Capri Mulder: Hero of the Month



by Michelle Tascoe

Capri Mulder from Oregon had a stellar first year!

$119,000 from February 23rd 2011 to February 23rd 2012.

What a difference 1 year makes!

Back in 2011 Capri was working at a chocolate factory making $17,000 a year. She had been working there for 2 years. Like many households that are struggling to make ends meet with 2 incomes the Mulder’s were barely making it and Capri, who was a stay at home mom all her life, had to take a job to help with bills. Her heart was at home with her kids.

Capri started with her training through the marketing system and went to a First Steps to Success training event with DFI’s corporate trainer, Dani Johnson. She actually charged that event on a credit card to be able to attend it early on when she realized that the training was an integral part of many Coastal Travel directors having great success as well as paying off huge chucks of debt. At the event she took home the War on Debt home study program and applying the techniques she learned in that debt annihilation course was able to save $500 on their groceries the next month.

“Dani said from the stage give me 1 year of your life and you won’t recognize it 1 year from now. The training was so valuable that I committed myself to going to First Steps to Success for the whole year.”

That was only the beginning. The tools and strategies that she learned at the event helped her to understand how important it was the start at the top level of her home business to maximize making the most money the fastest. After the event Capri and her husband borrowed some of the money and sold 1 of their 2 cars to come in at the Platinum level.

“I was not messing around. If I was going to do this, I was going to DO THIS!”

Capri made Coastal Travel her chosen profession. Her first month in business she make $19,400. Capri was able to quit her factory job in May, 2 ½ months later, to come home to her kids and work her Coastal business with diligence. By Dec 31st of the year she made $100,000 in her business making her a 6 figure income earner for the first time in her life and earning her DFI Award Ring.

This has been the best year of her life. The $500 she saved in groceries that first month turned in to paying off $30,000 in personal debt. Her War on Debt classes she held at her home has helped a group of people in her community pay off $90,000 in debt collectively.

In addition her home life has improved greatly. Her kids are following in their footsteps thinking differently than before about money and business and the atmosphere in their home was changed. Their relationships are better and there is less stress. Capri has not only changed the course of her family’s life but also has grown her influence in the community helping other people get out of debt and have hope once again. Now that she is at home with her kids, her heart is to help others and give them hope and encouragement.

“It happened for me and other stay at home moms in the DFI team so I know you can do it too!

Capri’s 3 keys to success are:

#1 Promote Dani Johnson: Be the expert at promoting the expert.

#2 Use the script books: Just read the scripts in the script books. Some people wait to get good before they start. But you never get good at anything until you start.

#3 Go to training events: The training events gave me the skills I needed.

Capri’s advice to the DFI team is to make a plan for you to work and work your plan and stick to it.

Thank you Capri for all that you do and the example that you are of a mom who’s heart was home with her kids and learned how to build a success Coastal Travel business from home! You are DFI’S HERO OF THE MONTH!


Congrats Capri!  That’s a Stay at Home Mom who’s life has changed!!
Stacy O’Quinn

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