Choices, we make ’em and live by em…


I was talking to Renae Heikkila, a friend and business partner recently… why do we not hear of people making $100,000 a month in Coastal Vacations. It’s possible, I’ve done $30,000 in a month a couple of times and Renae has done $50,000 a couple of times I know. Jackie OQuinn my brother he’s had several upper $20,000 months, several people have. But you don’t hear of anyone making 100,000 a month?

Renae, said something that shocked me a little. She said it’s because they make the choice not too! I had to think about that for a minute. But she’s right, it’s so simple to make money in Coastal Vacations and Dani Johnson is absolutely right in her training. “The worse thing about success is a little bit”.

The facts are that the majority of people looking to work from home are OK with 1-3,000 a month tops. So when they exceed that… they are excited and make different choices. It’s funny how we will kill ourselves when we work for someone else, but demote ourselves when we work for our self, we won’t even diligently work 15-20 hours a week at most. So success and how much success is a choice based off of a decision.

As people make money there momentum grows and continues until they stop, being diligent. It takes persistence and diligence to build momentum. But diligence and momentum does not flow together. There is a lag effect… I’ve had more then one month in my business where I made nothing but worked really hard. June of last year comes to mind, but that work paid off in July in the form of 19,000 dollars.

What choices do you make? One thing I found is that people who make money and do it consistently, work that way no matter what. What is your choice? What does your action say? Leave a comment and let us know!!!

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O’Quinn

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