Coach Put ME IN! Thank You Dani Johnson


Recently my professional Coach put me in for an hour of game time I never expected.  Wasn’t sure I was ready for it, the stakes where high and with a message that would be delivered to close to 2,000 ears.  With just a few minutes of notice.  My Coach Dani Johnson, like the All Star player of a game getting a twisted ankle needing a break to get bandaged up nodded at the bench to that eager teammate who was willing to do his part but still unsure of his capability.  Suddenly, with very little notice I went from bench warmer to attempting to fill in the All Star players shoes… I’m not the All Star but trusted with that moment, I gave it my best shot!  Thank You DANI JOHNSON.


For years I’ve given it my best shot almost ever day to be the best I can be at being a wise and skilled entrepreneur  that has selected the path least traveled and to work completely from home.  I started out and I was horrible.  I couldn’t find clients I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know how to get others to agree with me that my product and service was right for them. 

Then I met Dani Johnson who went from homeless to millions in 2 years.  She’s been featured all over TV from ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Oprah, TBN and premiered in ABC’s Realty show Secret Millionaire.  Dani Johnson, I decided after attending First Steps to Success would become my coach.  She has done what I wanted and was willing to teach me.  I was willing to listen, learn, become a sponge and apply.  In my business I went from a struggling failure for months to a success, stress free, debt free (paid off $292,000 in 5 years), and today I can say I earn 100’s of 1,000’s a year in a home business because of what Dani Johnson teaches.


I’ve never stopped being that student.  Yes, I’ve had times I stuck my head up into a deep dark smelly hole for a moment.  I got comfortable and didn’t focus on getting to that next step for my family and those I work with.  Then came Dani Johnson, my coach pushing me again and again.  Never letting me settle, always telling me there is another lap just like a football coach pushing every single practice.  Dani Johnson, always told me I could do it.  Always showed me how she did it.  She’s always told me I could do even more than I thought.  Then she’s always pushed me until I felt like I would throw up.  Only then did I find out my coach was right all along.

Today I continue to push myself because of my Coach.  I don’t want to be the All Star or the Coach I just want to show others the same moves the All Star has taught me step by step.  At my current skill set, it’s way more enjoyable doing that one on one.  I appreciate having a Coach but I’m no Dani Johnson there fore she’s still best equipped and has decades of experience on me and is available for both you and I.

Coach, thanks for the game time.  I’m glad your time out of the “game” was short.  I’m more comfortable being the bench warmer.  I’m still looking to learn all the moves and God knows I have a long ways from the All Star moves you’ve show cased.  But I’m committed to continue being a student of the game of business and life.  There are people that I need to be the best for, people I need to help and I can actually be there to help them because of you Dani Johnson.  Thanks for being available for us via First Steps to Success for years.

Humbled and Honored,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Thank you to those that have trusted me to help them one on one.  I appreciate you and you are my family, it was great to hang out with those of us in Baltimore and thanks for cheering me on during my “game” moment.  I wouldn’t be here without you.

P.P.S. Coach you trusted me with your plays, you gave me a moment to practice your moves when you needed it. It was an honor to be called off the bench.  But I’m gratefully going back to the bench to learn more so when I needed I will be better prepared.

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