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Letter From Hans Johnson

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Here are the top 3 resources that others are using to propel their business into momentum and increased profits:

1. Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book:
Master the art of prospecting and closing with this #1 industry seller. You’ll get 2 bonus audio CDs, transcripts that include cold and warm market prospecting tips, follow-up and closing tips, scripts and examples, and 2 training MP3’s included with the Script Book as a bonus absolutely free! No matter what kind of business you are in, you can use these scripts to increase your results and profits immediately. Get more info at

2. Attend a LIVE event:
There is nothing like attending a live Dani Johnson seminar. Without a doubt, it will change EVERY single area of your life and this is not an over statement. Treat your business like a business, make the investment in yourself personally and professionally and set a goal to attend one of Dani’s live events today. For info on Dani’s next live seminar, visit:

3. Get Prospecting and Closing help:
There are currently two different ways to get help increasing your prospecting skills and closing ratios. The first is the Prospecting Class and the Closing Class. When used together students have increased their results by a minimum of 200%.

If you can’t wait for the next session of classes to start, or if you want to really master prospecting and closing, Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions CD set is what you need. This 7 CD set is recorded live from a sold out event that is full of hands-on prospecting, closing and role-playing. Find out more here:

Also , don’t forget to take advantage of your 10 day free trial at the CFI Success Network and plug into all the hundreds of hours of training and coaching included with your membership!

Hans Johnson

P.S. I reposted this letter because it’s plan and simple.  You notice there are no affilate links in that letter?  I posted it because I believe in those 3 products and I agree 100% that’s the training I’ve used to help me go from ZERO to HERO financially!  Along with the profit margins we generate in our company as well.

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Our company is heading to Jacksonville Florida for Dani Johnson training.  Not just our company my entire family is going to this one.  We will be going a day early just to hang out with the kids.  Alexis and Edgar are 5 and 3 respectively and to them hanging out at a hotel sounds like a BLAST!  They are so excited that they get to sleep in a hotel.  It’s comical, but in all seriousness hearing them talk back and forth reminds me of the opportunity they have as kids because we are a stay at home family. 

My kids are incredible little blessings, and currently they don’t know how blessed they are.  Mid-day today it was in the 70’s here, nice and sunny outside.  My kids wanted to play catch so I took a little time off and just threw a tennis ball around the yard.  They laughed, screamed and yelled with excitement as we chased that bright neon green ball around the yard.  It is sad how many parents don’t get to enjoy the small things in life, called their kids.

As we head down to Jacksonville FL, for the Dani Johnson event I’m not sure what exactly we will do yet.  But one thing is for certain it will be one heck of an adventure for Alexis and Edgar and it will be memories they will keep for the rest of their lives.

If you are going to be at that event, let’s meet and shake hands!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. The next blog post we will talk about getting the most out of a Dani Johnson Event.  Renae from MN, just experienced this coming off of a $13,000 week.

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Continuing on our training tips, to have a lucrative home business training is key.  It must be complete and typically the best way to do that is to be multifaceted.  Here are some examples of what I mean.  You as a leader must be able to give specific steps to succeed that you do that work to each and every brand new person you work with, but you can’t stop there.  Everyone is different and every one learns differently and at their own pace.

Remember when you first started working from home or anything new for that matter.  Did someone ever share a tip or technique and you did not quite get it the first time?  Or you forgot it until someone said it later at a different time and you realized it?  Every single skill we learn in life from, riding a bike to driving or even our careers we all learned it differently and at different speeds.  So your training approach can’t be a simple training “book or audio” or a monthly call or even a Saturday training or even an annual seminar, it has to strategically be every thing combined.  Next I’ll share with you an example of our training and you’ll see why it works for so many people.

There are several layers of our training in DFI and with just one layer a person can get the info to succeed but people learn differently at different speeds.

1.  Automated Training:  When a new associate owns a DFI Live marketing system starting with the Boot camp and Quick Start and even detailed Quick Start Training in an automated form they have all the answers they need to be successful.  They can get these answers when they need them day or night.

2.  One on One Director Support:  With our company you are assigned one of our Directors as a mentor to support you one on one.  Someone who is being successful and actively building a lucrative home business.  They have all the knowledge you would need to do what they do except they also have that human touch.  No Director would be in the position they are in if they were not actively helping people to succeed.

3.  Core Training Calls:  Once again we need that human touch not just a book, manual or system.  Our core training calls consist of a simple to follow format to help a person who is serious no matter what step of the business they are in.  All of the calls are hosted by successful 6 figure income earners who are helping others become successful, passing on their knowledge.  All calls are LIVE and interactive so you can ask someone else how they build a lucrative income or make money from home.

Monday Evening, is the New Associate Training Calls were a successful Director is talking about topics specifically to do with a brand new person just getting started in their business and what they need to focus on first to have success.

Tuesday Evening, Learn how to get clients with our advertising companies and when they are calling you learn what to say to them.  Here new people and 6 Figure Income Earners role play what they say and how they say it.  If you can’t get clients and you don’t know what to say to them how could you possibly have success?

Thursday Evening, 6 Figure Income call is typically a call with more advanced training topics.  Once you have the basics down but you want to become more efficient or make more money quicker this is were you would plug into. 

Saturday Morning, On The Job Training is a live training call were successful directors actually are live on the phone calling clients and letting others listen in.  Toward the end of the call they open it up for questions about what they say or how they say it.  The even share which one of our advertising firms they are working with to get our clients.  We don’t have to do our own marketing.

There is definitely something to be said about having other people help train your new associate.  It saves you time and a person who may not be exactly like you can learn from someone else they may relate too.  Sometimes a stranger can say something much more impactful than you can because of your one on one connection.  Think about your kids has someone ever said something to them and your kids acted like it was the best advice they have ever gotten?  You may have been saying it all along but you were to close.  Our Core training calls and Dani Johnson help with that type of training to create 6 Figure or Lucrative successful home businesses.

4. Dani Johnson First Steps to Success:  Dani Johnson who went from homeless to millionaire in two years working from home does home business specific training events sharing how she created those kind of results.  You may have seen her on TV recently. Her training events called First Steps to Success has been the reason I’ve personally seen so many people create a 6 Figure Income in DFI.  It’s a live training event that you can travel too and meet some of the Directors you hear on our calls face to face.  But being immersed in that type of an environment which is not rah rah motivational but specific techniques and strategies are shared that you can apply, leads to incredible skill development and a lucrative income.

In retrospect a single form of training that can provide you with all the answers you need is good.  But having a multifaceted approach to match each person’s time line as they develop professionally that gives them different environments to learn from will lead to much greater success.  All you have to do is look at the success and growth that DFI has experienced in the home business industry.

DFI as an organization grew 38.9% during the month of Feb. 2010.  The largest growth in the 15 year history of Coastal Travel and quite likely the largest growth of any company in the home business industry.  Apparently the training works!  Stay tuned for more results!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Join our team in Jacksonville FL for the next First Steps to Success Event.


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If you work from home and your desire is to create a 6 Figure Income from Home and you market anything at all.  Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions audio trainings that Dani Johnson did will be the best audio training you ever invest in.  Most of my home business career I’ve listened to it every day of my working life.  I definitely listen to some form of training every day and most of the time it’s been 30 minutes to and hour of this CD Set!

You can simply click on the link and read the results others had on the right hand column.  But I use it and recommend it to new associates I’m working with in our company who are serious about a 6 Figure Income.  That along with Dani Johnson’s script books have made me hundreds of thousands dollars.  As this blog post is being written, I’m looking at my Dani Johnson script book opened to page 22 right now, and I’ve read the script already 4 times this morning word for word.

Training is definitely the key ingredient to being successful no matter what you do.  To know if your training is real it has to have gotten results and if you are training someone new are you giving them a specific path they can follow that you are using and having results.  Too often there are people who learn a lot of skill over time and become successful, but if you are BRAND NEW and need to have success in your home business right now how long do you have?  Any effective training has to give the exact steps that others are actively using and having results with. 

Dani Johnson and her training does that for our company in DFI.  Just this week Michelle Tascoe reading page 22 made $3,200, Cadie Kalmes made $2,000.  Both of them are incredible leaders they practice what they preach.  Personally reading page 22 I’ve made $10,705 in profit this week alone.  Make sure if you want to succeed you are teaching what works and you are doing what you teach.

Successfully making a 6 Figure Income from home part-time relys on specific strategies that are applied by honest people.  I believe both Michelle and Cadie are honest people.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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To effectively make a 6 Figure Income training new independant reps that are working from their home has to be specific, exact, multifaceted and proven.  The only way a training environment can me proven is through results.  If the training you are using is not creating results you need to find NEW TRAINING!  In the next few post I will share with you specifically how our company has continued to thrive and specifically how so many new people have been able to profit so quickly. 

Just last night Michelle from CA a new Platinum Director in our company made 3,200 dollars.  Cadie from MN a stay home mom that works very part tim has made over 14,000 dollars in the last month and a half.  It’s the same training that allowed me when I was brand new with no experience working from home to make 104,000 dollars my first year, that was almost 5 years ago.  So far this year in the last two months we’ve made 42,105 dollars.

The bottom line is this.  Training for a new associate has to be specific, exact, proven and creating results!  The next post give I will specific tips on how our company starts a new person!  Stay tuned, and have a Blessed Day!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Probably one of the best techinques to successfully building a lucrative income is to connect with other successful people and pick their brain.  With DFI being at this Dani Johnson event we not only are able to learn from each other but each of us learn as well.  Being a student constantly is certainly a key to success that we all know but often forget.

There will be some huge announcements for DFI at large this weekend it will definately provide a strategy for success that has never been done with our company before and, fortunately in DFI with our main focus being successful lucrative home businesses we get to be the first to blaze the path.  It should definately make working from home not only lucrative and strategic but also a blast like we’ve never seen.

This weekend the results that come out of this event will be incredible.  It’s not possible to put so many transparent leaders from one company in one place not to mention the same place a Dani Johnson event is going to be held and not have success.  Recently coming from these events we’ve learned that of those who made money most of them averaged 14,200 a person in the first 30 days out of this training.

Just yesterday I learned of a few more people who have made money in the last week or two not counting myself.  I heard

-Lorraine in VA she was an executive for Rolls Royce before being laid off made 3,200 dollars last week.  –

-Cadie in MN a stay home mom made 6,400 dollars since Jan. 1st.

-Jackie in GA made 1,000 dollars yesterday.

Life is good and it’s great to be in Denver today with our team!  No matter where you find your self be productive and remember you only live once.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Many of my loyal readers already know that I’m looking to find 10 people who will become 6 Figure Income Earners this year.  I’ve written an article recently on what it takes to develop ten 6 Figure Income Earners so you can go there and read that.

We are barely into the new year and one thing is really starting to stand out too me.  Of all the people that I’ve talked to who want to succeed working from home and build a lucrative income, and it’s in the thousands.  Very few truly have the desire! No simple approach, technique or system can build that desire we each have to have it deep in us.  Lots of us have a lottery mentality on desire we think we want to do it.  Shoot a chance at a 6 Figure Income we will at least try it!  That’s crap!!!

Let me repeat that is CRAP!  You have never successfully tried anything in your life we either commit and do or we don’t.

I’ve been encouraging people who are deadly serious to join our team for some very specific training that we have not done in person together in over a year an a half.  Now that would require you to travel and that would require you to pay for your ticket to get into the training.  It’s about 200 dollars I believe.  But that training has equiped people like Stephen in LA to make $13,000 and Michelle in MO to make 14,000 in her next 40 hours of work.  It’s strategic, it’s dynamic and it’s extremely specific and it’s worth it.

Now talking about training I’ve literally had people say some of the craziest things to me.  Stacy, you want me to succeed and work with you; will you pay for my training?  HECK NO!  Did your boss pay for you to go to college?  Did we forget to mention I’m not your boss you are in business for your self.  Heck the reality is this is not MLM or some network marketing thing were I make money off of you indefinately IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!  You are self employed, you control your own life and you make your own 6 Figure Income and if you have that desire I’m sure just like you would pay for your own college degree you can pay 200 dollars to get training that has worked for so many others.

After the first few days in January there are 2 people that I’m extremely excited about both have been to DFI training or committed to going January 15th. The first is an incredible stay at home mom who is a Platinum Director and wanted to position her self there before the New Year!  Michelle Tascoe is absolutely incredible.  She is very specific and diligent in working her business.  She has one of the biggest hearts for other people and one of the reasons she will succeed is she truly cares about other people.  It’s not just a nice phrase she really means it.  Anyone working with her is truly blessed.

Joseph Abraham is another gentleman and the second person in less than a week I’m very excited for in the new year.  He is a dentist and driven.  Looking to create multipule streams of income he not only started his business but by the second day realized the value of training and will be joining us in Denver for the Dani Johnson/DFI training event.  Joseph is very methodical in how he approaches his business and one thing is for sure anyone working with him will know specifically what it takes to succeed.

Congrats to both Michelle and Joseph on starting the New Year off right!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Happy New Year and December Results

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Unfortunately 2009 was a tough year for many people.  You already knew that unless you lived under a rock some where.  But leading into the New Year let’s take a moment and look back for what we can be thankful for.  First and foremost we are blessed!  We live in a great country it’s not perfect but it’s great!  We have the gift of liberty and free will! 

I don’t know where you are at but for our family it was a financially rewarding year as well.  I must give God the credit for that.  We are blessed to have the team that we have in DFI and with Coastal Travel.  December was a slow month which tends to happen every year in my personal business and I keep hearing stories of other peoples HUGE DECEMBERS!  In 2010 I want a HUGE December!

We ended up about average we did $12,000 not out standing but not bad.  Jackie in MI did 11,000 and Crystal in WV did 26,000.  Those are 2 others I recently heard about it. 

January looks like we will do at least 12,000 and since it’s the first of the month we will most likely do much better than that when it’s over with.

January-April has always been our best months in business usually we do between 15-30K. each month.

Moving into the New Year if we are going to make it our greatest year yet we have to make a choice.  Not a stupid New Year’s resolultion something you will forget about or that sounds like a good idea right now.  We have to make a decision about what we are gong to do and then ACT on it!  I once heard with decision you have DIRECTION!

Good Luck on your Direction in the New Year!
Stacy O’Quinn

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Well Merry Christmas to all!

Today it is just one of those days that I experience one of those magical moments working from home and being self employed. I can do exactly what I want!!! It’s my freedom and it’s my choice! Family is in town and with more coming in tomorrow so my work will be light and my fun will start early!

I have the best boss in the world, me.

Today we are going to have fun with my second passion outside of making money. That’s cooking! We are going to learn how to make one of the most amazing cheese balls of my life.

Ingredients needed:

1 8oz packaged of cream cheese
1 8oz package of cheddar cheese
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp hot sauce
1 tsp steak sauce
2 TBLsp crushed pecans
2 TBLsp chili powder

Shred cheddar and let both cheeses stand and get room temp. Combine in a bowl and add garlic and onion powder then hot sauce and steak sauce. Wash hands throughly and mix well with hands. Nead the cheeses together with your fingers. After about 5 mins of mixing neading form a ball with mixture.

Roll out wax paper wax side up sprinkle a generous layer of the chili powder out and roll cheese ball mixure into it. Use your hands forming the ball to spread it out evenly then lay out crushed pecans and roll the ball in that to cover the outside.

Place ball on small dish cover loosely and let stand for 2 hours in the fridge.

Once you make it please leave comments if you liked it.

Merry Christmas,
Stacy O’Quinn

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