CEM has helped DFI succeed with Coastal Travel!


In DFI we have amazing relationships with the best advertising companies in the industry. When you are looking at online advertising there are many companies that basically just buy and resale there leads. We only found 2 that we where willing to work with that we knew did not do that. The company I’ve built most of my business with is Cutting Edge Media.

Let’s not talk about the facts below are the results!

“These all came from the last 30 days”

“I must say that out of the CEM leads I’ve purchased I’ve had more positive feedback from the contacts than with other leads I’ve purchased – and I’ve been able to contact all but 2 of them! One contact had been to my website five times before I had even spoken to him! And 3 others are in the pipeline! CEM has provided great leads and I’ll keep coming back for more. Thanks so much!”- Danita Wilkins, WV

“I am just blown away by the fact that the DFI Premium leads are helping me to make use of the two hours that I have to work my business. I had received 7 leads and three interviews and I know that there was 2 others that were trying to contact me while I was in interviews. I am so impressed by CEM DFI Premium leads and the quality of the leads!!! The response my team is getting with the other lead campaigns is incredible. CEM you guys absolutely deliver what you promise, so thank you so much for all of your hard work! You are all really amazing! Thank you for making my life easier and more efficient in the time that I have to work my business!”
– Cadie Kalmes, MN

“The DFI leads are awesome! Most of the people are very interested in getting the information and have already looked at my website! It makes it easier getting people through the process. Thank you so much CEM! I look forward to building my business and future with your help! Thanks!”-
David Gregoria, MN

“I have never been so impressed with leads. My contact ratio has been crazy! I make half the calls in a day… because my time is spent actually qualifying people. Now, thanks to these leads… I am busy doing what makes money, talking with prospects! Thanks CEM!!”
– Jill Albanys, MI

“I am still working my first batch of DFI Premium leads and so far, I have already made $3200, Thanks CEM!”
– Renae Heikkila, MN

“I just wanted to try out the Coastal Premium and Movie leads to see how well they worked—and from the first batch I made my first $1,300 sale! People have been contacting me about my business, which is an absolute first. I will definitely be using these leads again!”
– Gavin Berkey, MI

“I just want to say “Thank You!” I have had 12 Premium Leads delivered so far and I have had such good luck with them! Most of them have been to my web site and when I call them it’s like they know me and they’re excited to hear from me. Every single one of the leads that I have contacted has been scheduled for a Business Overview call. I have used other companies before, but your leads are the best. I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up!”
– Cynthia Chamberlin, CA

“These are the best results I have ever obtained on 18 dials from any lead source including previous CEM leads.”
– Richard Birney-Smith, ON

“Out of 5 movie leads, I was able to contact 4 of them and have 1 deciding where she wants to get started with Coastal Travel. Excellent job on finding phenomenal people to help. Keep up the great work!!!”
– Jamie Waltisperger, TX

“I’ve been with Coastal for 2 years and your company is my favorite! Excellent customer service and excellent leads . . . the majority of the money I’ve made has come from Cutting Edge Media. I’ve made well over 6 figures and probably 90% has been through you! So thanks a ton, keep up the good work!”
– Jen Murphy, MT

“All I can say is WOW! I am using your short-form redirect leads and your DFI Movie leads. I have set up 5 people this week on our system and have 5 more scheduled to get on by the end of the week. I have only been this business a few short months, but these leads, both types, are incredible; they TOTALLY compensate in quality for my developing skill. 🙂 My closing ratios have gone up to 7 out of 10. Numbers like that for a newbie are AMAZING! CEM leads have made me the top producer for 2 days running during our company’s blitz. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You have made my success in this business possible!”
– Jenny Baker, CO

“I wanted to let everyone know how awesome the DFI Video Leads are. Out of 20 leads (my first day), I got 1 new business owner on my team and 4 more that are want to become new business owners! I would definitely recommend the DFI Video Leads to everyone! DFI has helped my Coastal Vacations business in a very positive way. I’ve gained a total of 4 team members in a 4 week period!”
– Sheila Taylor, LA

Thanks Cutting Edge Media,
Stacy O’Quinn

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