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Coastal Travel, has been the simplest way to work from home and make legitimate income. It’s 10:06 am and this is not a normal morning for me. I decided to spend some time with my wife this morning and then I wrestled around and played with my 5yr old daughter and 3yr old son. I’m just getting to work.

Now of course I normally get working sooner. But how many 30 year old dads get the choice on when they show up to work and when they can sleep in and spend quality time with their family. That freedom is something that I absolutely love about Coastal Travel. We’ve been doing it since July 27th 2005.

Recently we received an email from one of the our advertising partners we work with and in that email snapresponse shared some success stories that folks have had using their advertising. (We don’t do our own marketing in Coastal Travel we use advertising companies for that)

Sue C. from CO made $4,200 off of 100 leads!

Selene L. from FL says, one of the first leads that came to me, has signed up with DFI! I have 2 others going through the system, and both were aged leads!

Natalie W. from NV will be getting a DFI Platinum sale ($9,705 profit) off of her Coastal Platinum Leads!

Angela L. from PA made $170,000 in the last 11 months with the same leads!

Congrats to Angela, Natalie, Selene and Sue you ladies ROCK!

That’s not bad, I wander how many people did not send an email in to say thanks! I’ve made a lot of money and not sure I’ve ever decided on my own to send an email in and say thanks to the advertising companies. Heck currently I’m not even using that particular company… I’m using our other advertising agency called Prime.

Between now and the end of the year my family will make between 15-25K if I had to guess. We definitely could do better, we will not do worse that’s for sure. Not a bad income working part time. This is our only source of income!

Freedom is Great,
Stacy O’Quinn

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