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How To Make At Least $51,449 a Year?

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The last 15 weeks I’ve had the incredible pleasure to work with an amazing group of people.  Most of them had never successfully earned an income working from home.  They have all been through Dani Johnson’s training and together we are mastering applying what she teaches.

Many heard about this unique program I started back at the end of January but only a few stepped up and stayed focus for the last 15 weeks.  They agreed to be accountable and committed to working at least 20 hours a week.  Each of them have humbled themselves to coaching, correction and guidance and their results prove it.  As a group they are on track to average 51,449 each for the year.  They are averaging $3,957.65 each per week!

Each one of you that have joined the Exec. Mentor Group, WAY TO GO!  We will be opening it up soon and taking others but for the time being let’s continue to grow, learn and help others.  Any one working with you must know they are working with a real example and true leader who practices what they preach!

Hilary Snyder – Stay at Home Mom
Toni Cloud – Stay at Home Mom, church bookkeeper part-time
Mindy Sartin – Stay at Home Wife
Latisha Ware – Stay at Home Wife, recovering from the corporate world
Trish Roberts – Self Employed Photographer and Mom
Gary Mach – Farmer/Business Owner and Dad
Andrea Derego – Corp. Sales Rep for Network Security and Real Estate
Jenny Perales – Working Mom
Dianne McGuigan – Single Mom of 3
Dorothy Graham – Independent Business Woman
Mintra Lewis – Stay at Home Mom
Nancy Wall – Stay at Home Mom
Mary Lynn Sheppard – Stay Home Mom and Wife
Steve Sheppard – Laid Off from Corporate America and Dad
Lawrence Scott – Ex Utility Meter Reader now Dad living with family in Ecuador
Heather Lefoil – Home Schooling Mom and Wife
Stacy O’Quinn – Stay at Home Dad, Yours Truly

As we give it our best shot mastering all we can from what Dani Johnson teaches.  Working in a spirit of excellence and integrity.  How much debt can you pay off?  What does financial freedom feel like?  What kind of memories can you create for your kids or grandkids traveling around the world on mission trips or just vacation in general?  This is your life, GREAT JOB!

Some people “know” what it takes to step up and create results in their life but they aren’t willing and keep putting it off?  Each of you have made a decision that you will become the change you seek and it’s paying off in a big way.  The best part is, this is the weakest when our skill set is the lowest in the beginning.  From here on out, our average will actually start to climb.  It’s my belief there is no reason each of you can not develop a 6 Figure Income this year.

I believe in you!,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S.  I can’t wait to hang out with many of you at Creating a Dynasty this weekend with Dani Johnson!  I’m humbled to call you friend and thank you for inspiring me on my bad days!

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6 Figure Income Training Tonight!

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Tonight we will be having our first open/live and specific training on making a 6 Figure Income from home.  You will get to see some of the secrets I’ve only shared with my personal team in the past.  If you are looking for specific techniques, you want to know how so many other people succeed why can’t you, you desire to be your own boss and be debt free.  Join us this evening!  This call is not a recruiting forum!  This call is about company/industry generic techniques to increase your income!

Space is limited on this call to only the first 49 people.  Call in early to reserve your spot!
10pm Eastern/ 9pm Central/ 8pm Mountain/ 7pm Pacific

(712) 432-2900  Pin 342864#

The topic for tonights call is “3 Points to Massive Acceleration”

We look forward to hearing you on the call!

God Bless!
Stacy O’Quinn

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Working from home and having a lucrative home business is really priceless.  I normally use this blog to discuss some of the things that have made our company successful and I usually share those successes as well.  Results are the only thing that matters when you are looking to create success.  People follow results and that’s the key to any lucrative home business.

Ok so we’ve been crazy busy this month and I’ve personally been working with 5 new people one on one this month!  I’m very excited about two people in particular.  One is Ralph Roccuzzo and the other is Deborah Mimms.  Both of them have positioned themselves mentally and physically to have incredible success.  Hopefully they will be at First Steps to Success in Jacksonville FL.  Every single six figure income earner I’ve ever worked there went to that training first.  I personally never made any money in my own business until I went through that specific training.  I have no doubt that both Ralph and Deborah if they are consistent and went to that training that they could become 6 Figure Income Earners this year.

IN OTHER NEWS…  We would not have a lucrative home business if we did not know some recent results.  Cadie Kalmes recently shared she’s made 7,400 dollars so far this month.  That’s not bad for a stay at home mom working part time.  Her team is certainly blessed to be working with her.

Also I just had a conversation with Hilary Snyder she shared that she is making profit 1 out of every 38 DIALS!!!  Personally I was blown away!  In the last month and a half I’ve made about 31,400 dollars in profit this year so far.  I told you in December that Jan-April were big months.  But the point is I personally do not come close to Hilary’s numbers that just simply incredible!

Have a Blessed Day!
Stacy O’Quinn

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As promised we are about to share the secrets to the Tsunami that Decide Freedom is doing!  This got kicked off for our team at the at the last First Steps to Success event with Dani Johnson.  If you watch closely you will learn how you can be part of something that will create crazy results in your life. 

If you are already making a 6 figure income or you are part of a lucrative home business already it is very simple for you to grab a hold of what our tcompany has done and use it for your own gain!  The two basic rules are this… 1. Your hearts desire for other people has to be geniune and  2.  You must be able to plant a vision.


Now, there are at least 3 distinct things you want to listen for.

First, Mrs. Renae Heikkila, discusses Tsunami of 2010 and exactly what you have to do in order to have the fastest quickest success possible. Then Mr. Jackie O’Quinn, discusses something that is completely historic and has never been done before in the history of Coastal Travel or DFI. After that Mr. Stacy O’Quinn, gives a special announcement that is very time specific.

You may have heard Jackie talking about the award rings and here they are!

You can be part of the Tsunami TOO!  Complete an application now!

See you at the Top!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Congrats to Lorraine Rodman for finishing out January with $10,000 plus.  Lorraine you Rock!

P.S.S. Also Kathy Allen and Sue from CO who just moved to VA congrats on both of you on making $3,200 dollars by the third day of Feb.   That is awesome that’s a track that equals 1,000 dollars a day in income.  Any one working with you guys are absolutely BLESSED!

Helping anyone create a 6 figure income is certainly not an easy task. Helping a stay home mom do it just simply by the nature of her lifestyle is even more difficult. We all know that stay home moms are the most over worked and under paid people on the planet. So for a mom who wants to make a six figure income from home three things must be in a place. First a simple process that you’ve followed your self, second you need to let the world know and find the moms with the right motivation and finally you must have full proof way for her to acquire clients and/or customers.

Let’s start with the simple process. Are you in a real home business that works? I know that sounds like a dumb question but it has to be simple and work for everyone. Moms and certainly stay home moms are the busiest people on the planet. So for a mom to make a six figure income it does not have to be “easy” it has to be simple and doable. If you are going to help anyone make a 6 figure income have you already done it? Have you helped other people create that level of income? On our team we have become very intentional on how the top income earners and the newest income earners build their business. It’s the exact same. When helping someone become successful you can generalize the process, you have to be very exact and specific in your game plan. One way to prove if a mom can do it is easy; just ask is this simple enough I can get 14 year old kids to do it? Not that mom’s are on the same level as a 14 year old kid but she is extremely busy and doesn’t have 4 years to succeed otherwise she would just go to college or get another job!

Second you need to let the world what you are doing very strategically so you can find those that are serious. The right opportunity definitely requires the right stay home mom. The process must be simple but the stay home mom but have a strong desire as well. Most moms have a ton going on all day long and if the desire to create a solid professional level of income from home is not there she will get distracted and procrastinate. Naturally when we have a lot on our plates we tend to do what we are most comfortable with first. Any new business adventure will not survive with that type of reason. Most mom’s have been a stay home mom most of their adult life. Starting a business or even making a 6 figure income from home is not even something she may have ever considered before. So you definitely have to ensure that the determination is there. Simply conduct an interview with her just like you would for any other job or business you have.

Finally you have to ensure you have a solid proven way of helping the new stay home mom you are working with get new clients to become a 6 figure income earner. Moms don’t have time to play around. The time they do have available is valuable. I have advertising companies that guarantee me a specific response via the Internet and that’s how I’ve built 95% of my business and I introduce every single new business partner I work with to them. We build a business in the exact same way. I’m extremely confident that when I’ve selected a new mom to work with and they have the right motivation that they have an above average shot ad doing well and making a 6 figure income.

We need three primary things to help a stay home mom make a 6 figure income. First game plan on how you are going to get a mom to that level of success, so simple you know a motivated 14 year old could do it. Then you need to find the right mom, one with a high level of desire and motivation. Finally you must be able to ensure that getting clients is not a chore but rather a simple task. It has to work so well it is your primary way of building a business. All of your pieces have to come together and have allowed you to build a successful income part time. Most moms can only work part time. You may have made a ton of money but if it was not possible part time then you are not going to be helping any stay home mom.

Stacy O’Quinn is a Christian Dad, Husband, Business Owner, Motivator and Business Developer. He currently focuses heavily on helping others create Six Figure Income from home. He’s assisted several already and believes that the biggest key is being a real person and providing real guidance to a new person just starting up. He openly provides tips and techniques to anyone looking to work from home and he has a vision of creating 10 New Six Figure Income Earners in 2010. If that is your desire than join him at


Making Money Online, What Works!

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Everywhere we look we see all types of ways to “Make Money” online or ways people profess to make money online. Have you ever wandered what was real and what worked and what did not? Hans Johnson CEO of Call to Freedom Intl. said something once that stood out to me and has since been a source of common sense and guidance when it comes to “learning” something new.

What Hans Johnson said was that to make a 6 figure income we should never have to figure out how that is done. Too many other people are making money online or in any business really the pattern to a 6 figure income is laid out for us all we have to do is learn the pattern and follow it. The only problem is often we can buy e-books, read newsletters or buy some type of program and never be given the full road map to duplicate.

It appears that most people learn something and they hope that by not sharing all they can that somehow they have maintained a customer or client for life. Or they are concerned that if they share everything that has worked for them they will simply increase their competition. There is one major flaw to this. At some point your clients will become disillusioned and not have success and there for not only will you lose a client but you lost a potential valuable portion of your network. Who if they are serious will become successful at one point.

Another benefit to sharing all of your road map that you can and a powerful lesson we’ve learned in DFI with Coastal Travel is that other people having success does not lower your chances due to some form of competition but rather; other people having success gives credibility and creates more buzz and therefore attracts more success for everyone. That is a major reason we just launched our new marketing system for Coastal Travel and DFI.

Next time someone pitches you a way to make money ask yourself this. Will this person be there for the long term or will they be jumping to the next best thing? Are they in business or are they playing on the net as a hobby just to see what happens? There are a lot of helpful people out there and there are absolutely exciting and simple ways to make money online. Look, Decide and ACT!

Good Luck and God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn

Dani Johnson is a Trainer on Business Development and Acquisition. I personally made no money in my own business until I plugged into her training. After my first month back from a training event based off of what I learned there I made $13,000 dollars profit. In DFI we model Dani Johnson and her training in all of our training and our entire team culture. We recommend her for anyone in Coastal Travel or anyone who is looking to succeed in business. PERIOD! On occasions people ask us who is she and why do you recommend Dani so much? Don’t look at the fact that the people who work with us and have made 6 figure incomes also have plugged into her training.

Take a moment and look at the video I found on line. It should answer some of your questions. It will give you more of Dani’s background and you can determine for yourself if her training is real or if it’s a SCAM!

Dani Johnson Highly Recommended by DFI and Coastal Travel.

Who is Dani Johnson? Homeless to Millions – Secrets Revealed
Uploaded by danijohnson

Homeless to Millions

Discover How a Young Broke Cocktail Waitress Went From Living Out of Her Car with $2.03 to Her Name to Earning Her First Million in 2 Short Years!

What is Dani’s secret to success? And more importantly can YOU discover this secret and use it too?

Dani Johnson’s reputation as a gifted speaker, trainer, mentor, and spirit-driven success coach is spreading throughout the business community. Her training seminars are likewise reaching out to a growing number of people seeking financial growth, emotional restoration, and spiritual transformation. Drawing upon life-lessons learned from personal trials and tribulations, Dani coaches her clients using candid examples, unique advice, and compelling stories about her past. She openly teaches how she was seduced into a worldly culture of misguided practices, hollow beliefs, materialism, false success and empty promises. In her straight-from- the-heart style, Dani reveals to her listeners what brought her back to truths she encountered in her childhood Bible studies and what led her to answer a calling to boldly demonstrate the power of God’s promises in today’s marketplace.

Abused as a Child
Dani’s achievements are even more remarkable when considering the experiences she endured in her early years. In addition to being raised by parents who were addicted to drugs, Dani’s childhood was scarred by the emotional turmoil that comes from being assaulted verbally, physically, and sexually, by a stepfather with an extremely violent temper. As a teen, the seeds of God’s word were planted at an early age through her Bible studies. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and refuge. This foundation would see her through the difficult times in years to come.

Driven from the Church
At 17, Dani became pregnant by a deacon’s son, had the baby out of wedlock and gave her baby up for adoption. At this very emotional time in her life when she sought forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing, she …

To Your Success!
Stacy O’Quinn

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6 Figure Income Club Call is back!

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It’s just been announced the 6 Figure Income Club call that many people have been accostumed to is actually coming back. This call has been demanded for a while and we have looked at bringing it back several times. Many people have felt that the strategies they received from that call which are typically rather advanced boosted their business. Most new people are not ready for this indept training. It is not info that you “need” to know to get started it is more geared toan advanced level. As well as the call is designed for people who are deadly serious about their success and willing to not only give feedback but to also share from there experiances. Below is the email that was released announcing this. If you want to be a member of the 6 figure income club then get back with your director for the number.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on that call!

The 6 Figure Income Club is back! This call is exclusive and by invitation only. This call is an advanced training call and should not be available to those individuals who have not purchased a package yet due to the advanced nature of the training. It may cause a brand new person to be confused. For this reason, we are giving you the phone number and time of this call and you may determine which team members are ready for the content on this call.

The first call will be Tuesday, March 4th at 10pm EST. To receive access to the call, simply send an email to “censored” and you will immediately receive an email and access to the call. Please be advised that the Core Training calls are now in recorded form in the Quick Start and will no longer be available live. These calls will be replaced with new calls that allow more interaction for the entire membership. We are looking forward to huge growth as a result of this decision. Please pass on this information to your team members who are actively working their business and meet us on Tuesday night’s call.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Renae, Jackie and Stacy

This will be a blast as we carry forward the old mantra of the call… 6 figures in the next twelve moths!

Stacy O’Quinn

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Are you a Christian wanting to own your own business? Is their really a Christian company just for Christians to work with at home, or home based business just for Christians? Since it’s not really possible for any particular company to identify themselves as Christian inclusive only and that would be dumb because the reality is your market place is much bigger then Christians.

But Christians can absolutely become 6 figure income earners and we can succeed just like every one else. We even have the tool and know the direct result of what to do and how to create success because as Christians we have the manual for success. Being a Chrisitian is a condition of the heart just like success and failure. A Christian choosing to become a 6 Figure Income Earner is no different.

Recently Dani Johnson talked about this on Benny Hinn’s TV Show. Watch for yourself!

If you own a traditional brick and mortar business follow those principals!!!

If you are a Christian and you are willing to give it your all and work and
you want to be your own boss and in control of your life to further God’s Plan for you then don’t hesitate call us NOW! 888-572-8842

May God Bless YOU!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. You have to be willing to go to a First Steps to Success!


What Kind of Budget Planner are YOU?

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I found this article at How can you create or maintain a 6 figure income if you don’t budget effectively. Better question, how are you going to grow it once you get it?

What Kind of Budget Planner are You?

There are a few different types of planners when it comes to managing budgets. The invisible planner neglects to track, manage, or take the time to update the budget. This planner seems to think if you create a budget it will take care of finances for you. All by itself. The passive planner takes a look at the budget on occasion but, really doesn’t bother to take action when the figures don’t add up? You might be a passive planner if you think that your budget will fix itself. Gee, these are two really great budgets, where do I get one? The efficient planner seeks to keep the budget alive and well. This planner has a realistic view of budgeting. So how do you become the efficient budget planner?

Set realistic expectations for yourself. We all want to be efficient budget planners. However, sometimes we make it hard on ourselves to achieve efficient budgeting. Many people set unrealistic budgeting goals and set themselves up for defeat from the start. Being more realistic with budgeting methods and figures can be easier and prove to be more efficient. If you’re an invisible or passive budgeting planner, seek out the most efficient budgeting tools that meet your needs. The easier you make it on yourself, the more likely you are to follow through with budgeting tasks like budget tracking, updating, and maintaining.

Set realistic amounts for budget expenses. If you traditionally spend $500 on food each month, don’t try to make your budget balance by decreasing the amount to $300. That is of course unless, you intend to actively use some money saving strategies to meet that goal. If $300 is a realistic goal, then go for it by all means. Follow this concept with all your expenses. Set realistic goals based on past spending. Then, if income and expenses don’t balance, you can reduce spending in categories that you can (and will) most realistically make an effort to reduce.

Set realistic goals. If you have a huge debt payment, you’re likely not to have the funds for savings until you eliminate debt. Plan to manage and eliminate debt first, then apply those freed up funds to savings and investment goals. Planning your goals to be achieved in a logical, realistic, time period and order will increase your chances of success at overall budget planning. Be sure to designate short and long term goals accordingly.

Budgeting is all about being real. Getting a real grasp on your finances. Being true to yourself and your financial needs is essential to your budget planning success. Don’t plan a high finance budget on a moderate finance income. Be real with yourself. Everyone is different and has different financial goals and needs. Decide what you need to survive and be happy. What are you willing to realistically give up, or cut to the minimum, to make your budget plan work? Don’t expect yourself to make major lifestyle and personality changes to suit your budget plan. Especially, if you’ve tried this in the past and failed. Instead, when planning your budget, create a realistic plan that suits your individual needs and personality. You’ll be more likely to stick to it and succeed at achieving your financial goals.

If you are reaching for more…
Stacy O’Quinn

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