Candie Tremblay – Let’s Make a Difference


Candie is a gal I met through a Dani Johnson training event.  Amazing women incredible results and if you ever got the chance to know her or work with her in some close knit way you’d be blessed.  Candie has a desire to be a mom one day.  Candie is a strong Christian woman.  But she’s been afflicted with an ailment you’ve probably heard of someone else having.  Although hers is quite severe.  You can find her story here.

Recently I made a small donation to help Candie have a surgery she needs.  Why?  I don’t know her or her family like we are best friends and hang out regularly on the weekends or anything.  I’m not related to her?  I just know of some results she’s had in her life, I’ve seen her testimony through Christ and Dani Johnson’s training. So why would I give? Why should you consider it?

Because there are a lot of people running around on facebook saying I’ll pray for you.  Let’s face it, most Christians say that and don’t even mean it.  Second let’s assume, your mom, daughter, wife or sister had the same issue Candie is having.  Or any issue for that matter and needed medical treatment and help.  Would you want 1,000 people praying or a 1,000 people giving just 10 dollars or more vs buying coffee with that money?

Now I’m not saying there is nothing wrong with praying. Heck I hope you pray ever day already. But if you know Candie and aren’t giving even a dollar then probably don’t love her.  If you’ve read the concept of reaping and sowing then you should be giving something.  If not you probably don’t really believe the concept.  See many people will not hear about Candie’s plight but if you are reading this you are hearing about it because you are suppose to do something about it.

If you believe in reaping and sowing and you’d love for someone to be there and just give a little something if you were in need then let’s sow some good seed and help Candie.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. If you’ve never been to a Dani Johnson training event you probably should go.  This is a community that cares for one another and helps each other!

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