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Any one starting out in a home business for the first time or anyone actually doing anything new the very first time will face fear.  Fear is natural but we can’t let it control us.  We need to understand it and then attack it and not let it stop us or hold us back.  Fear is a by product of wanting to improve something in your life.  It is only experienced when you are looking to start something new, like a lucrative home business.  Dealing with fear is a good thing because it proves you are not apathetic.  People who do not deal with fear are not trying anything new in their life.  So that means one of two things.  They are comfortable and happy with were they are, the debt they have the wealth they’ve created and the influence they have and they have no desire to ever improve.  Or they are simply dead.  It’s the only way to not ever face fear!

When you begin something knew it is important to understand what it is you are doing and why.  If you are looking to build a lucrative home business for the first time are you looking to improve your financial situation and increase your wealth.  To do that you can’t do what you’ve always done so that means you most likely will be trying something new.  Naturally this can create nervous feelings and fear.  If you are absolutely confident that what you are doing is simple.  If you know the person you are working with will show you step by step what they do and how they do it.  If you follow the same path they have done, you have to know you will be successful!

So at that point how do you handle fear?  Hans Johnson, a million-aire and the husband of the best home business success coach in the industry Dani Johnson once said making a six figure income should never be complicated.  To many people have done it, find someone who will let you follow what they have done and do it!  Hans Johnson, also said there is only one way to kill fear and that is with ACTION.  So if you are currently dealing with some level of fear in your life then you know what direction to walk in, or you would not even be fearful!  Take action!  Follow the lead of someone else that has what you want.  Today is your day!  Don’t procrastinate!

Good Luck in Your Lucrative Home Business,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Congrats to Susan in AL who just made $1,000 in one day, also Renae in MN just had a $13,000 dollar week and last but not least congrats to Lisa in WI for being able to walk away from her full time job and work from home!

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Letter From Hans Johnson

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Here are the top 3 resources that others are using to propel their business into momentum and increased profits:

1. Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book:
Master the art of prospecting and closing with this #1 industry seller. You’ll get 2 bonus audio CDs, transcripts that include cold and warm market prospecting tips, follow-up and closing tips, scripts and examples, and 2 training MP3’s included with the Script Book as a bonus absolutely free! No matter what kind of business you are in, you can use these scripts to increase your results and profits immediately. Get more info at

2. Attend a LIVE event:
There is nothing like attending a live Dani Johnson seminar. Without a doubt, it will change EVERY single area of your life and this is not an over statement. Treat your business like a business, make the investment in yourself personally and professionally and set a goal to attend one of Dani’s live events today. For info on Dani’s next live seminar, visit:

3. Get Prospecting and Closing help:
There are currently two different ways to get help increasing your prospecting skills and closing ratios. The first is the Prospecting Class and the Closing Class. When used together students have increased their results by a minimum of 200%.

If you can’t wait for the next session of classes to start, or if you want to really master prospecting and closing, Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions CD set is what you need. This 7 CD set is recorded live from a sold out event that is full of hands-on prospecting, closing and role-playing. Find out more here:

Also , don’t forget to take advantage of your 10 day free trial at the CFI Success Network and plug into all the hundreds of hours of training and coaching included with your membership!

Hans Johnson

P.S. I reposted this letter because it’s plan and simple.  You notice there are no affilate links in that letter?  I posted it because I believe in those 3 products and I agree 100% that’s the training I’ve used to help me go from ZERO to HERO financially!  Along with the profit margins we generate in our company as well.

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I have so much more confidence to go out and talk to people. Without the skills I have learned from Dani, I would be spinning my wheels. Thank you! ~Shannon Tope

Since coaching with Dani, I took some time out my business to repair my relationship with my kids and my husband who I had been neglecting. These relationships are now back on track. My business has grown from 1000 when starting the coaching to 2511 today. I just hit a new level that should see my cheque almost doubling. Now when people ask me how I’m building my business, I just tell them that I listen to Dani Johnson almost every day, and if they are serious about their businesses, they should do the same. You rock Dani! ~Jackie Crawford

I could not possibly say enough about the impact that Dani has had on my personal and professional life… The success I’ve had in handling my time, my money, my team, my relationships, my prospecting and so much more are all due to the training and development from Dani. Every time I listen to her speak, I believe that I can succeed… ~Winifred Woody

Hi Friend, Next weekend will be here before you know it and many sports fans will be at home watching their favorite college and/or professional football teams. What’s interesting about American football fans is that they display something that many people have lost…PASSION!

Less than two weeks from now in Orlando, there will be a gathering of people with a passion for being the best, a passion for helping others succeed, a passion for learning the systems that create success and a passion for enjoying a life with no limits. It will be a weekend that will be the turning point for so many who are ready to create drastic positive change in their lives.

These are just a few of the topics that will be covered at First Steps to Success in Orlando the weekend of October 17th & 18th:

-How to get out of your own way so you can achieve those goals and dreams you’ve always wanted in life!

-How to manage your time so you get MORE done in LESS time!

-Job interviewing skills that will land you a position over others that have way more experience!

-How to work with and motivate different personalities, including yourself!

-Learn a PROVEN system to completely eliminate ALL of your DEBT in 5-7 years regardless of how much income your make!

-How to hit top positions in your company in record time!Secrets to improving your communication skills!

-Identify areas in your life that are holding you back and how to take immediate steps to turn them around!

-Learn prospecting skills of the pros and how to become a top recruiter in your company!

-The difference between management and leadership in your business and personal life!

The bottom line is, those who attend First Steps to Success in Orlando will leave that event with the confidence to slay any giant, tackle any obstacle and go farther faster. These fortunate people will accomplish things that they didn’t even know were possible.

Friend, do you have a PASSION for your own success and the success of those who depend on you? All that may be missing are the skills to make it happen. No matter what your current level of competence is, beginner or seasoned veteran, Spending 2 days with Dani Johnson will take you many levels higher in your skills and confidence.

Like so many of Dani’s clients from all over the world have discovered, you will find that even the most difficult challenges become easier after you leave First Steps to Success and put what you learned into action. Isn’t it time for you to take control of your life instead of it taking control of you?

You are just one decision away from creating a life that others can only dream of. Click here and let Dani stir up that PASSION that’s burning inside of you to do something great. Magical things happen to those who make a commitment to their own success.

We can’t wait to be a part of yours!

May God Bless and Prosper You and Your Family,
Hans JohnsonCEO

Dani Johnson and her training has had an incredible impact on me, my family and our success. I highly recommend it.

Yours Truly,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Are you currently not working from home but wish you were? We are looking to create 10 Six Figure Income Earners in 2010. To apply for a position go here.

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I saw this letter on Dani Johnson’s website. This is the kind of training I used while in DFI Coastal Travel to create the success I had.

This is a limited one time only offer – it has NEVER been offered before – And once it’s sold out, it will never be offered again…

A chance to work with Dani for pennies on the dollar. You’re ROI is guaranteed 200% or we’ll eat our words. If you don’t get results, we’ll give you your money back X 2! That’s right, keep reading.

Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About How To Build A Successful Long-Term Home Based MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales or Internet Marketing Business…

Listen up. This is going to be quick. If you miss it, it’s gone. You’ll be left out, dazed and confused

– wondering what could have happened if you only took advantage of this insane offer – an opportunity I would have dreamed to have when I was in your shoes.

The problem is simple.

It’s TIME.

And it’s what you don’t have enough of. You need to make MONEY. Lots of it. And you need to do it NOW.

But there’s a learning curve. There’s no escaping it. Everyone pays their dues. If only there was a short cut, an easier way.

Well there is.

You could spend years, learning how to build your business the right way. Or you could spend just a few hours mastering what some have spent a lifetime trying to figure out and still just don’t get.

Dani Johnson is doing something she’s never done before.

She’s decided to do an exclusive Home Business Mastery Teleseminar, where she is going to give you every single secret she’s discovered and taught her clients (some have paid thousands for) in just a couple hours time. Literally, a complete “brain dump” of million dollar home business success secrets, knowledge and expertise.

When you’re done with these 2 calls with Dani Johnson…

You’ll Know What 99% of Everyone Else Getting Started In a Home-Based Business Doesn’t Know

In fact, you’ll know more than most seasoned “experts” know. And you’ll be able to immediately apply it for results you can take to the bank.

You’ll know what you need to know to avoid the biggest, most common mistakes most people are making that is not only killing their chances of success…

It’s doing something much worse.

Not knowing these time tested home business secrets is literally causing you to send an invisible broadcast signal, telling people to avoid you like the H1N1 Swine Flu virus – it’s causing people to run away from you and your business.

You may not realize it, but you are very likely making mistakes that are causing people to avoid you, tune you out, avoid your calls, question your credibility and integrity and ask you questions and objections that aren’t relevant.

It’s like a disease. A form of social leprosy. The only problem is, you don’t know it. But everyone else does. You can’t see it – but they can. But they don’t tell you about it (sorta like having a booger in your nose that everyone else can see, but you can’t). It’s pretty bad.

Just 2 Calls With Dani And You’ll Never Have To Deal With This Embarrassing Problem Again

Attraction Marketing? Dani wrote the book on it. She’s been a master of attraction marketing for years, and she can teach it to you too, even if you have the personality of a rock.

Social Networking? – You’ll get that too, it’s not as hard as you think it is.

Lead Generation? – You’ll learn the biggest mistakes to avoid.

Body Language? – Are you saying and doing things, giving non verbal signals that are telling your prospects to avoid you? Is your non verbal communication telling your prospects and team that you’re a desperate amateur instead of a seasoned professional? Once you see what Dani sees, you’ll never do this again.

You Are Literally Just Seconds Away From Discovering How To AVOID The Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Building Their Business And Getting On The Path To Making SERIOUS INCOME From Home!

The Dani Johnson Home Business Mastery Teleseminar

Dani Johnson is offering this CRAZY all inclusive 2 part training at a ridiculously low price. On September 30th and October 7th at 6PM PST, history will be made. Will you be a part of it?

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn;

Simple prospecting strategies that cause people to go out of their way to impress you instead of running away from you!

Closing techniques that work 90% of the time because you’ll discover the real reason why every prospect moves forward in a home business!

Keys to finding prospects on the internet, how to attract them AND how to keep them in for the long haul!

Biggest mistakes people make when advertising their home based business – know this and you’ll save thousands!

How Facebook and other social networking websites supply you with an endless stream of quality prospects IF you know this strategy!

Learn effective training systems, what works and what is a waste of time!

Presentation systems that always get the desired result!

Working with an expert – the key to getting professional quality people to join your program!

Discover the secret language of a home business professional… most networkers don’t have a clue!

Dani’s proven method to successfully make your new person money within 48 to 72 hours!

Building other peoples paychecks without you doing all the work! (when you do this, your paycheck grows exponentially!)

Leveraging other people’s time and talent to create momentum!

Leads, how to find the best ones and how to convert leads others can’t close!

Distinguishing the buying signs that mean “yes” now from those that are far away from a “yes” and how to deal with each one!

How to not buckle when you get objections and proven answers to the most common ones!

What to do after a prospect has seen your 12 minute web video that gets them to take the next step!

Understanding why prospects aren’t on the line after they listen to your 8 minute recorded message and how to turn that around!

how to develop the posture of a seasoned professional and attract high quality people into your team, even if your a beginner and don’t know what you’re doing (hint: there are keys to doing this without looking and smelling like a poser — an amateur trying to be a pro but everyone else knows they aren’t)!

And a whole bunch more…

It’s time to flip the tables on your prospects. It’s time to change the game, completely. It’s time to be in the driver’s seat, and let them beg you to join your opportunity. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again.

With just a little bit of this secret knowledge, and a little bit of “tweaking”, you can completely change the results your getting. People will be looking for you, chasing you down to work with you, increasing their production and commitment just to work with you. These really are the secrets only a few big leaders know – but very few ever share. Dani’s going to let it all hang out. NO holds barred, you’ll get it straight.

This literally is your opportunity to rise above the field in less time than it takes to run errands on a Saturday afternoon. Think I’m kidding, pulling your chain, or just trying to “sell you”? Think again. You see – our entire business model is based on a simple concept – CREATING RESULTS. We want to show you how to do the same.

Dani knows how to get results. She knows how to create results – fast. Very fast. She knows how to work smart, instead of hard.

Like I said, Dani’s never done a teleseminar like this before. She’ll likely never do it again. This is your chance.

Special Offer – Save 50% Off The Regular Price Of $94!

For only $47 (no, that’s not a typo) Dani Johnson will spend 4+ hours equipping you to be a Home Business Professional and giving you the biggest secrets of how to avoid the biggest mistakes made by over 99% of others in your industry!

Plus, your satisfaction is 200% GUARANTEED – If this teleseminar is not everything you expect, and more we will refund DOUBLE your money (I told you this was an insane offer).

P.S. We expect this Home Business Mastery Teleseminar to sell out quickly to our clients as we do have very limited capacity and attendance, so don’t delay – get yourself registered ASAP (you have nothing to lose with our 200% money back guarantee) and get your team registered to for huge momentum and growth!

Most of us on our team got this letter from Hans Johnson this morning! This is a big deal for anyone who owns a home business or has a desire to work from home. Dani Johnson teaching “how to prospect and close” herself personally has been one of the most impactful trainings of my business life.

That training has helped our team get to where we are today. So far this month we’ve made $64,315 in profit. If you work from home and don’t take advantage of this you are gosh darn goofy!!!

If you are like most people in a home based business, network marketing or MLM you face daily challenges and obstacles that hinder you from building your business the way you would like. What if someone showed you step-by-step how to overcome these challenges and remove the obstacles holding you back from achieving the success you’re looking for?

You have a rare opportunity this month to receive specialized coaching with Dani Johnson on her most requested business topics. For the first time in two years Dani Johnson will be conducting a LIVE 2-part Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar where she will be unleashing the strategies and tools needed to INCREASE your Prospecting and Closing ratios.

If you struggle with issues like:

-Finding and recognizing serious and qualified prospects for your business on a limited budget

-Knowing what to say to your prospects to get them to the next step.

-Overcoming your fear so that you can actually pick up the phone

-Knowing how to effectively manage your time so that you can balance work, family, and fun to get the most out of your day

-Getting your prospects to follow through with the steps that will make them successful

-Your prospects are constantly giving you excuses

-Getting prospects to show up to your presentation

-Handling objections like “I don’t have enough time.” or “I don’t have enough money right now.” or “I need to talk to my spouse.”

-Knowing what questions to ask to take control of any conversation

-Having the confidence to know what to say and how to say it in any situation

-These topics and many MORE will be covered during this 2-part teleseminar where Dani will be doing LIVE role playing and Q&A to give you help and develop your skill where you need it most.

-When Dani began in business, she had no starting capital, she was living out of her car, the country was going through an economic crisis and we were at war. (sound familiar – that’s exactly where we are today!)

If this sounds like you then Dani knows exactly how to get you from where you are today to attracting quality prospects and making money in the next 30 days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put yourself in a position to capitalize on the current market conditions and be ready for all of the people who are currently looking for a home based business to supplement their income.

Click here to register for Dani’s LIVE Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar Now!

Also, if you hurry, you’ll get a special BONUS. The MP3 recording of both sessions and an invitation to view the LIVE Webcast totally FREE!

Hans Johnson, CEO

Respond to this POST let us know if you are Registered! Also take note that the link above IS NOT a Referral link. It is the link straight out of his email. I do not make money from Dani or Hans except benefiting from the training. So why would I post this publicly on my blog and to my competition possibly?

It’s because I believe we should all have the chance to succeed. If you become a story with Dani and Hans and reply here one day or send it to them and they post it on their website it still helps my business. Plus the home business industry is my career and we should flourish together as an industry!!!

God Bless!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. To stay updated on what is happening in the 6 Figure Club join for Free Here

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A Letter from Hans Johnson

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I just got this letter from Hans Johnson the CEO of This is a big deal because some people got shocked last time around. Going to a First Steps event with Dani Johnson is unbelievably cheap if you get your ticket EARLY! If you want to develop a solid business that last be there! If you want to increase your current business 50 to 100% or more get there!

Here’s the Letter Hans Johnson sent me.

Hi Stacy,
We are excited to bring Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success to Pittsburgh, PA for the very first time. We are also blown away by the intense desire and hunger of clients to increase their skill set at a time when most folks are in vacation mode.

Here’s a quick heads up…
You have until Sunday at 12:00pm PDT to take $1,200 off the regular price of First Steps to Success in Pittsburgh.

So many of you are waking up to the fact that there are some disturbing occurrences happening worldwide with the economy and this is no time to take the foot off of the gas pedal.
First Steps to Success is the premiere launching pad for those who are serious about succeeding, even in the toughest of times. This is not the time to sit around and wait for something good to come along that will make life better.

“Coming out of First Steps to Success, I did over $500 of product in the first 3 days. Before this, I was lucky if I was doing $100 in a month! My entire posture has changed. I have been saying the same things for the past 3 years, but now they are listening. It’s amazing! …now I can see straight through their excuses!” ~ Catherine G. – Victoria, Australia

This is your chance to cash in on the ONLY investment that, when properly applied, has a guaranteed return. Nobody can take away what you gain from investing in yourself and your skill set. This is why wise people are seeking out the knowledge they need to position themselves to prosper while record numbers of people are struggling with little relief in sight.
Are ready to take that step? Then we will see you in Pittsburgh!

May God bless and prosper you and your family!
Hans JohnsonCEO

P.S. First Steps to Success in London is THIS WEEKEND! Register now because the price goes up today at 8:00pm London Time (12:00pm PDT).

P.P.S. If for some crazy reason you will not be attending First Steps to Success in London or Pittsburgh, pick up the most powerful prospecting and closing tool in the entire industry, Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions 7 CD audio program. You will hear examples of Dani role playing live, showing exactly how to succeed in just about every situation you will come across in working your business. Listen to Dani show you the best way to overcome objections on the way to enrolling new people with ease!

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What Controls Your Success?

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Where do you find yourself right now? In this moment as you read this have you obtained the level of success you’ve wanted? Have you helped as many people as you had hoped that you could have by now? Has your strategic plan that you looked to achieve while you where in high school planning for college actually happened 5, 10, 20 years later? Is life as fun as you expected it to become, is it easier? Are you at the top of your game? Are you exactly where you want to be right now?

If nothing happens by chance and if success isn’t by luck then what is stopping you? For anyone who would believe that success is based off of luck then I would argue what about all the lottery winners that where lucky and then bankrupt in a few years. What? You don’t think that would happen to you? Neither did they! If you knew exactly how things would turn out then you probably would be in a different place today then where you are now!

The reality is you can either argue the above statements or you have a high level of leadership and you can accept them. The fact is the vast majority of us fall into those scenario’s myself included. BUT, just because life is not where we want it right now does not mean we have to accept it. It does not mean we have to be lulled into accepting what we are not happy or comfortable with as our life. We can improve our circumstances. Circumstances never control the outcome! It’s what you do in those circumstances that determine where you end up!

You can make a logical argument that ever successful person took risk in their life. They where not paralyzed in fear! Some how when we face a situation we make a decision that “seems” safe. Has your pass track record proven that those decisions are working for you? Every opportunity is realized by a calculated risk taking place. Here is the truth every time you take a risk you’ve given yourself a new opportunity period!

The only thing that you can do to activate your risk and provide a new opportunity for you IF you are not happy with where you are. Taking ACTION is the only thing that will activate your faith and create an opportunity for you. The Bible talks about faith without works is dead. Without taking risk you are never acting in faith. Right now there are some things going on in your family, marriage, work or school; you know there are some actions you must take but you are allowing fear in the way of your faith! So ACT NOW!

Action Kills Fear!– Hans Johnson

Equip your Faith Take Action!
Stacy O’Quinn

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We wanted YOU to be one of the first to know that we have announced the location of our January 2008 event. Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success seminar is scheduled for January 19 & 20 in Atlanta, Georgia. We are anxious to come back to Atlanta and kick off the New Year with you!

And….. We want to give you $100 off your registration!

When you register for the January First Steps To Success in Atlanta we’ll give you a $100 discount off your registration. You heard it right, a full $100 off your registration. We only have a limited number of seats available at this special rate, so don’t delay. For more information and to reserve your seat NOW, click on the link below!

Here’s just some of the skills and strategies you will learn that will absolutely explode your business over the next 90 days and why you absolutely cannot afford to miss this event.
How to build a LARGE loyal customer base that generates thousands in monthly residual income into your pocket

Learn prospecting skills of the pros and how to become a top recruiter in your company!
Identify areas in your life that are holding you back and how to take immediate steps to turn them around!

-How to turn your excuses into results and never turn back!
-Effective follow-up that produces results and increases your paycheck!
-Learn a PROVEN system to completely eliminate ALL of your DEBT in 5-7 years regardless of -how much income you make!
-How to hit top positions in your company in record time!
-Discover how to attract more prospects and higher quality people to you, never run out of people to work with!
-And much more!!

Again, we only have a limited number of seats available at this special rate, so reserve your seat NOW ! Click here:
For those of you attending the Atlanta event there is an opportunity for you to get Mentorship training from Dani (what others have paid as much as $1000 per month for!), plus Preferred Seating to the Atlanta event (something you can’t buy at any price!), plus an opportunity for 1 on 1 Priority Coaching with Dani (priority scheduling for lifeline access to Dani!) at ZERO COST to you!

To get all the details on this, go to:
Please don’t hesitate, this is a VERY timely opportunity for you and it may never be offered again.

Hans JohnsonCEO,

I got this letter from Hans Johnson, what an awesome opportunity. If you want to join our team in Atlanta then go to NOW!

Thanks Call to Freedom International!
Stacy O’Quinn