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Have you ever spoken to someone and just realized they where infinitely talented? I’ve known ever since I met Nathan Brown that he was a talented musician. He has been on Canadian Idol not once but twice and he’s sang professionally. While being paid to sing is definitely better then being paid to not sing as in what would happen in my case, singing is not Mr. Brown’s only talent.

He has a business savvy that is no nonsense and to the point. People working with him are certainly working with someone who is driven and without a doubt professional. We are grateful to be able to have Nathan on our team in Coastal Travel with DFI.

Not only is Nathan Brown a talented musician and business man he is also gifted at social networking and Internet marketing in the social arena’s Recently promoting a Blitz in DFI for Coastal Travel Nathan produced a mix that provided energy and excitement for the entire team.

You can listen to it here from the one and only Mr. Nathan Brown

Let’s Blitz
Stacy O’Quinn

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