Caring, Is Mission Possible


There are so many needs in the world.  People are down on their luck, there are those born into horrible situations, there are people who are victims of horrible crimes and circumstances, there are those are hurt from mean people, there are people that are starving, abused, neglected, thirsty and disabled.  The list of hurt and pain in this world can be overwhelming.  No matter how successful you become, you can give and give and give some more and it will never be enough.  It can feel hopeless when you really want to help people.

The truth is having a way to not only help people but empower them to give back and help others is the only way you really can make a difference.  If it was only up to you, there would never be enough and what would happen when you were no longer around?  You have to duplicate your ability and success which allows you to help in the first place.  This is why I love the idea of home based business and work form home opportunities.  Think about it!  When you do it and do it well you can not only give back but you can help other people learn so they have the freedom to give back!  Years ago when I started working from home I never imagined I’d make a six figure income.  Today I think about giving away a six figure income.  Imagine, it only takes 10 of us to do that and it’s a million dollars! 

Who would have thought? Ordinary people like you and me we can do extraordinary things!
Caring, Is Mission Possible,
Stacy O’Quinn

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