Changed My Mind, I’m Giving Away $300


In my last blog post I alluded to anyone who would be willing to help pass along the word for a good cause and help me get others engaged to the plight of some special orphans in India who saw their parents murdered I would be willing to give $200 to that person who helped the most.

It hit me that God has blessed me with some amazing friendships and I’m confident probably a few I know will be willing to give a few minutes of their time a few days next week and really help us support those orphans.  Between the folks I get to work with day to day all over the world (which are amazing), the Dani Johnson community and the incredible people in my local community there are some special friends that will step up. 

But I like to make new friends and meet new people that are passionate about success and helping others at the same time.  So I’m going to also give an extra $100 to someone that I do not know yet, that steps up and helps me next week promote the plight of these helpless children.

This is going to be an incredible experience.  Together God can use us to do a whole lot more versus on our own.  Literally we will be changing people’s lives, children’s lives half way around the world.  Will you help us? Stay tuned till next week for more details.

Leave a comment below if you are willing to help.  Like and share this article and let’s get others involved in this powerful adventure. 

We can do more together,
Stacy O’Quinn

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