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How do you know something works?  Just look for the results.  It’s that simple, if you are looking for a lucrative home business.  You have got to have proof of what is possible.

I’m not talking about paid actors or people who resemble results of someone else.  I mean REAL RESULTS.  For several reasons Dani Johnson and her training has been one of the most powerful trainings to create results.  Dani Johnson and First Steps to Success has made Coastal Travel a VERY Lucrative Home Business.

Day before yesterday Renae Heikkila and I sat down and in about 30 minutes not counting our own personal successes just start writing down the names of some of the people we’ve worked with and what happened to them after a Dani Johnson event.  Some of them will be with us in Denver January 15th-17th.  If you ever feel like you’ve found a Lucrative Home Business just look for the results that are real people that you can meet face to face and I’m not talking just one or two!

These are all people that we have worked with in Coastal Travel!  If you happen to be able to work with eany one of them you are very lucky!

Michelle from MO generated $9,705 in profit in less than 30 days after Dani Johnson event.

Lorraine Rodman from VA made $1,000 her first week returning from a Dani Johnson event.

Nike Roach made $1,000 in his first week after returning from a Dani Johnson event.

Shawn Schepple made $50,000 in 100 days following a Dani Johnson event.

Catherine Rupp stay home mom and made $34,000 in 90 days following a Dani Johnson event.

Lynn Fallon made $1,000 in one week following her first Dani Johnson event.

Stephanie Johnson made $42,000 more in her business than she was already making monthy following her first live event.

Jolynn Skarin made over $60,000 in 5 months following her first First Steps to Success event with Dani.

Tim West made his first $10,000 dollar month following a Dani event, this was a milestone he was unable to achieve prior.

Keri from SD was a waitress and in her previous her she made $8,000 all hear long.  After starting her Coastal Travel business she made $10,000 the month she came out of a Dani Johnson event.

Stephen Smith was a military dad who left the military and working 15 hours a week part time, he made $43,000 in 6 months following his first Dani training event.

John in PA made $9,600 his first month he came out of a live event.

Andrea from TX made $37,000 the month she went to a Dani Johnson event.  She quit her full time job in just 5 months of working from home.

Greg Jakoby was a waiter and dive instructor, no business experience, after going to a Dani event with our company he started making $10,000 monthly

Geneva from LA, stay home mom with 3 little boys made $30,000 the month after her first Dani Johnson event.  She went having no idea what she was going to expect.

Amanda from MO, made $19,400 in just 60 days following a Dani event.

Jamie, CA made $3,200 in profit in 2 days following her first Dani trainng event and went on to make $20,000 in the next two months.

Genean in KY, attended her first event just a few months ago and has consistently made over $3,500 a month since that event working part time as a stay at home Mom.

Shaundi Goins made $13,000 in 6 weeks and paid off $3,000 in debt in that same 6 weeks after attending a First Steps to Success event.

Jennifer MT made $94,000 her first year because she made a committment to get the specific training she needed from the beginning.

Emmanuel NM made $10,000 in one month following an event and also used the skills learned at that event to become totally debt free in 2 years.

Heather from VA went to her first Dani Johnson event and made $20,000 in the enxt 30 days.

Lyonel AZ, went to a live event and using just 1 tip he learned during that weekend, he made over $24,000 in profit in just 30 days

Cadie Kalmes went to her first Dani Johnson event before making the decision to get started with our company she got started and began making $7,000 a month with Coastal Travel.

Tara MI, went to her first Dani event before starting with our company but after that training she got started and generated $40,000 in just 3 months and quit her full time job.

Matt Pinter went to his first First Steps to Success and generated $6,400 in profit in his first 2 months after that event.

Ashley in FL, is actually deaf but after attending a Dani Johnson event with our company she made her first $1,000 in a week working from home.

Hilary Snyder, between our company training and attending her first event she profited $6,400 in just 6 weeks.

Jamie TX, went to a live training event and made $3,200 in just 30 days following that event.

David MN attended a live event and averaged $3,000 a month following a live event.

Bottom line if you are going to start a Lucrative Home Business training is MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING!  Your business is just the vehicle that allows you to put your business, opportunity or way to make money to good use.  There are lots of good trainings and infinate ways to build a lucrative income from home.  Remember look for the results and make sure they are real.

Many of us will be in Denver at Dani’s next event.   One thing that stood out to me 5 years ago is that I could actually go to a training event and physically meet all the people I worked with and these were ordinary people who had incredible success.  If you are own our team we look forward to seeing you in Denver.  Get your ticket Today!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


Coastal Travel Success Continues…

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Coastal Travel, has been the simplest way to work from home and make legitimate income. It’s 10:06 am and this is not a normal morning for me. I decided to spend some time with my wife this morning and then I wrestled around and played with my 5yr old daughter and 3yr old son. I’m just getting to work.

Now of course I normally get working sooner. But how many 30 year old dads get the choice on when they show up to work and when they can sleep in and spend quality time with their family. That freedom is something that I absolutely love about Coastal Travel. We’ve been doing it since July 27th 2005.

Recently we received an email from one of the our advertising partners we work with and in that email snapresponse shared some success stories that folks have had using their advertising. (We don’t do our own marketing in Coastal Travel we use advertising companies for that)

Sue C. from CO made $4,200 off of 100 leads!

Selene L. from FL says, one of the first leads that came to me, has signed up with DFI! I have 2 others going through the system, and both were aged leads!

Natalie W. from NV will be getting a DFI Platinum sale ($9,705 profit) off of her Coastal Platinum Leads!

Angela L. from PA made $170,000 in the last 11 months with the same leads!

Congrats to Angela, Natalie, Selene and Sue you ladies ROCK!

That’s not bad, I wander how many people did not send an email in to say thanks! I’ve made a lot of money and not sure I’ve ever decided on my own to send an email in and say thanks to the advertising companies. Heck currently I’m not even using that particular company… I’m using our other advertising agency called Prime.

Between now and the end of the year my family will make between 15-25K if I had to guess. We definitely could do better, we will not do worse that’s for sure. Not a bad income working part time. This is our only source of income!

Freedom is Great,
Stacy O’Quinn

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DFI Training Event for Coastal Travel

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Have you been wondering when the DFI Event Tickets would be going up?

It has now been finalized and the Ticket price for the DFI Event Tickets will be going up this Friday to $97 Dollars. Go to get your Tickets now before the price increases.

You can also reply to this email to get a ticket invoiced to your email.

The agenda at the event will cover:

1. How to create more focus in your business

2. How to duplicate your results faster through out your team

3. What you can do now if you are Brand New or been in a while that can systematically increase your results by 100%

4. In depth product training directly from our Board of Directors

5. Learn how our advertising firm has consistantly generated clients for over a decade

6. Meet many others on our team who are exactly where you are in your business, learn what they are doing.

7. You will be able to interact with Top Leaders in DFI, Examples, Stacy O’Quinn, Renae Heikkila, Nike from NC, Richard from ON, Tina from AZ, Amanda from MO, Catherine from MO, Shawn from CA, Jackie O’Quinn, Stephanie from GA, Jolynn from SD, Keri from SD, Angela from PA and the list goes on and on…

8. We will also learn who won the current contest for the cruise.

– Reminder: You get one entry for every new member you bring into DFI at 5 entries it is retroactive and you get to for each new member you refer to DFI. At 10 entries it is retro active and you get 3 entries for each new member referred.

Get your ticket at and we will see you THERE!
MyDFISupport Team

P.S. Remember the Power Play will be starting tomorrow and our goal is to have 100 brand new people on the calls tomorrow and Wednesday!

P.S.S Ticket price increase will happen this FRIDAY.

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Live Dials done and DFI Power Play

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Today’s opportunity to make Live dials for our team was a blast. In twenty minutes we met two incredible people and they were awesome examples of what I do daily in my business.

Right after the business overview call we than had something crazy and unique happening. In DFI we are going to have a Power Play for the first time every in 14 years of Coastal Travel’s history.

Here are some of the details of what is going on.

Email from DFI Marketing System Below!

Hot Off The Press!

If you missed the Power Play call we are sorry about that. But it is paramount to your business that you have some idea about what is going on. It is our desire as a team that you not be left behind.

Here is a recording of some of the details. Get this to your team ASAP! Make sure they are ready to rock on Monday! It would stink if anyone missed this.

Listen NOW–

Let’s Roll,
MyDFILive Support Team!

P.S. The hotel for the DFI Event has informed us they have 18 rooms available for 95 dollars a night in St Louis. Space is limited so make sure you get your DFI Ticket at and call the hotel and ask for the DFI Discount!

The rooms in the PS appear to have sold out. They booked out in about 45 minutes.

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I’m doing a training on Live Dials

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Today is an awesome opportunity for me. Things have worked out so I am going to be honored with the chance to make live dials and talk to clients live on the phone as our team at DFI listens in. We have so many talented leaders I rarely get to do this for our team.

I’m jacked up and stoked about it! I’m always making live dials for my own personal team. Obviously we work one on one with everyone we bring into the business. But to have the chance to do it for all of Coastal Travel! This is going to be a blast.

I’ve already gotten 20 premium leads from Cutting Edge Media, you can see those leads here at

It’s the basic advertising I’ve used to build the vast majority of my personal business.

It’s gonna be a freaking blast I’ll post later on what it was like!

Rocking and Rolling!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. To get all the latest DFI and Coastal Travel News Join the Six Figure Income Club

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The DFI Power Play is coming soon!

We will be making history, the first time ever in our 14 year in Coastal! Do you know what a Power Play is? IF not join us for a call on Saturday at

2:30 EST 712-338-8100 Pin 1989#

The call will last about 15 minutes! You do not want to be late.

If you are not there you will be left behind. Next week while everyone else is taking advantage of the Power Play you won’t even know about it or be able to benefit from it. Join us and don’t be left behind!

Let’s Rock the New Year
Stacy O’Quinn

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I hope you had a Merry Christmas

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Many of you who follow this blog will notice the unusual absence over the last couple of weeks. Well it has every thing to do with being a home based business owner and Christmas. I love this time of year.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays due to the reason for the season and I’m not talking Santa here. I absolutely enjoy the time we spend around our friends and family as well. I made a last minute decision to travel for two and a half weeks this year for the holidays.

Thank Goodness working from home I have the best Boss ever!

We took off for NC to visit family and we got in such a hurry that a cop stopped us. I was going 79 in a 70 mph zone. He was in the Christmas Spirit and I was thankful. He just asked me to slow down a little and of course I did and he wished me a Merry Christmas. In NC, we started looking at houses and land because we will be moving there soon enough. “That’s my wife’s desires once we sell our home on the river in LA.” My request was I just need a computer and Internet connection.

Keeping your wife happy I have learned makes life a lot easier. Thank goodness my wife is pretty easy to make happy. Of course she is completely amazing as well. Not to mention HOT, Beautiful and Sexy <--- This is for brownie points she reads my blog. She's also my biggest cheerleader. So as I write this we have stopped in Biloxi MS to visit more family as we make our way back home. And we are stoked. According to most people 2008 was a rough year on the economy. It may have been, but for us we have been blessed working in DFI we have not noticed much change. Our biggest day was 19,410 dollars in profit this year. Angela Lasher just made 52,000 dollars in 6 weeks. We are completely blessed in our company.

Life doesn’t have to be easy, it just has to be worth it! Thank God it is!

Let’s Rock 2009
Join us HERE
Stacy O’Quinn

NEWS FLASH, we are kicking butt and Angela Lasher is one dang good example of what’s possible!

Are you in debt and looking to get out quick? Are you concerned about the current economy? Do you want to spend more time with your kids or grandkids? What if I told you how you could put yourself in position to pay off ALL that debt, not be stressed about the economy and spend more time with your kids or grandkids in about 6 weeks?

We are so excited in DFI. While the rest of the world is panicking about the economy, we are creating CRAZY momentum in DFI.

We have an amazing advertising partner in Cutting Edge Media. These contests have been running for our team since September and have created AMAZING momentum in DFI and has put us in position to improve HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of lives.

The results coming out of these contests are undeniable. Plus, it’s never been more fun to work your business!

Angela from PA, single stay at home mom, when she first came to DFI she had one child and now she’s a proud mom of 3. She was just looking for a career where she could have more time with her children and pay the bills.

She worked her tail off in October, participating in the DFI contest to win $1,000 in Cutting Edge Media Premium Advertising. She won the contest that month, bringing in 16 new clients and edging Cadie Kalmes out of the running by just one or two people. As a result, she took home that prize!

But she didn’t stop there!

She got to work in November as well, working her advertising campaign like it was going out of style. Following the system, taking guests to calls, getting new members established in training and then keeping them working. As a result, Angela has made $53,025.00 in the last 6 weeks!

You totally read that right, $53,025.00!!! Can you imagine?!

What if you were able to make even HALF of that before Christmas? What would that do for you? What would that do for your family?

It’s an amazing thought to think you can invest $1,000 into your business, and reap $53,025.00 in profit!!

We talked to Angela and asked her what caused such HUGE success so quickly for her. Angela stated, “Without the momentum created in my business by the contests in DFI, I wouldn’t be where I am at today. I am sitting here reflecting on just 6 months ago and the mounting debt in my life. I can’t believe I am in the position I am in today. I am grateful to DFI and Cutting Edge Media for these contests and I will ALWAYS participate in future contests. I was able to pay off ALL my credit card debt, over $14,000 in credit card debt completely gone now! I am so glad I made the decision to join Coastal Travel, my life will never be the same!”

If we showed you the exact steps Angela followed would you like to see? Would you follow those same steps if you were able?

1. First she would send her new clients to a website like this: My Website

2. She would then guide them to a training call just for our team and brand new associates.

If you want to know what happened on that call that allowed Angela to make 53,025 in 6 weeks you only have one chance to check it out. This has never been available to the public before.

You can not tell ANYONE about this call, we don’t have room for everyone.

Saturday at 1pm EST: 712-338-8100 pin 1989# Dial in early and have a pen and paper handy to take notes!

There are only about 40 slots left.

So, what are you waiting for?
You know a better way to do what Angela did? Don’t MISS THIS!

Stacy O’Quinn

PS. If you already own a Business from Home and got this invite please delete it. You could be our competition and this call is CONFIDENTIAL

Coastal Travel has been in business for over 14 years but never in the history of Coastal Travel outside of normal profits has there ever been a contest like this. When most people are struggling in this economy Coastal Travel is florishing.

DFI a marketing and support arm used by most building a Coastal Travel Business today is stepping up in a powerful way now. Yesterday they announced the first ever time every in way over a decade that they have partnered up with CEM to provide a FREE 5 day cruise that a member of DFI will win.

Have you ever been to Ocho Rios? How about Grand Cayman? DFI is going to be giving one lucky member in Coastal Travel a FREE 5 Day cruise leaving out of Miami on the Carnival Destiny and going to Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman, all port fees, taxes and gratuity will be covered.

To be able to participate in the contest you must first be a member of the DFI marketing and support arm and have a Coastal Travel Membership. You can set up your marketing system and learn the details of the contest by going to “Sign up today

The contest will start December 1st and the winner will be selected at the DFI training event on Friday Jan. 23rd in St. Louis MO. How can DFI do this? We are fortunate with the support of so many others who work with us. We’ve grown by 128 new people for the month of November alone. With that kind of results a lot of things become possible. Good luck in your business.

To your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Dani Johnson will be live on the 6 Figure Income call on Tuesday night October 7th. In DFI our entire model for Coastal Travel is based off of training and skill development that has been created from Dani Johnson’s training and Dani Johnson’s principals.

DFI’s 6 Figure call is normally a closed call for our team only. But Tuesday with Dani Johnson hosting the call it is open and available for anyone willing to learn. It does not matter if you are in Coastal Travel or DFI. Dani Johnson and her training can and will impact you.

Join us and invite someone to join with you.

Tuesday night 10pm EST 1-212-990-8000 Pin 2555#

Our lines are limited so call in early.

Our leadership has paid as much as 700-1,000 dollars for an hour of Dani’s time in the past. Thanks to Jackie O’Quinn for donating this call to all of us in DFI. It’s that kind of leadership that we can all learn from.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Join the 6 Figure Income Club and learn how we build a business

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