA, has the current top Bid at $100. Thank You Christina, you are an amazing woman and the kids thank you!

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