Capri Mulders Reason | What is Yours?


Capri Mulder is an amazing woman, mom and inspiration to so many.  She went from being a factory worker earning 17,000 dollars a year when I first started working with her to her first year she earned $119,000 working part time from home.  Her initial motivation was to get out of debt and improve the quality of life for her family while being an excellent example for her kids. 

Recently Capri learned once it’s not about the money any more, what motivates you to work?  What is your reason to work? When owning a home business what motivates you to work consistently each and every day with out a boss?  What causes you to reach new levels of success beyond just the basics?

After reconnecting with a friend from 20 years ago she realized he has a medical need.  He needs help and it became her REASON.  It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to watch Capri’s life totally change.  She was an ordinary woman that has learned to do some extra ordinary things (she’s not longer ordinary or average or making $17,000 a year any more).

Capri is one of many I’ve been humbled to watch grow and develop.  If you aren’t helping people to help others what is it all for?  Capri’s reason has inspired this post and the actions that come from it.  Watch this video and if you are touched like I was maybe you will give like I will.


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What is your Reason?  Let’s Help Someone!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Congrats to Toni Cloud and Trish Roberts each making $3,200 yesterday.

P.P.S. Special Congrats to Dianne McGuigan who just had her biggest day $22,000.


  1. Capri Mulder says:

    Thank you Stacy! Thank you thank you thank you! Its an honor to know you and work with you. Thank you for your gift of $1,000 You are making a huge difference for Jeffrey. Thank you for spreading his story!

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