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Always Overcoming, Really?

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One of the topics that’s often discussed here at the 6 Figure Income club, is always overcoming.  When a normal person looks in it can often be perceived like success is so dang hard.  Something is always trying to stop you in life, maybe it’s not worth it.  A true entrepreneurs knows 3 things.  First It’s always worth it and second we have to ALWAYS overcome some challenge or we have just overcome something and we are inspiring someone else to do the same.

Let’s talk about being worth it for a moment.  Look at people like Steve Jobs, he was fired from the company he started and took to a 2 billon dollar company at 30 years old.  Over coming that obstacle is what made him who he became.  My last post I wrote about Steve Harvey,  Steve Harvey today is one of the funniest TV host ever.  But through the eighties he was homeless off and on several times living out of his truck between comedy gigs.  If Steve Harvey gave up then what?  Dani Johnson, was homeless on the beach in Hawaii.  That obstacle inspired her to to start a business and become a millionaire in 2 years.  Barbara Corcorhan, was a woman and wanted to start a career in real estate in New York where it was a man’s game.  Because of that obstacle and overcoming it she turned 1,000 dollar loan into 100 million dollars.

Success isn’t complicated but it’s never going to be easy.  How many people had a ton of ideas of what they wanted life to be like when they were 18 or 19.  Let me ask you, what did you want to do when you were 18?  What did you plan for your life to look like back then?  Who were you going to marry?  What were your kids going to be like?  What kind of house were you going to live in?  What trips and experiences were you going to have?  Why did you let life stop you from doing those things?  Your time could come when you are in your 20’s like it did for Dani Johnson, or 30’s like it did for Steve Jobs or even your 40’s or 50’s like it did for Steve Harvey.  What if Steve Harvey stopped pursuing comedy for a “stable” job? You will have to face your challenges at some point, you either look for the easiest way around it or you take it head on and go through it!

Finally we are suppose to over come a challenge and then share that testimony with others to inspire them.  I remember before I started plugging into Dani Johnson’s training.  I started a small business from my home over the internet.  I invested money I didn’t have, had loans I couldn’t afford to pay and was failing.  I was a military dad 292,000 dollars in debt and needed to find a way to make this internet business work so I could help my family. I knew I needed training.  After going to First Steps to Success through Dani’s training, I had my first profitable month 13,000 dollars.  I made 104,000 dollars my first year and left my military career behind after 8 years. In 5 years became debt free and have been working from home every since. 

I think every person who has had success is attempting to share that success and if you listen they are even trying to tell you how  they did it.  From Steve Harvey, to Dani Johnson and even me just sharing my experiences.  Too often people can come up with all kinds of things that are stopping them from moving forward.  Sometimes you need just one reason to take action and overcome.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Steve Harvey is more than just the host of “Little Big Shots”, he has a back ground very similar to Dani Johnson.  He was homeless for several years off and on attempting to make it in stand up comedy.  Today he’s worth over 100 million dollars, but he attributes his success to his concept called “Jump”.

Steve Harvey is often seen making people laugh like on his newest show “Little Big Shots”. But he’s confident in one reason he’s succeeded, and I think it’s a similar reason as Dani Johnson and I think they both believe their faith has brought them to their success. But like Dani, Steve believes that it takes specific actions to have success.  In this video he talks about his concept “Jump” and what the outcome with our life  without jumping. 

He makes a very valid point.  IF you don’t do anything you can’t possibly improve your situation.  Your stress, your frustration, the cycle of living pay check to pay check will never improve.  If you stay where you are at, what happens as you get older?  Can you still do what you do now 10 20 or 30 years from now?  Will you be happy and satisfied never having any kind of financial security?

Listen to some POWERFUL wisdom in less than 180 seconds.  Steve Harvey is full of a whole lot more than just funny jokes.


Success is simple you just have to JUMP!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Special congrats to Erica Clayton, Dan Fattor, Sherry Hussey, John Barnes and Yvonne Marie Hill.  It’s a privilege and an honor to get to work with you one on one.  Congrats for making the jump!.

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Marcus Lemonis


Marcus Lemonis, started out in life struggling born in the chaos of civil war and invasions in Lebanon in 1973.  He was adopted by an American family in Miami FL and has a degree in political science and criminology.  He failed as a politician when he ran for the Florida house of representatives in 1996.  Then he refocused his career on business.  Today he is currently the chairman and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises and the star of The Profit, a CNBC reality show about saving small businesses.  Marcus believes his companies succeed because of his 3 P’s

1.  People
2.  Product
3.  Process

If you watch Marcus Lemonis on his show The Profit you will hear him often talk about how important the People of a business is.  It’s the people that make the product, use the processes and believe in what they need to do to be successful.  He often says his goals is to save a job from someone deserves it, when they are giving there all.  Do you focus on people in your job or career?  There could be a reason he’s worth 10’s of millions of dollars.

Marcus often talks about the Product, is it of good quality?  Does the market want it?  Is there a need for it?  People always buy a product they want and a product that makes them feel good.  This is one of the single biggest reasons I’ve been working in the travel industry for years.  This is also probably one of the reasons Marcus has found success in the RV/Camping industry.  It’s a total luxury, people don’t need it but they want it!  Does your product provide a value that people absolutely want.  Who doesn’t like to vacation and travel?

Finally Marcus’s third “P” is Process.  Every business should have a process that can be duplicated very easily and quickly.  It’s one of the things that allows you to scale according to him.  Dani Johnson in her training has always talked about the process allows duplication.  This is one of the reasons I’ve used Dani Johnson’s techniques and scripts when it comes to working from home.  Everything has to be laid out and simple so someone else can follow it.  This is the single biggest reason personally I just want to master showing how to duplicate what Dani’s processes with my brand new people.

Following Marcus’s advice in the 3 P’s of People, Product and Process, if you work with amazing people and you know they are awesome deep down inside.  If you have a product that is an amazing value and that people want with a process that is simple to scale then you are well on your way!  Congrats!

See You There,
Stacy O’Quinn

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barbara corcoran

How does a woman turn $1,000 loan into a 66 million dollar business?  Most people who have heard of Barbara know her from the show Shark Tank described as a real estate mogul.  Wikipedia describes her like this, “an American businesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author, and television personality. As a television personality, she is a "Shark" investor on ABC’s Shark Tank”.

It’s pretty obvious when you spend a small amount of time studying her success she gives us a lesson of who we should learn from, work with and partner up with in life.  Barbara believes in 3 things, using what you’ve got to your advantage (based off of her first book), hard work and caring about people. 

Let’s look at the first two first, the title of Barbara’s first book says it all.  What do you have right in front of you that you can take advantage of.  What assets, friendships, connections, knowledge and experience can you pull from.  Most people are waiting for life to happen to them versus them happening to life.  Barbara has proven with hard work and very little resources she started with 1,000 dollars 40+ years ago you can succeed.  Are you willing to stop complaining about what you don’t have and go to work and start using what you do have?

Finally Barbara Corcoran, has said numerous times on Shark Tank, she invest in people.  People are the primary component of the business.  Dani Johnson always says, “The more you know about people the more money you will make.”  Barbara has proven time and time again she has a knack for finding good people.  Then she goes to the ends of the earth to help them.  There is a reason so many of the people she’s invested in have done so well on Shark Tank.  These people had already put skin in the game, they had been working hard and had been using their blood sweat and tears and were still struggling. She can recognize their passion to not struggle and be their own boss while succeeding in business.

Barbara shows you and I how to have success with people.  Find people who are passionate, driven and doing something.  Then partner with them and be willing to work just as hard!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Dani Johnson often talks about everyone needing an editor?  The question is do you need accountability like that?  Biblically we all do need someone for that accountability, iron sharpens iron.  But what makes a good Editor?  Is Dani Johnson a good Editor? What about your spouse? Your kids maybe?  What about a business partner or church friend even?

The bottom line is not everyone is qualified to edit us or hold us accountable in all areas of our life.  If you think about the purpose of an editor it is their job to make sure the finished product is at its best.  So when asking who is qualified to be your editor the fact is you may have several editors in different areas.  You have to ask yourself is this person qualified to help me in this area.  Your best friend could be an Editor in business and relationships if they have already accomplished what you would like are they are well on their way.  But if they don’t’ have results then you should not allow someone to be your editor if that’s the case.  Because then you end up with someone’s opinion and if you follow an unproven opinion you end up with the existing results of that opinion.  So make sure you understand the results.

When you work from home or make investments one of the most important things is to have a mentor.  A good mentor is someone who has had success that you would also like and they are willing to freely share tips, advice, technique and strategy.  Having a mentor does not mean you have an editor. An editor is someone that you allow to edit your life in one area or another.  A mentor can give you tips all day long but if you don’t’ take those tips which will create changes in your own life then there will be no results.  The best editor I’ve ever personally had that I was not related to has been Dani Johnson.

Dani Johnson and her training has helped me become debt free, balance my work/play life, allowed me to make way more money than I ever thought possible, help more people than I ever imagined and it’s because she was qualified.  She’s had results that I wanted, was willing to be an editor and I have been willing to be edited.  Unlike many people Dani Johnson has mentored no part of me ever wanted to be her.  I just wanted to learn and apply and help others to apply.  So if you want to make a ton of money working from home, have great relationships, increase your income and help other people I’d recommend you find an editor that can help you do that.


Here’s to the Editor (whom ever that maybe)
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Don’t covet what someone else has!  Just be willing to learn the skills they have to get what God has for you.  No part of me wants to be Dani Johnson, but I do want to be the best student possible and master applying what I’ve learned and master duplicating what I’ve learned in others.

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Boston Tragedy, What Can it Teach Us?

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AS a nation sits and watches in shock as the events of the day unfold in Boston, you can’t help but have your heart go out to all those moms, dads, brothers, sisters and loved ones that are hurt, injured and terrified.  People who woke up this morning and never could have imagined the events of the day.  What can such a horrible tragedy teach us?

These events should teach us to slow down to love one another and especially our families.  A wise stranger once asked me,  “What was more important than money?” The answer he said is something money could help create but never buy and the love of money alone would destroy.  It’s the memories with your kids, husband or wife and grandkids.  It’s always making time to hug, love and hold one another close.

Too often we are focused on working in that job or career and the rat race of get up got to work come home and do it again and again to never really have enough it’s a cycle that locks us up until we break it.  The concept of working over and over but never earning enough.  The idea of chasing the dollar because you don’t seem to have enough even for the basics but simultaneously you are missing out on quality time with those you love.

God forbid you were hurt today in that marathon.  Who would love your kids?  Would you regret that you didn’t get one more hug in?  Did you get to take that trip or vacation you talked about?  How about that project you wanted to do together?

The Boston bombing is absolutely tragic.  Keep those families in your prayers.  The effects of families being separated, missing out on memories and constantly struggling can happen without a terrorist attack.  The difference is your separation can be temporary if you are willing to do something about it. At times life changes and then it’s too late.  How long should you wait to get the freedom you want?


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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How DFI Created Vision and Purpose

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When you are looking to create vision and purpose to inspire people to act you typically have to provide the vision that people feel like they can align themselves with.  Today I got this email titled “Monday Motivational” from our company DFI.  What is interesting is the vision it creates for someone like me who is just and average person but looking to continue to grow in my personal success.  This email, gave me a couple of goals that I can reach for in my own business, not in just the Easter story example but also creating my own story.  Plus, that training call was AMAZING that Dani Johnson did.  I’ve listened to that thing about 5 times now.

Finally seeing who else is on track to win the Leadership Council Ring in one year pushes me to keep pressing forward!  What is incredible about this email is anyone from any business model can adjust it and use it to great success just as our company has.  If you need it use it as a model for your own business and let us know what success you have.

Below is the actually email!

While we hope you had an incredible Easter Weekend in looking for an inspirational story for this Newsletter we didn’t have to go back any farther than the Easter Story!  For those of us that are Christians we know the ultimate price was paid so that we could have everlasting life.  You may not be a Christian but for just a moment let’s reflect on the story and see how it applies not only to our eternal life but also our business life.
In business we have to look no farther than how much opposition Jesus faced.  His friends turned their back on him and no other human being walked through what he did.  None of our paths that we walk through in business are as difficult as the path that Jesus walked.  But we can be inspired because we know Jesus struggled, through his prayers we know it was difficult for him.  His sweat was like drops of blood, which indicates an incredible level of stress on the human body. 
Jesus, knew opposition was going to come and even though it was difficult he did not stop he continued to walk toward his destiny.  How often do you let others change or slow your destiny based off of your actions?  Thank goodness Jesus stayed on the path toward his destiny and did not let the oppisition slow or stop him. 
April create your story MONTH!
This month in DFI is create your story month!  We all have a story and we should share it!  Then we should focus on building it.  Work closely with your Director and get on the core training calls to learn new tips and techniques on the benefits of your story, how to say it and how other’s stories are used.
Below is a specific training that Dani Johnson did for DFI.  This is 1,000 dollars worth of training that you can listen to right now for free!  Listen right NOW. 
Get a pen and paper and listen to every second of that training call right now!  This specific training has created millions of dollars for our company!
Join DFI in London this Month!
Many of us will be in London at the end of the month.  Dani Johnson will be having a First Steps to Success in London and if you know you can’t effort to wait for this training in the US then join us in London.  If you are in the states it’s a tax write off any way, you might as well see London at the same time you are getting that specific training!
Leadership Council Rings!
Many of you are working on obtaining your very own Leadership Council Rings.  If you have not seen what they look like yet go to   If you bring on 30 new team members by Feb. 2011 you will also win a free cruise on the DFI Leadership Cruise.  Details to be announced soon!
To get your ring in one year you have to bring in at least 3 new team members a month.  The following people were on that pace for the month of March and they are!
Cadie Kalmes
Stacy O’Quinn
Richard Birney-Smith
Jackie O’Quinn
Tim West 

Succeeding Together AS A TEAM! 
DFILive Support Team 

I personally want to think all of the leaders of our company that make us great!
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S.  Wed. night we will have a first ever live training call just for the 6 Figure Income Club!  If you can read this you are invited!  Details will be released tomorrow on the website

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After an incredible weekend in Jacksonville FL DFI is now headed to London.  If you want to learn specific strategies and techniques on building your home business you must go to a First Steps to Success.  Personally, I’ve made a commitment to be at every single event this year with new associates in business.  Why would I do that?  It’s simple Dani Johnson and her training has been the one variable of everyone who got started working from home and worked diligently and made it versus those who worked diligently and didn’t.  Let’s face it if you are going to work from home you probably need to make money now.  You probably got started with DFI or any other business because you needed a lucrative income RIGHT NOW!

Many new people fail not because they don’t work hard (some don’t) but because their are only two ways to learn a new skill.  Experience and training, that’s the only way period!  If you just rely on training you never get the skill because until you start working you don’t fully understand what you don’t know.  If you just rely on experience it could take you years to learn what you don’t realize you don’t know.  Many times I see people start and with out Dani Johnson and her training they don’t fully realize what they don’t know and not sitting in their house you don’t realize what they are doing wrong.

I’m very excited for several people that I met at this last event,

Deborah Mims
Chad Gibbs
Sherri from PA
Lisa and David Conway
Tanya and Marc Peck

These were just a few of the people I met this weekend at First Steps.

Everyone there at the event were at various stages of their business but they have made a commitment to not only their personal success but also the success of others that they are blessed enough to work with.  Congrats to each of you that were there in Jacksonville this weekend!

Now off we go to London!  DFI is launching into London starting with Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success coming up next month in London.  We have several of our leaders heading there now.  To get registered go to and then send me an email to and we will connect in London together. 

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Our company is heading to Jacksonville Florida for Dani Johnson training.  Not just our company my entire family is going to this one.  We will be going a day early just to hang out with the kids.  Alexis and Edgar are 5 and 3 respectively and to them hanging out at a hotel sounds like a BLAST!  They are so excited that they get to sleep in a hotel.  It’s comical, but in all seriousness hearing them talk back and forth reminds me of the opportunity they have as kids because we are a stay at home family. 

My kids are incredible little blessings, and currently they don’t know how blessed they are.  Mid-day today it was in the 70’s here, nice and sunny outside.  My kids wanted to play catch so I took a little time off and just threw a tennis ball around the yard.  They laughed, screamed and yelled with excitement as we chased that bright neon green ball around the yard.  It is sad how many parents don’t get to enjoy the small things in life, called their kids.

As we head down to Jacksonville FL, for the Dani Johnson event I’m not sure what exactly we will do yet.  But one thing is for certain it will be one heck of an adventure for Alexis and Edgar and it will be memories they will keep for the rest of their lives.

If you are going to be at that event, let’s meet and shake hands!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. The next blog post we will talk about getting the most out of a Dani Johnson Event.  Renae from MN, just experienced this coming off of a $13,000 week.

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Continuing on our training tips, to have a lucrative home business training is key.  It must be complete and typically the best way to do that is to be multifaceted.  Here are some examples of what I mean.  You as a leader must be able to give specific steps to succeed that you do that work to each and every brand new person you work with, but you can’t stop there.  Everyone is different and every one learns differently and at their own pace.

Remember when you first started working from home or anything new for that matter.  Did someone ever share a tip or technique and you did not quite get it the first time?  Or you forgot it until someone said it later at a different time and you realized it?  Every single skill we learn in life from, riding a bike to driving or even our careers we all learned it differently and at different speeds.  So your training approach can’t be a simple training “book or audio” or a monthly call or even a Saturday training or even an annual seminar, it has to strategically be every thing combined.  Next I’ll share with you an example of our training and you’ll see why it works for so many people.

There are several layers of our training in DFI and with just one layer a person can get the info to succeed but people learn differently at different speeds.

1.  Automated Training:  When a new associate owns a DFI Live marketing system starting with the Boot camp and Quick Start and even detailed Quick Start Training in an automated form they have all the answers they need to be successful.  They can get these answers when they need them day or night.

2.  One on One Director Support:  With our company you are assigned one of our Directors as a mentor to support you one on one.  Someone who is being successful and actively building a lucrative home business.  They have all the knowledge you would need to do what they do except they also have that human touch.  No Director would be in the position they are in if they were not actively helping people to succeed.

3.  Core Training Calls:  Once again we need that human touch not just a book, manual or system.  Our core training calls consist of a simple to follow format to help a person who is serious no matter what step of the business they are in.  All of the calls are hosted by successful 6 figure income earners who are helping others become successful, passing on their knowledge.  All calls are LIVE and interactive so you can ask someone else how they build a lucrative income or make money from home.

Monday Evening, is the New Associate Training Calls were a successful Director is talking about topics specifically to do with a brand new person just getting started in their business and what they need to focus on first to have success.

Tuesday Evening, Learn how to get clients with our advertising companies and when they are calling you learn what to say to them.  Here new people and 6 Figure Income Earners role play what they say and how they say it.  If you can’t get clients and you don’t know what to say to them how could you possibly have success?

Thursday Evening, 6 Figure Income call is typically a call with more advanced training topics.  Once you have the basics down but you want to become more efficient or make more money quicker this is were you would plug into. 

Saturday Morning, On The Job Training is a live training call were successful directors actually are live on the phone calling clients and letting others listen in.  Toward the end of the call they open it up for questions about what they say or how they say it.  The even share which one of our advertising firms they are working with to get our clients.  We don’t have to do our own marketing.

There is definitely something to be said about having other people help train your new associate.  It saves you time and a person who may not be exactly like you can learn from someone else they may relate too.  Sometimes a stranger can say something much more impactful than you can because of your one on one connection.  Think about your kids has someone ever said something to them and your kids acted like it was the best advice they have ever gotten?  You may have been saying it all along but you were to close.  Our Core training calls and Dani Johnson help with that type of training to create 6 Figure or Lucrative successful home businesses.

4. Dani Johnson First Steps to Success:  Dani Johnson who went from homeless to millionaire in two years working from home does home business specific training events sharing how she created those kind of results.  You may have seen her on TV recently. Her training events called First Steps to Success has been the reason I’ve personally seen so many people create a 6 Figure Income in DFI.  It’s a live training event that you can travel too and meet some of the Directors you hear on our calls face to face.  But being immersed in that type of an environment which is not rah rah motivational but specific techniques and strategies are shared that you can apply, leads to incredible skill development and a lucrative income.

In retrospect a single form of training that can provide you with all the answers you need is good.  But having a multifaceted approach to match each person’s time line as they develop professionally that gives them different environments to learn from will lead to much greater success.  All you have to do is look at the success and growth that DFI has experienced in the home business industry.

DFI as an organization grew 38.9% during the month of Feb. 2010.  The largest growth in the 15 year history of Coastal Travel and quite likely the largest growth of any company in the home business industry.  Apparently the training works!  Stay tuned for more results!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Join our team in Jacksonville FL for the next First Steps to Success Event.